TPT REWIRE: Watch an artist paint along with Bob Ross

Minneapolis artist Leslie Barlow has always been a huge Bob Ross fan. Watch as she paints “Christmas Eve Snow” along with the landscape master.

It's another #TwinPeaksTuesday! Here's a sneak peek at...

Rare photos from the Second Season included in the Entire Mystery Blu-ray.


Heather Graham, David Lynch, and Michael Anderson on the Red Room set of the Twin Peaks finale. Notice Heather’s dress. This is the same dress that Heather is wearing when she appears in a vision that Laura Palmer has in the prequel film Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me. But this is not the dress that she is wearing before she enters Glastonberry Grove. An interesting observation is that she is not wearing this dress when she returns from the Red Room… yet when she arrives at the hospital in a scene from the Missing Pieces, she is wearing this same dress again. Could it all be a dream?


A behind the scenes look at Maddy Ferguson (Sheryl Lee) and James Hurley (actor James Marshall) sharing a moment at “Black Lake” in Easter Park. It is interesting to note that all outdoor shots filmed for the Series outside of the Pilot were filmed in California. This scene in particular was filmed in a private, residential park on Malibou Lake in Agoura, CA.


Audrey Horne played by actress Sherilyn Fenn stood out as one of the most intriguing characters of the Series. When the Second Season was announced, it was also announced that Sherilyn had come down with pneumonia and that there was concern on how they would handle her storyline as she was a pivotal character. Some of her scenes including a brief storyline including her playing Detective in One Eyed Jacks had to be scrapped. An interesting bit of trivia. Fenn in an interview revealed that during the Second Season there were discussions to give Audrey her own spinoff TV series which would have had Audrey going to Hollywood to become an actress.