My Top 3 pick: #2 Choon Entertainment’s Kim Yongguk/Jin Longguo (the hidden jewel)

“No one knows who i am. No one knows what kind of person I am. I would feel confident if there is someone that will care about me. I want to hear ‘Kim Yongguk did well’”

P/S: You did very well! You have changed a lot. You have improved. I am so happy you gained confidence. You made so many friends and no more being alone. I will always support you and let’s debut in the near future. I’ll wait.

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hi :) where can i watch the produce 101 finale and when?

It will be streamed through several rabb.it users, a massive post can be found on the /r/broduce subreddit tomorrow! 

As for other sites:

It will start at 11PM KST as usual (as far as I know), although there have been some rumours floating around it will start earlier, on the official Mnet videos it has said 11PM KST. 

Here’s a timetable conversion for that:

My beautiful Top 11

Everyone is making their top 11, and I thought I should do mine before some of these members get eliminated… which I know they will because the rankings are low.

My Top11 is based on the type of group and music style I would love to see, as well as the members that I think that fit very well with each other.

The music style I envision (which may be an unpopular opinion) is the embodiment of the concept songs (of the show) “Never” and “Open it”, some “Get Ugly” in the mix, just a bit of EXO and BTS (a bit), and some (a lot) sprinkles of NCT (U and 127) and some GOT7 in the mix, a nice and full tea spoon of a little more commercial and kpop-ish Jay Park, Dean, Crush…. In other words a lot of dance, classy street style and good hip-hop.


Well, jumping to tha membuhs.

1- Daniel  (The dance style that I need)

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2- Ong Seongwoo  (The dance style that I need)

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3-Jihoon  (The dance style that I need)

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4-Park Woojin (The dance style that I need)

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5-Kim Jaehwan (The vocalist I need! He is very adaptable to many styles)

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6-Ha Sungwoon (WTH people!! he is the most consistent person in this show! Vocals-dance everything #DeservesBetter)

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7-Samuel (The dance style that I need)

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8-Daehwi (The vocals I need)

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9-Noh Taehyun (The dance style I need)

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10-Takada Kenta (#DeservesBetter.2)

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11-Ahn HyungSeop (The kind of member every group needs, idk, he is very “idol”, and fits any style!)

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Okay. I focused a lot on dance, but at the same time we have very strong vocalists here that adapt themselves very well to dance. We have commercial members as well (its Kpop. You don’t want a boring group).

Just a reminder that this is just my opinion, the kind of group I would like to see. I would really want Nu’est here, but I couldn’t bring myself to take any of these out. Either way some in this group will be eliminated next week unfortunately… No one is paying attention at them *cries*

I just wanted to say that even though Moonbok was eliminated I feel so happy for him, he finally demonstrated what kind of person he is (loyal, humble, funny, hardworking, talented) I think he finally isn’t the laughing stock of Korea, he proved everyone who criticized him wrong and I know that from now on he will walk the streets of Korea freely. Even though he will not debut with this group in the top 11, I know he will have an amazing career ahead of him. CONGRATULATIONS MOONBOK!!!!

(Sorry if I tag other contestants I just feel like this is something everyone needs to understand, no hate to anyone) ❤❤❤❤

Broduce 101 Kang Daniel mini rant

If Justice League aka the team that everyone needed (Kang Daniel, Ong Sungwoo, Hyunbin, Jaehwan, etc..) won and they’re going to perform this 27th on mnet but lol???
If he’s not in top 11 next week I’m gonna comeback to Seoul and burn mnet :)
Idk you guys but I think that Jonghyun or Minhyun are going to debut in top 11 and I’m rooting for JR.