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AU where Bakugou isn’t just a human bomb, he’s THE human bomb. He can’t control his explosions from his hands, his body is just one enormous bomb that is either “off” or “three city blocks of destruction”

He’s ostracized from the moment his quirk forms. He’s too dangerous for most people to want to be around, but there’s this one quirkless kid that doesn’t seem to mind.

In fact, he’s the only one that seems to believe in him at all.

Arrow and Olicity in 5x09

I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about last night’s episode, and long story short, I thought it was fantastic. This episode was a huge stepping stone and it set up 5B and it blew the doors on Olicity wide open.

Please keep in mind I process as I write things out. I’ve only watched the episode once, so I’m going off memory at the moment, and most of my thoughts are Olicity-geared. 

I’m also jazzed as absolute hell because what we’re seeing right now, in my eyes, is everything I want this season.

Did you read my “An Arrow & Olicity Daydream” and the follow-up “Felicity Smoak Addendum”? I’m absolutely tooting my own horn with these. I’m super excited because I feel like we’re getting pretty close to what I ultimately want from this season, for Oliver and Felicity individually, and for Olicity. This is a continuation of the theme I’ve outlined in my mind in the above meta posts for Olicity this season.

Anyway, back to my thoughts… and in case you were wondering:

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Miscellaneous oceankin aesthetic for myself fun!

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tbh I wish naruto shadowed the hokage for a week and was like “fuck this shit, I already got everyone’s approval, I ain’t about this paperwork diplomacy sit-at-a-desk and deal with bullshit you literally couldn’t pay me to care about for the rest of my life type of job” 

and kakashi is like “yea, thought so, you’re actually not our first pick for hokage either” and sakura finally says yes to the job- which she originally turned down because it was naruto’s dream

this leaves naruto free to join sasuke on his journey, and konoha in quite capable hands because sakura’s smart, determined, diplomatic, etc. just the best

then, our favorite boy(friend)s travel the world, saving people and helping repair the damage from the war, eventually realize, admit, and act upon their true feelings for each other

I mean not to toot my own horn but this outcome makes 5000% more sense than the actual ending… naruto might be a good hokage but he’d eventually hate his job and his life, his travels with jiraya probably infected him with some serious wanderlust, and sasuke feels no connection to konoha or anything but naruto, so of course he’d want to travel too

I just want them to see the world together, and for the world to have the privilege of seeing them together in action too- they would be an inspiration to everyone everywhere… it’s such a win-win-win–win situation

My daughter must get soooo confused sometimes! I have a ridiculous amount of nicknames for her - Lily bug, Lily bean, Lily pad, floss, sweetie peas, sweetie poops, cutie butts, Lily stinky bum bum, beeby, honey darling, lil’ lil, lillith, bootiful, blondie bab, pads, cooloo baby (cooloo is Lily’s word for cuddles), fluffy head. I don’t even know. The funny thing is that she responds to all of them 😂