when luke wants to have fun and he just wants everyone around him to laugh and have fun too and he likes to have the attention on him cause he wants to join in and make everyone laugh and sometimes he fails miserably and sometimes he’s annoying about it but he tries man, even when it means he’s the guy who keeps the joke going when everyones moved on

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wht abt horny 24/7 teenage!trick n he's looking for Good Porn n cam shows n he finds an amazing cam boy named Pete n trick blushes the whole time cuz he's gorgeous n completely nude n he fucks into his hand n moans n groans"God, wish this was you,,,wish I was fucking you"n trick knos he's talking to all the viewers but he still blushes so hard n when Pete comes n just growls, trick nearly dies n he's soo hard

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Asexuality Survey


A survey to gauge the issues facing asexual people and general opinions. I want people on all sides of the discourse to complete this, so please spread the word!

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Do you know what disturbs me most about that Posey drama? That his stans once again try to distract form Posey's mess ups by dragging in other cast members. It's basically "if your fave had done what Posey did you would defend him. Your fave did this and that problematic thing so you don't have a right to call out Posey". But that's not how it works. Firstly, Posey has always been problematic. His stans just ignored it. And secondly, listing what other people did has nothing to do with Posey.