The KISS YOUR FACE MAKEUP KIT is one of those Bucket List Finds. Given the item was meant to be used, finding one in good condition is tough. Maybe someday there will be a warehouse find? How amazing is this shipping box though? Ah…The business of Rock & Roll merchandising.
Such a glorious thing…

I’m less concerned with who would play Billy and Tommy in terms of a particular actor. But I really need them to be played by twins instead of the same actor….and if they could find Jewish twins to boot, even if they’re not 100% identical, I would be over the moon. 

anonymous asked:

what are the matching tattoos that johnny and tommy got?

Well, to be fair, they didn’t get it together; it’s a tattoo Johnny already had and Tommy started incorporating it into his painting and then got it tattooed on his arm! It’s the question mark/face symbol from Johnny’s film The Brave that he directed. He created the symbol. (I also have it tattooed on my wrist ;))