“Well, this is the first picture I saw lying around, so take it or leave it. When was this from…going to my parent’s work for the first time? I can’t remember… Considering how this is one of the only pictures I have of all of us, I don’t see them too often anymore. You can’t really blame them though: they’re pretty busy with their work and are even a bit famous, I think. It’s not like they’re actually trying to avoid me though, so I’m fine with whatever.”


Nougami Neuro HIMSELF @ Anime Expo 2015!

Can’t get enough of Neuro? Search HERE! / MTNN X AssClass  

Here are some close-ups of my Nougami Neuro cosplay! I don’t wear (prescription) color contacts, so I (tried) to wear green eyeshadow to make up for Neuro’s famous mesmerizing eyes! 8D Since it’s SUPER hot during the heat of AX (pun intended), I even made Neuro’s vest underneath my suit, so it was soooo cool to unbutton for once! I also changed boots during the day, so I looked more fashionable (and shorter) at times! Please enjoy~

(2nd photo was inspired by this Nougami Neuro cosplayer)

stn-mtnn asked:

hi! I love and appreciate your blog so much. I read a bunch of your posts and as a poc, I want to be as woke as possible. it's a lot to take in, but do you have any suggestions on where I could start making change? Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!! And that’s great. But, what change would you like to make? Would you like to change others? Or would you like to change yourself. Because once you’re woke, that’s it. There’s not much else you can do besides get more information about the past they lied to you about, and the white supremacy they try to hide from you. The difference though, is what you are doing with the information you’re given and all the frustration they’re putting you through. There’s only two things. You’re either using that information to try and personally start your own business and convince other non-woke & woke people to take action as well so your people can actually get somewhere because black people are not getting anywhere at all in any way right now because It doesn’t matter how woke you are if you’re not doing anything while you’re awake… Or, you’re just sitting there taking in information and being mad and calling yourself woke all day. Which is what like 99% of us. The information you get is only useful if you let it anger you and fill you with enough hate to make a change for your people. I advertise beyond #staywoke, I promote action. So if you’d like to make a change, find a talent, monetize that talent. Or self-study a hustle. And spend time trying to teach other black people what you learn, and convince them to take action while you yourself take action in trying to create a black business. The trend I see here on tumblr are posts that say “White people stole this, and it belongs to us, they shouldn’t have”, instead of “White people stole this, it belongs to us, let’s take it back by doing this”. There’s a lot of talking about what’s wrong, but never any doing anything about what’s wrong except for asking and begging those same white people to help us or give us what we want. So my only advice is, educate yourself (by following this blog of course cuz im da bes)  enough to get angry and fill yourself with it. And use those emotions, to not just talk, but do. The internet is all you need. Go right now, and figure out what you like to do, find a talent you admire. Learn to build a website. Learn a new language. Learn to play the piano. Learn to cook. Learn to draw. Learn to dance. Write stories. Find what you like best, and go hard on it. Succeed and take us with you. And bring those talents for the fight to make a change in this movement. The more talents you learn outside just being woke, the more weapons you can bring to the table to equip your people, and the easier you can carry out that anger. Don’t be that person who just says things like “That’s true! Yeah! I’ll do that! speak on it! yeah!!” and goes back to just talking and just going to school and just coming back again repeating life. Those people aren’t going anywhere. Those people aren’t affected enough by what has been done to their people. They’re affected enough to talk, but not enough to take action. School is built to make you an employee, keeping that in mind, become a Black entrepreneur.

10 favorite character from 10 different fandoms

ak:D :D :D I was tagged by seamlessagb aka rowan-updates (thank you! I’m so excited for this)

1. James “Jem” Carstairs from The Infernal Devices book series by Cassandra Clare
2. Margaret “Peggy” Carter from Marvel’s Agent Carter tv series
3. Cyd Charisse from Rachel Cohen’s Gingerbread/Shrimp/Cupcake book series 
4. Riley Matthew’s from the Girl Meets World tv sereies
5. Ronald Bilius “Ron” Weasley from J.K. Rollins Harry Potter book series
6. Pocahontas from The disney movie Pocahontas   
7. Steven “Steve” Rogers aka Captian America from The Marvel Movie universe 
8. Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel, M.D. aka Harley Quinn from Batman: The Animated Series (tv)
9. Dr. Lance Sweets, Ph.D., Psy.D from Bones the tv series
10. Victoria Winslow from DC Movie Universe RED 
(honorary mention: Jeremy Gilbert from The Vampire Diaries tv series) 

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