Waiting for his friend!

Sorry to re-tag folks and repost this but I really like this drawing!
So I re-did this because in the first drawing I made the “Spock” sign too small and it looked like Jim is waiting for the bathroom - but he’s NOT! It’s all about SPAHK!

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“Welcome all." 

 Eleanor and Adaline, both magnificently dressed up, said to everybody to the mansion. The foyer was wonderfully decorated with spring things - flowers of all sorts, petals, leaves, and more - while food was quite literally in every room. Everything from pastries to salami to escargot was out and open for the visitors. "Appitzers are left out for everyone to join. The main course will be called in a couple hours with dessert to replace all these trays. Feel free to explore all the rooms and enjoy yourselves!”


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Hosts: Eleanor Noir escorted by Thierry Xavier Noir ( @ask-tos-vampire ) and Adaline Davenport ( @ask-the-invest )

Lavinia Adalie Eglantine Lafontaine ( @asktheformermayor )

Caroline Sanford escorted by Gordon Truman ( @townies-of-saltem )

Camille Sforza escorted by Lukas Noreika ( @ask-an-arso and @bloodgutsandgory )

Vivian Adonis Woodford ( @lifexrestored )

Thana Keira Woodford ( @listentothegraves )

Darcy Brighton escorted by Gene Delrosa ( @ask-the-witch and @askthedoc GENE AND HIS WEED ANONS )

Jekyll Aguiar ( @askthe-tosarso

Adam Alberts “Wolfgang,” Jack Blomma “Spades,” and Clubs ( @askthe-tosmafia )

Ingrid escorted by Cody Bishop ( @sur-die-vor & @ask-tos-townies )

William Tahlentaki escorted by Aliestair Alucard ( @ask-tos-townies & @ask-the-burning-ret

Eris and Sarrow West ( @theblackmaileandjailor )

Cotton Campbell  ( @ask-a-vig )

Niccolo Romano escorted by Nathan Eried ( @askthemafioso & @ask-the-warden-tos EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE NATENICK ihopetheygetspicymaybesomegrindingimeanwut )

Banquo Kingsly and Ferris Wheeler ( @whyareyouinmyhouse )

Horris Wheeler ( @ask-the-medi )

Jason and Stephen Dixon  ( @2dap )

John Arbuckle ( @sheriffcuck )

Tyrone Haynes and Chiela “Aldria” ( @killherxprotecther )

Cedar Mayville ( @ask-tos-necromancer )

Frederic Bishop ( @askamne )

Valerie escorted by Buggy Scoven ( @ask–valerie & @ask-arsos

Richard ( @town-full-of-death )

Leo Del Bosque ( @tosaskthe-bg )

Travis ‘X’ Trent ( @askconsigtravis )

Frederic took a sip from his cup.

Man, this party blows.

It was probably the fact that almost everyone was there with someone and that he hated formal attire that he believed the gala sucked. All the faces here were familiar, but it was obviously apparent everyone else was preoccupied. The vigilante noticed Adaline; she stood alone.

Doesn’t she normally have arm candy? Mister Jonathan did say that often, that she was with a vile man.

Frederic marched his way to the investigator, despite his negative view of her, to converse with her.

“Good evening, Miss Davenport.” He greeted her coldly, but it was the best he could do towards someone he was bitter to. “Where is the… Stabby man?”



The Consigliere tugged and tightened his tie in attempt to make himself look a lot more punctual to the Gala. Raising his wrist, his eyes stared at his watch and read the time.
He was ready and dressed rather smartly for the Gala, but he knew he wouldn’t do much.

He was going alone, but he was equipped with a knife, a notebook and a pencil. He was quite excitd to sit and doodle like how he often did, and to ignore the other dancing and laughing lunatics that surrounded him.

Travis petted his thighs and firmly fitted his hands into his pockets as he made his way into the main hall. ( @tos-spring-gala )