[2010, on having to put himself on tape to send to casting directors when auditioning for roles as an aspiring actor] I’d love not to have to do that (anymore). I did it for this movie about UFC fighters a few years ago, and I didn’t know anything about UFC fighters. I wore biking shorts, I was outside in my back yard in Venice, and I was, like, kicking the trash cans and shit. I didn’t know what I was doing. I would love to fucking see that tape.”


“I remember walking into the church and watching the baptism and sitting down and feeling overwhelmed and not expecting that at all – that idea that you had been so careless with yourself and with your life and all these decisions that you can’t take back, these things that are permanent, and then to be faced with this idea of having this person that is pure. And everything that is bad about you will be passed on to this person and you are soiled and dirty in some way and wondering if the best thing to do for them is not to even be there. I didn’t expect any of those things.” - Ryan Gosling