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PaleyFest NY

Yesterday was absolutely EPIC. It is always double-fun when you can share fan-girling experiences with friends, so me and @daragoldfitz had a blast hanging out with BAEs, and more than we expected to!

We first got tickets to The View when it was announced that Kerry would go there. Kerry switched things around last minute, and decided to go to Kelly and Ryan (or whatever that show is called). Dara got the tickets there for us last minute, and we should up super early (unreasonably early!) and stood outside for what seemed like hours waiting to get in (I just hate standing in lines, so I had very little patience for that). 

We finally got in, say down, and the recording started. It is always fun to watch how the live show is being recorded. Then before too long, Kerry comes on. 

They are chatting, and laughing and it is cool to see her and we are excited. Then a few minutes in, they start prepping for a game. Look at this MOFOs face, she KNEW we would all freak the F out!! 

(I think up here ^^ Ryan is explaining the rules, and Kerry is pumping up the audience). Then she starts saying that she needs another person on her team (since Kelly and Ryan are playing together), and that then announces that she asked “pretend Potus” to come in. I swear it took me a couple f seconds to connect in my head that she meant Tony. And then I remember turning to Dara and saying no way!

But sure enough, we watch on as Tony strolls in. We just SCREAMED. I am not even sure what Dara was doing, but I was almost knocked out of my chair :-))) It was the BEST. SURPRISE. EVER!!!!!!!!!!

I could see that both Kelly and Ryan were surprised too, so that’s neat what Kerry and Tony did :-))

Above here Kerry as you can see have lost her shoes (she did say prior to the game starting and Tony showing up that it is slippery on the floor in heels). And here she is reminding him that they came to WIN :-))))

The game was HILARIOUS, though Kerry can’t draw for life, LOL. They were so CUTE and cuddly and funny and Terry together, we kept on turning to each other with Dara and saying “OMGOOOOD”.

Terry won of course (duh!), Tony keeps his eyes on his real PRIZE though :P

I very vaguely remember the end of the show because we were just floating on cloud 9 and still in disbelief. I can’t remember when T&K even came to the show together, just them?

Fat-forward to the evening and standing in another line (to get into Paley now), here we are, excited for more Terry :-)

We had to suffer through 2 hours of Scandal before panel began (I won’t go into details, but I am very happy I stopped watching the show and only follow through Tumblr to keep up with cute Olitz moments)…

We had a good seat (1st row!) but kind of to the side. I wish we were a bit more central, though it was still a bit surreal to sit SO CLOSE to them :)

I liked the panel, that everyone got to talk a little bit, and I thought the moderator did a good job preparing. I wish Tony/Kerry talked more, and the panel was longer. But they had to go live tweet and I bet they (especially T&K) were exhausted after this CRAZY week of promoting the finale, so I am glad we got to listen to them for as long as they could stay!

We finished the evening with more friends and sharing our impressions and views on the show that we don’t watch, HA. 

My absolute favorite picture (check @daragoldfitz‘s blog her her awesome pictures!!) is from the morning, here it is :-)