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AnimeNext 2015

Weeeellll I had me a good ol’ time at my usual anime convention~ Aside from the whole, ya know, ‘the con moving to fucking ATLANTIC CITY’ thing. Minor complaint, really. Not even a blip on my radar! I mean, I’ve only been going to this con since my 3rd year of highschool! NO BIGGIE!

Bleh. So this might be my last actual ANext con, unless me & my friends feel like driving 2 hours to Atlantic City & back for a day trip every year. Because no way are we spending money on a hotel room & stuff for 3 days unless it’s for one of the really big anime conventions.

But either way, I had a good time this year, as I always did. Got some figurines, keychains, snacks, and other stuff~ For anybody who might’ve been there, I was cosplaying as:

Neuro (Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro)

^^^A bunch of people actually recognized my cosplay for him~! Made me so happy to meet my fellow MTNN fans! ^o^

Lucy (Fairy Tail)

So many Lucys this year! Felt kinda inadequate compared to a few of them, though. They were so pretty & their outfits were awesome. X_X

& Genderbent! Izaya (Durarara!!)

Got a pic taken & a few compliments were thrown me & my friend’s way for our genderbent Izaya & Shizuo. ^_^ Also had fun stabbing other Shizu-chans with my totallyfake!! knife when I passed them~ >:)

So hopefully I got to meet some of you~ (even if neither of us knew it XD) Gonna probably be checking out other smaller cons over the year or next year, & see which ones me & my friends wanna make a usual trip out of each year. Gotta replace ANext with something. :\