Aesthetic: Ezra Wake (’The New World’, Black Sails fanfiction by @e-sebastian)

He is slim, with dark eyes and hair. He has a nose that hooks a little. His face is strange in a way that James does not wish to examine. Not displeasing, just out of place.“ (https://archiveofourown.org/works/8254777)

This is my first fooray into trying to make graphics in, well, years - not sure whether I like it or not but, alas, here it is, a little Ezra Wake aesthetic (and a chance to use that shiny new tag for the fanfiction, #bsnw!). A little gift both for the writer of the story and for my fellow TNW enthusiasts ;)

If there was ever a song to lyrically exemplify exactly how Rick felt about Michonne, it’s Dru Hill’s “Beauty.”

“I don’t think you heard me…Have you ever had something that you just couldn’t explain? That takes your mind and twists it all around?  But all you could think about, was this one thing?  Well this is her, and beauty is her name…”  

Didn’t take much time to think about it, but I didn’t want to move too fast. 'Cause I knew that when I saw you again, that I wouldn’t want to let you pass.  My eyes have seen the glory and the coming of your smile.  So I swear if you ever come round again, please stay for a while.

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“She walks by me every day; her and love are the same. The woman that’s stolen my heart–and beauty is her name.  I’m hoping I can make you mine ‘for another man steals your heart.  And once this beauty is mine, I swear we will never be apart.

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“You are so beautiful.  When I’m down and out, I never seem to get tired of your love.  'Cause you are wonderful; you’re wonderful.  I’m just dying to make you see anything you want inside your heart, you can find right here inside of me…”

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