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Top five infinite songs and top five of your fav outfits of Hoya xD :D

ohhhhhkaaayyyy… these are hard otl but thanks for playing @ifntnee 💜

Top 5 songs (in no particular order-i also didnt include unit/solo songs becuz 5 wouldnt be enough)

1. Back

2. 1_3

3. Be Mine

4. Paradise

5. I Like You


ok this is probably my most fave pho- nvm there is no such thing as ‘most fave’ when it comes to HIM otl but yeah i love this one with all my heart and soul 💜

this one becuz im a Winter person and i love this sweater and he looks so cuddly and…

i think this one speaks for itself

i love this one becuz its sporty and at the same time very neat. i especially loved the way he used the beanie so we could see his shaved sides

this one becuz i just think his blond hair looked really good with black sports outfits

//ask me my top5 anything//



So here it is yall , this is my official Top 5 list for best handles in the NBA RIGHT NOW (well last year) . Before I start let me say that the picture you’re looking at is just for laughs , I do have photoshop skills but I thought this would be funnier.

Now I came up with this list through extensive research. I watched game film, YouTube highlights, & instagram. (Shoutout @filthiestcrossovers ) But ok lets get to it. And remember if you want to reply to this I’m for it. So without further ado do lets get it!!!

#1 Kyrie Irving

No explanation needed for this I mean this guy is THE DEFINITION of HANDLES. Meaning when you look in the dictionary beside the word handles.. there’s a picture of Kyrie Irving. It’s that serious and it’s that simple.

#2 Steph Curry

Now for you die hard Steph Curry fans let me explain to you why Steph Curry is not #1. First off, Kyrie showed him up in the finals .. clearly no debate. Here’s my thing about Steph’s handles, He doesn’t have that ball on a string like Kyrie does. And what I mean by that is this , every time Steph does his  1-2 dribble move and throws the ball behind his back , it’s just not as clean. It’s like he throws the ball out too far and really has to reach out and get it and by doing that he wastes time by having to look down at the ball and the crossover doesn’t look as clean in comparison to Kyrie’s . My point is , its not on a string and that’s the difference. Go look at some tapes.

#3 James Harden

This was an easy choice for number 3 , James Harden has handles. I mean every time he gets the rock he hits the defender with a 4 count dribble and then hits the step back .. just ask Ricky Rubio. James Harden deserves to be on the list.

#4 Jamal Crawford

Jamal Crawford rightfully belongs on the list, he’s the guy who’s good at creating space especially when he’s trying to get that space to let off that three. As well as the space he can create coming off a dribble and into his euro steps. I mean he’s the most gifted 36 year old in the game. And he deserves to be on this list.

#5 Jordan Clarkson

Now I know some people aren’t going to agree because for one you don’t watch the Lakers and for 2 you haven’t been watching Jordan Clarkson. This guy gets pass people with his handles and drives the lane. I feel like we’ll see more of that this year because he can be a stand still shooter at the same time. Go Look at the tape on this guy.


Kemba Walker, CJ McCollum, Brandon Jennings, D’Angelo Russell, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Kevin Durrant.

So here’s my official list of who has handles in the NBA. Comments are welcome

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top five trash. <:

this makes me laugh so much omg (i’m having so much trouble putting them in order)

  1. kato: i stopped playing kato specifically because he was the most abusive, most evil piece of trash i’d ever created in my life and i can only produce so much sadism before i suffer a breakdown like a true #hufflepuff. i mean he’s keeping a helpless child trapped inside his home and emotionally/physically abusing him on the daily can we all agree on the level of fucked-up-ness?? ? ? ?? 
  2. jaxon averitt: this is kind of obvious??? he walked out on his younger brother, he was a drug dealer, basically wasn’t good for much even though his heart was occasionally in the right place. he’s smug, a vicious racist and a bit misogynist. HE’S HUMAN REFUSE SORRY. 
  3. pantera jaegerjqauez: he’s an eternally bitter piece of shit don’t let his few functional human relationships fool you, he actually hates everyone and he will probably kill you if you breathe the same air as him w/o his permission lbr. and he’ll sneer/laugh at u while u writhe in a puddle of ur own blood iajs
  4. cesare squalo: he’s ill mannered and bitingly sarcastic and LOUD. idk if anyone outside of varia can actually stand him minus, like, tarrant???
  5. i’m rounding out the top 5 with bester because he’s my most loved piece of trash with a heart of gold bye

honorable mentions: lazarus galloway (for being a manipulative cannibalistic piece of shit) and charlie wilder (for obvious reasons including a propensity toward unncessary violence against old men)


大好きなカイドTOP5に入る動画 #kaido #kaisoo #Kai #do #Kyungsoo #exo #exok #엑소

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I was looking at the Hyde/Jackie kiss post and I was wondering, was there any kiss you wanted to include in the top but couldn't? c: Also, do you know how many times they kiss in the show?

(Previous posts: here and here)

Oh, boy. There is one I love that it hurt me not to put in the top5, so let’s talk about that. And as for how many times have they kisses? Just that I remember: 3 kisses in the cheek, 1 in the corner of the mouth, and on the mouth, THAT I REMEMBER and including dream/fantasy sequences, are 28. On screen kisses. But I think it may be more, I’m just answering by memory, and my memory can be kind of bad. Now…

*can’t take my eyes off you by frankie valli, rock version and with lots of mental dirty innuendos in the backround* That one time she couldn’t take her hands off of her Puddin’ Pop

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top5 fanfics you have wrote <3


i’m gonna link them bc i’m Thirsty for attention

  1. my bb that i haven’t published yet but i think it’s the best thing i’ve written so far so
  2. with his educated eyes, and his head between my thighs 
    1. subsequently, the sequel as well but i’m not counting that as separate
  3. if you wanna go to heaven (you should fuck me tonight)
  4. Passing Time
  5. dressed up and tied down

top fives