Here are some preview pictures of our Yuri On Ice photo shoots from Katsucon 2017.

We had so much fun cosplaying these characters and look forward to sharing more photos from the weekend with you!

Viktor Nikiforov - Levy Cross @sourfacedcaptain
Christophe Giacometti - White Elorda @white7777
Photo credits - TopHats N Frills Cosplay

I could post a million pictures to exemplify how pretty this goth babe was, but I’m choosing this one for his eyes, gaunt cheeks and tophat. 

Conrad Veidt (1893-1943) was a German silent/sound actor probably most remembered as Cesare the somnambulist in The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari (1920).

Veidt was staunchly against the Nazi regime in his country and fled to the US with his Jewish wife at the time. Being a German in Hollywood, he guessed that he would be frequently cast in the roles of Nazis. He did not reject to playing these characters (e.g; Casablanca (1942) but vowed to only ever portray them if they were villains and shown in a negative light.

In 1919, Anders als die Andern (in English, Different from the Others) became, as far as we know, the first film to positively and sympathetically portray homosexuality. Veidt starred as Paul Körner, one of the first gay characters in cinema history. It was co-written by sexologist Magnus Hirschfeld, the film’s argument being that homosexuality is as normal and natural as heterosexuality. Anders als die Andern was actually well-received by the public. It was the Nazi’s (as you could guess) who sought to destroy all copies of the film when they came to power. They succeeded for all but one. it exists as a fragmented version but can be watched online and I recommend it. Very fascinating.

Not only was Connie a gorgeous gentleman, but a beautifully delicate and romantic actor. Good examples of this acting style are in Caligari, The Man Who Laughs (1928) and The Hands of Orlac (1924).


Mike Mignola’s comic adaption of Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)

There’s also this from the site for their Kirby Orchestra promotion:

And i can’t decide my favourite part of this between Kirby’s bowtie and blazer, everyone’s cute tophats, poor Waddle Dee on Trumpet (who has no fingers), Waddle Doo’s curled eyelashes or Bonkers’s hairdo.

Highlights from the live chat with Starfan13

  • She has her own spider with a top hat. Did she ask Star to make her one, or did she go to the trouble of searching for a doll tophat that would perfectly fit her own ordinary spider, to match Star’s? Both good.
  • “Alex K. asks, ‘If you ever got to switch lives with Star, would you?’ Well, you would think the answer would be yes, but then I don’t know what I’d spend all my free time doing if I couldn’t see Star, you know?” I do know…
  • Her favorite of Star’s spells is the Narwhal blast, “because narwhals are so cute and pointy.” Same!
  • She has little hearts with faces magically flying around her room… I’d love to see the scene where Star made her those!
  • Mushrooms, “soooo many mushrooms,” are her favorite pizza topping… same. Also, nice to hear something that would not be Star’s favorite topping. She does always adopt Star’s favorite color, though.
  • Star made her this cute little flying beastie!!
  • There’s more than one, actually. And little flying narwhals!
  • Her favorite holiday is Christmas, because of the presents.
  • She likes horror films.
  • “I saw her in school, and then I, you know, I knew I had to spend my life following her around; you know, sometimes love is like that.”
  • She has a laser puppy named Señor Marco Junior. “Star and Marco gave him to me; isn’t that nice? They’re the best friends.”
  • She likes reggae and jazz.
  • Star gave her the wand-lamp, and even updated it so that half of it flashes–it goes from a fully lit-up wand to a half-lit wand and back.
  • She loves “lots of animals, but especially cats,” and says, “As a matter of fact, on weekends, I wash people’s cats. They don’t like it at all, but one time Star wore cats on her boots, and it was really a blast!“
  • She likes “all forms of sugar and candy,” and chocolate is one of her favorites. She also loves cupcakes.
  • Starfan13 has not seen Gravity Falls (if that show exists in her universe).
  • She loves pugs (though not as much as her laser puppy, of course).
  • She does her own hair.
  • She tried to pick up Star’s wand once, but Star told her not  to touch it and that it would transform into something that reflected her personality. Let’s hope Janna never gets her hands on it.
  • She loves bunnies. She likes all cute little animals; “they’re the best.”
  • When asked if she’s ever asked Star to take her to Mewni: “Uhh… I–no, I don’t want it to seem like we’re attached at the hip, you know. I don’t, I don’t wanna, like, you know, I’m, I’m cool; I don’t, I don’t need things. [laughs nervously]” Sweetheart, I’m sure Star would love to take you.
  • “This one time, I was in a tree throwing bugs and pigeons when Star walked by and said, ‘Hey, look at those pigeons!’ [laughs] It was soooo cute. Me and Star got that in common; we both love pigeons.” (Edit: Someone did point out she might have been saying “throwing buns at pigeons” here).
  • The ghost on her laptop is something she made herself.
  • (Asked if she thought Star and Marco would ever date) “What are you talking about? I mean, everybody knows that I like Star and she likes me; that’s how it is.”
  • She likes nachos.