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nikki-707  asked:

Holy molly Jin!!! I just died when I saw luvoratorrrrry Kaito and Meiko!! Like they are sO PERFECT i caN'T *-* I'M IN LOVE How can you be this amazing!?!!

aHH THANK U FRIEND???????????????????????? you are too much for me i literally SHAT THOSE TWO OUT IN A DAY THEY AREN’T THAT GREAT im pretty sure meiko’s boob skin still goes through her top sometimes idk im 2 lazy AND I HAVENT renamed the japanese bones to english they’re so rushed

i’ll fix them one day this is gna be on my todolist

To Achieve - 21st July - 22nd July

I have these two days off work this week and I have loads I need to get done:

1️⃣ 10,000 + steps 🚶🏽
2️⃣ Work out 🏃🏽
3️⃣ Read 2 articles 📰
4️⃣ Relax in the sun ☀️
5️⃣ Drink plenty of water 💧💦
6️⃣ Write letter to manager 📃


1/100 days of productivity
hey i know theese DOP post are more about how you studied and did organization things. But for me it will kind of be a way to see my progress for the next 99 days!
So that day was beautiful but i HAD to get things done for my room renovation to go from preteen paintings to young adult matureness? Anyways i just did a load of de-cluttering and cleaning all day and i think im somewhat getting there!😊