UPDATE: Holy heck tree’s finally finished, whoop~ And thank goodness for it, I’m still debating whether I ought to resize the whole thing for better viewing. o.o;

New names are new bc I didn’t like the canon name for Amber and co. in the LEAST. Also, pleasant reminder to keep your hands off the fanbabies Flame and Plume, thank you. 

Canon-friendly tree here: Firestar Family Tree -Canon-

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  • TMR: Newt calls Thomas "Tommy" and the only other person with a pet name--sorry, nickname--for Thomas is his "love interest" Teresa
  • TST: Newt gets all jealous of Aris, Teresa, and Brenda occupying Thomas' time
  • TDC: Newt is literally dying, knows he's dying, can feel himself dying, and all he can think is that Thomas will help him. He's known Minho for as long as he can remember pretty much, and yet it's Thomas whose help he wants
  • James Dashner: Hahaha I can't even imagine where the readers are getting the idea that Thomas and Newt had feelings for each other. How strange