1. any large, busy city. 

2. the chief, and sometimes capital, city of a country, state, or region. 

3. a central or principal place, as of some activity. 

4. the mother city or parent state of a colony, especially of an ancient Greek colony. 

5. the chief see of an ecclesiastical province.

Etymology: from Middle English < Late Latin mētropolis < Greek mētrópolis, “a mother state or city”, equivalent to mētro-, combining form of mḗtēr, “mother" + pólis, “city”.

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In Tokyo Ghoul there is no such thing as black and white. There is no plain good character or bad one. The ghouls are neither evil nor good. Because monsters are not born, they are made. I don’t say you should feel sympathy with Torso but please understand that each Ghoul has such a story. Like Yamori or “Nutcracker” had too. A story about loss and loneliness in a world where it is either kill or die. A world that has no real place for them in society and I have to bow before Ishida for showing that each time again. So please don’t say; “he tries to justify abuse” or something like that. I personally have high respect for him, because he writes a story about something supernatural that still feels so genuine and close to reality.

So how many abusive/dead parents have we seen so far? This is getting insane.

Kaneki’s mom beat him at night and his aunt’s family abused him.

Hinami’s mom and dad both died.

Touka’s/Ayato’s mom was killed and their dad abducted for farming.

Amon’s foster dad was found to be a ghoul and is in the lock up.

Akira’s mom and dad both died by ghouls.

Eto was abandoned by her dad.

Furuta has some really weird family stuff going on.

Mutsuki was sexually abused by his dad while his mom watched.

Urie’s dad was killed.

Shirazu’s dad committed suicide.

Saiko’s mom sold her and her brother off.

Sasaki was also beat by his ‘father’.

Suzuya got castrated by his 'mom’.

Kanae’s parents died.

Nishiki’s parents and sister died.

Seidou had to eat his mom (not really confirmed though)

Nashiro and Kurona’s parents were killed or something.

Torso and his girlfriend were both abused by their parents.

I mean, jesus christ did Ishida have a normal childhood?

(At least Shuu has a nice dad I guess)