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To your anon: No offense intended, but I've been in the Barisi part of fandom essentially since the beginning, and ~15 notes has been about right since the beginning. I think the highest note count I've got is in the 30s for a Barisi text post/fic. Even with gifs it's only around 200-300! It's tough, but that ship has always been pretty obscure (in Tumblr terms) and small. shrug. Plus, fandom and lack of interest in the show has caused a lot of people to leave/distance themselves. Like me.

Speaking of Barisi OGs, lol <3333

(I’m not an OG, by the way! I joined the Barisi fandom relatively late, around April 2015! I kept seeing fabulous ficlets here on tumblr, many of them written by @raptorwhisperer, in fact, and I finally decided to join in!)

I totally agree. Our ship is relatively small, and that has its perks (we all know each other by userpic/url, basically, lol, unlike other fandoms where most people feel nameless) but also its drawbacks (less fic, less people to engage with).

Like I said myself, 15 notes sounds about right, not just for a Barisi text post but also a Sonny text post, or a Barba one, too (not a Raul post, though, because he’s strangely -and awesomely- popular here, for some reason, lol).

And yep, again, I couldn’t agree more. The actual content of the show inevitably affects people’s level of excitement. Sooooo many people have distanced themselves, and so many have started posting about other shows when their blogs used to be 100% SVU.

I love the idea of “keeping fandom alive” but that shouldn’t feel like a chore. I’m in a fandom (any fandom) because I love a show. When my love dies, I leave the fandom. Simple as that. I don’t like to hatewatch anything. And I don’t like being bitter, either. Life’s too short.

SVU, however, is an unusual experience for me. I’ve written so much fic, and I’m still attached to Sonny and Barba as characters, and I love the little Barisi community we’ve built, so I’ll be sticking around, lol. But, under other circumstances, I’d have dropped the show (as a viewer) like a hot potato. Many people have, and I get where they’re coming from.

For now, I try to turn my bitterness into saltiness (because that’s tastier) and I also try to use humor to convey my disappointment. We all do what we gotta do <333

Pearl belonged to White Diamond

SU Theory time! (For those of you who haven’t seen the new Steven bomb, turn away now because this post has a few spoilers). Feel free to message me if you wanna geek out about SU with me!

This Steven bomb has me shook. Like honestly, it was so incredible (I f*cking screamed when YD started singing like ermergurd), and it gave us so much (new gems, new song, BD FACE), but left many questions as well. The theories are going to be coming in hot so I thought I’d join the fun as well. Strap in, it’s gonna be long.

My Theory: Pearl was made for White Diamond, but Rose Quartz “rescued” her.

Let’s back up a little. According to Peridot, Pearls are submissive servants assigned to superior gems to carry out simple tasks (”They’re for standing around, and holding your stuff for you”). We also find out that Pearls are made for specific gems and that there are a lot of them.

There have been many indicators before now that suggest Pearl was made for White Diamond: their gem placement matches and Pearl has a white complexion. However, it would also appear that Pearls are exchangeable and can be assigned to any gem (Holly Blue Agate wasn’t fazed by Sapphire owning a White Pearl).

But let’s not forget Peridot’s, “And she looks like a fancy one,” when she was talking about Pearl in “Back to the Barn”. It makes sense that Pearls designed for the Most Elite would have to look superior to all other Pearls. Peridot (certified Kindergartener) is a gem expert and can tell you plenty about how gems are supposed to look and how they’re made. She can tell that Pearl is unlike a common made Pearl based on certain indicators our Pearl, even after years of being independent and free to choose how she looked, can’t get rid of.

I’d also like to theorize that Pearls made for the Diamonds have a different purpose than just “standing around and holding your stuff”. I wager Diamond Pearls are a lot like service dogs that aid and comfort their Diamonds, essentially acting as their closest companions.

Yellow Diamond ordered the Pearls to comfort Blue Diamond by singing (and dancing). This explains why Pearl sings! (and why Peridot was so confused)

(Guess old habits die hard, huh Pearl?)

Now what really sold me about Pearl being made for White Diamond was this scene:

“When I still served… Homeworld…”

We can all pretty much assume Pearl was going to say something else, but this doesn’t prove anything aside that Pearl did serve some form of authority a long time ago back on Homeworld. I would, however, like to draw attention to the line she said next. “I saw it myself. A private menagerie…”

My guess is that only high ranking gems and their entourage are allowed to tour Pink Diamond’s zoo (Sapphire must be very important). With that being said, I wager that a very long time ago, White Diamond probably wanted to witness Pink Diamond’s growing conquest and decided to visit the menagerie, with her Pearl.

So Pearl was made for White Diamond and once served for her. What I don’t know is how Pearl went from White Diamond’s aid to Crystal Gem Warrior.

(Wow, this is really long…) But I’d just like to point out a few things about the rebellion we learned from the Steven bomb and one of the biggest being Steven’s mom wasn’t the only Rose Quartz of the Gem War.

This is either extreme paranoia on PD’s part or a punishment.

If it’s paranoia, then Pink Diamond bubbled these gems because of Rose. When Rose rebelled, Pink Diamond felt betrayed by her soldier and decided to bubble all Rose Quartz to prevent further mutiny.

If this is a punishment, then Pink Diamond bubbled all these Rose Quartz soldiers because they all betrayed her. In Yellow Diamond’s song “What’s the Use of Feeling Blue”, there’s a line where she says, “Why would you want to employ her subjects that destroyed her” and after it shoots to Steven who then looks at his gem and the hundreds of gems bubbled around him. This supports the claim that these Rose Quartz soldiers also joined the rebellion but were stopped and bubbled by Pink Diamond.

But this leaves a gaping question: why didn’t she just shatter them?

(I haven’t a good enough theory to explain this. Are they trophies? Was PD looking for a way to “fix” her “corrupted” soldiers but was shattered before she could?)

(Geez I need to wrap this up.) Anyways, after the First Rebellion came White Diamond to put a stop the Crystal Gem battalion.

In this mural we see White Diamond attacking Rose Quartz and her forces. And we know that where ever a Diamond goes, her Pearl goes. Somehow, someway, Rose influenced Pearls decision to “defect” from her Diamond and join the Crystal Gems, where a Rose Quartz soldier taught her how to be a knight.

“Rose Quartz and her renegade Pearl.”

White Diamond took a huge chunk out of the Crystal Gems but was ultimately beaten back, although Homeworld forces remained to keep trying (and begin making the Cluster using shards of Crystal Gem warriors).

Blue Diamond came to Earth at some point after White Diamond was beaten back (probably to grieve some more for her dead girlfriend). Here, Ruby met Sapphire to become Garnet. And then came the second wave of the rebellion where the Crystal Gems grew in numbers once again.

White Diamond didn’t have enough man power to push back again. Blue Diamond was still mourning. So Yellow stepped up and proposed something new: a super weapon that would corrupt all gems on Earth and wipe out the resistance.

Homeworld retreated. Rose saved Pearl and Garnet from corruption. Amethyst popped out the ground centuries later. Rose became Steven.

And the rest is history.


“Famethyst for LIFE!”

1026. When Snape died, the first person there to greet him was Lily. She walked up to him and punched him in the face, demanding answers as to 'WHY THE HELL DID YOU VERBALLY ABUSE MY SON FOR SEVEN YEARS???'

i hope i’m not the only one shipping these two 

i mean 


it’s not much (for yuri on ice standards, or for any sports anime standards really…) but still i think it’s very cute *w* I’m totally sailing with this ! 

Emil Nekola x Michele Crispino

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….

  • Harry: i'm telling you, Malfoy, you must have messed it up.
  • Draco: impossible! even Granger couldn't reach my level accuracy with potions!
  • Harry: *shrugs and looks around the classroom* well, everyone else got their love potions to work, and i don't feel any different. you must be off your game.
  • Snape: *overhears*
  • Snape: *sighs and pinches the top of his nose*
watching yuri!!! on ice
  • me : mm mhm MHHHHM wait what, you're telling me this is a sports anime?
  • me : lolwut m8 they are g-a-y
  • me : wait do straight people do that
  • me : wait do straight people do THAT
  • me : ohmygod this is super frickin gay
  • me : victor, please stop eye-fucking yuri and thank you
  • me : victor! stop touching him so much and get your hand off his chin RIGHT NOW
  • me : *chanting* kiss,kiss,kiss! just tip a bit over and kiss him!
  • me : my sweet summer children, you have now fueled my descent into hell
  • me :
  • me :
  • me : thank you for ruining my life i guess