Jealous much?

request: Could you do an imagine where you were the only girl in neverland until another girl arrives and she’s a total bitch who flirt with pan and stuff so you are jealous and sad and pan finds out and confess his love for you making the other girl jealous

warnings: explicit.

It was one of those days in fall, nature was slowly letting go of all freshness and was preparing for another cold winter to come in Neverland. Peter and I had spent all afternoon in the woods together enjoying the last warm rays of sun. All day he tried to improve my knife-throwing skills but I just couldn’t get the hang of it so after hours we decided to make our way back to the camp. While walking down abandoned paths, listening to the birds chirping and singing their last songs for the upcoming night Peter suddenly stopped and reached out for my wrist. I immediately stopped my movement and looked back at him. His directly looking into my eyes used to make me nervous, but now I was used to it, his dark green eyes had a soothing impact on me.
“Is something wrong?” I asked him, a frown flashing over my face.
He made a long pause before answering my question. I could see a million thoughts crossing his mind, still he remained silent. I couldn’t quite grasp the looks he was directing my way, but they seemed like they involved some kind of softness. Maybe softness in his twisted and barely comprehensible way but I could sense that he cared for me. And it was confusing me, big time.
“No nothing wrong.” He claimed.
“You don’t have to lie to me, Pan.” I teased him, I knew he wanted to say something, but he just chuckled and directed his view straight ahead.
“We should get moving, it will be dark soon. And we wouldn’t wanna miss the bonfire the boys are making in honor of your three years stay on the island right?” He pinched my ribs and carefully shoved me forward.
“Of course not.” I said ironically, rolling my eyes at him for distracting from his thoughts on the situation. It would be far more interesting to tickle the words out of him, than watching a bonfire I could see every day. But we moved forward and remained pretty much silent the rest of the way.
If somebody asked me to determine my relationship with Peter I wouldn’t know what to say. Ever since I arrived on this island three years ago, Peter and I would fight with each other. I would never listen to his stupid orders (they were really stupid) and he would always go after me finding a way to punish me (like letting me rot in a cage for two full days, I’m still not over that) , but somehow we both enjoyed this game and we always found our way back to each other. But I guess this fire and willpower I showed towards him ever since and also the fact that no matter what he did I have never shown fear of him, I guess this is what he truly likes and desires about me. He never wanted an obedient minion, running after his orders, he needs a girl to challenge him. And here I am, always confronting and mocking him and his reign. But we also had pretty intimate moments, where we just listened to each other or not talk at all, where we didn’t even have to talk for us to understand what the other wanted to say. We’ve spent hours sitting side by side at night by the glowing bonfire or at our place in the woods just listening to nature. Sometimes he would also put his arm around me and stroke my hair until I fell asleep. So yes I felt a deep connection to him, but it never turned out to be more than friendship. At the beginning, when he brought me to the island, he stole my breath every time walking by. I could not take a breath without having to think about him. He made me nervous with his good looks and badboy attitude. But after all these years I gave up the hope of him falling for me. I’ve gotten over it and used to the situation, accustomed myself and earned his respect as a good friend.
About half an hour later we finally arrived at the camp, I could already hear the cheering and laughter and music from far away. Felix was the first one to walk up to me.
“y/n! Feels just like yesterday I welcomed you to Neverland. Gotta say, hoped Peter would banish you after a couple of months. But you’re still here.” He said cynically, giving me a tight hug. “Well what can I say? I hoped to slaughter you right away, but hey! Here you are still alive, making jokes.” I teased back and we both started laughing. Just then I caught a glimpse of Peter’s expression. Felix was still hugging me and he seemed to disapprove. “Well anyway…” I started and let go of Felix. “Why don’t we go see the other boys.” I said, sending him ahead. I looked Peter straight in the eyes but he immediately looked away. I pushed away the upcoming thoughts and acted like nothing happened.

I was so confused by his reaction the other day, it left me sleepless at night. Was he really starting to fall for me? Hopes kept coming up but I decided to forcefully push them down, which didn’t really work out so well. Anyway, so what? What if he really fell for me it would never work out, he had to keep his cold-hearted image up and there was no place for me by his side when he had to rule a kingdom. Days later the last bit of my hope was crushed when a newbie arrived at the island.  
She introduced herself as Wendy. Her name had a certain ring to it, as sweet as candy. And so was the girl. Blonde, long, curly hair was falling down her shoulders and she came across as innocent and helpless as a bird stuck in a tree branch. Let’s say quite the opposite of me. And she flung herself at Peter like there was no tomorrow. Whenever she could she called for help. Or even better, she screwed up and pushed all the blame on me. Once she was shooting an arrow like right at a Lost Boy’s face, I was the one to jump at her and redirect the arrow, which was hitting the tree trunk right next to the boys head. She then would scream out that I had leaped at her deliberately, trying to kill her. Because no one has seen us and because (how else could it be) I had my hunting knife in hand Peter and the Lost Boys didn’t believe me.
But that’s not close to everything she tried to make me look like the bad one: she accomplished to intrigue most of our missions to conquer the fairy’s camp on the other side of the island, because she twisted her ankle and couldn’t walk, so Peter (of course him) had to carry her. The killer was she stated I had pushed her. Poor fragile thing, she was really not made for the life in Neverland. But she managed to keep Peter busy all day by her side and he didn’t even seem to disapprove. He seemed to enjoy her foolishness and her servility, he felt acknowledged and admired and he really seemed to enjoy it. He also seemed to enjoy to blame every bad thing that happened on me. Over the time I became redundant. I seemed to have no purpose in Peter’s life anymore. He stopped training me and we stopped our walks into the woods. I felt like he had forgotten about me completely, so I started distancing myself from him. I couldn’t bare the thought of the two together, couldn’t watch how he would look at her and how she would adore him and take his hand. I skipped dinners with the Lost Boys, couldn’t find any sleep at night anymore and I spent more time outside the camp borders than inside of them. I started to feel abandoned and even Felix couldn’t change that, he tried several times to talk to me, to understand me, but there was no quite feeling that could compare with the one Peter gave me when he listened, so I shut myself out.
One day I arrived at camp after hiding in the woods for three days and spending the nights crying over my cruel fate. I sneaked into my tent as quietly as possible, trying not to wake anyone. Just as I entered I noticed a dark figure lurking on my bed. I immediately drew my knife and directed it towards the stranger.
“Are you out of your mind?” Peter asked in a low but still threatening tone of voice. As soon as I recognised his voice I lowered my knife.
“I could ask you the same question! What the hell are you doing here?” I asked angrily.
“I was waiting for you to choose to finally return to my camp.” He said condescendingly.
“What do you even care? Isn’t your head all filled up with fluffy thoughts about miss Wonderland?”
“I care because I care about you! Don’t you get it y/n?! I was scared that something had happened to you! I had all lost boys scan the woods for your stupid ass! I haven’t had a minute of proper sleep these couple of days, I was terrified to lose you and you have nothing better to say to me than what I think about Wendy? I hope this is a damn joke! ”
Peter was furious, he wouldn’t stop shouting at me.
“Well what the hell was I supposed to think?! You spent every free second with that stupid bitch and stopped caring about me and now that you decide you suddenly want me back in your life I’m supposed to fall to my knees and thank you for it? I’m not gonna embarrass myself in front of you Peter! I’ve been running around the last years, heart on my sleeve and you never even showed me a glimpse of affection. You’ve done enough to prove to me that you have found your significant other in someone else, so cut the crap and tell me right in my face how you feel about her.”
“You know how I feel about her? I feel so lucky to have her and I care about her so much that I just locked her into the cage where we hold our fugitives. And I locked her away so safely that she can never escape.”
“Wait, hold on! You did what?!”
“I brought her to the island and made her feel safe by my side so I could eventually lock her away. You have no idea why I brought her here in the first place. She is precious prey for the Storybooke gang to come get her and deliver me the heart of the truest believer right into my territory. You have no idea what the hell is going on! This bitch is dangerous she could have us all killed so I decided to invest all my energy in trying to make her fall for me.”
“Then why the hell didn’t you tell me? I could have helped you going through with this plan, instead you shut me out of your life like I’m nothing? You might have not loved her but you still didn’t seem to disapprove so much of having to spend time with her. I don’t get it Peter, you say you care about me but all you do is giving me the cold shoulder. So tell me now what’s going on?”
“Are you really asking that question right now? I told you nothing to keep you safe! I was protecting you from getting hurt, and you’re seriously asking me what the hell is going on? I care about you more than I ever cared about anyone in my whole life y/n! You are the only person I can talk to and everything I did was to make sure that you’d be safe! Don’t you notice my reactions when you talk to Felix? It’s because you are mine and mine alone, nobody should be holding you in his arms except for me. I knew you would get hurt when I went through with this plan, but it was better than letting you die in a war with Wendy and the fairies by her side. I wanted to protect you because you’re everything that counts for me.”
I said nothing, I was so overwhelmed by the words Peter was throwing my way. Was it really possible that he felt the same as I did all this time? I just couldn’t say anything anymore and I was even more speechless when moments later Peter grabbed my face and pulled me into a passionate and tender kiss.
“I love you y/n , that is what’s going on.”

this is a very long one, but I haven’t written anything in a long time and this request just boosted my creativity. Hope you like it just leave a comment or message behind if you like! and special thanks to anonymous who left this incredible request behind for me, hope you like the way it turned out! xx BlueSuitStrawberry 

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