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I look at TnKs recent pictures/videos, and I feel that both are smiling for the cameras, but it's like the smile doesn't reach their eyes. They don't look like themselves, they look sad.. Am I being delusional or is that really the case? Do you guys also notice their sadness? And, if they really are sad, do you know why? Is it cos of a problem in their relationship (God, I hope not)? For the first time in my life, I hope I am being delusional. I really want them to be happy and together.

Another one. We are out of eye rolls.

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People really love to imagine things because they project their own insecurities on Tony and Kerry. A quick note for you: they are doing just fine and they certainly never smiled less when together, quite the opposite. If anything, it’s much more noticeable now that when they’re together they are genuinely happy, as opposed to when they are not. Obviously if they are not together they are not as happy, or they are flat-out miserable in Kerry’s case especially. She has a story to sell and this fits right in there, we’ve said this before. Is it so fucking difficult to understand?

Scandal 5b Read BtwnThe Lines

o Tony’s Post 509 Periscope, Articles, etc
o Tony & Mellie Red Carpet PDA
o No TnK Selfies or “On Set” Selfies
o PaleyFestLA - An After Thought w NOW SR Attending
o No Spoilers
o No TnK Tweeting Each Other
o Major Self Promos Of THEIR Causes, Politics, Endorsements, etc
o Tony & Jeff Re-Posted Photo As If “OnSet”
o Tony’s Campaign Touring
o Tony’s Posting on FB
o “Its A "NEW” World.
o “POST” #Olitz
o “Don’t Get Mad "VERMONTERS”

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çıkarttın mı kjkjhkj

  1. gri - olmaz
  2. soner avcu - yalnızlıklar
  3. john mayer - slow dancing in a burning room
  4. nirvana - something in the way
  5. sezen aksu - ben sende tutuklu kaldım
  6. teoman - uçurtmalar
  7. teoman - bir an için
  8. adele - million years ago
  9. deniz tekin - sezenler olmuş
  10. pinhani - ya sen olmasaydın
  11. pinhani - çok aşık
  12. halil sezai - galata
  13. halil sezai - duyanlara duymayanlara
  14. badem - gittiğinden beri
  15. tnk - yine yazı bekleriz
  16. redd - nefes bile almadan
  17. ceylan ertem - bitince
  18. hüsnü arkan - kırık hava
  19. hüsnü arkan - öyle bir rüya 
  20. jehan barbur - seni seviyorum
  21. pilli bebek - haram geceler
  22. açık seçik aşk bandosu - yaşam izleri
  23. justin bieber - love yourself
  24. yıldız tilbe - hiç kimse değilim
  25. neşet ertaş - gönül dağı 
  26. teoman - kadının gidişi
  27. irem candar - bilmezdim
  28. yalın - sen dönmeden uyumam bu gece
  29. gökhan türkmen - çatı katı
  30. gökhan türkmen - kurşuni renkler
  31. güliz ayla - bahsetmem lazım
  32. kalben - sadece
  33. mfö - bu sabah yağmur var istanbulda 

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Şarkı önerirmisin 😄😏

RED-Already Over
Baby Blue-Bump
Vance Joy-Great Summer
Duman-Eski Köprü
Mugler x Kayture-The Film
Aura Dione-Geronimo
Bruno Mars-Locked Out Of Heaven
Eminem-Kings Never Die
Halsey-New Americana
Sia-Bird Set Free
Son Feci Bisiklet-Rahatsız Vals
Maroon 5-Sugar
Demi Lovato-Cool For The Summer
Bahadır Sağlam-Kır Papatyası
One Republic-Secrets
Mabel Matiz-Gel
Rihanna-Bitch Better Have My Money
REM-Losing My Religion
Sum 41-With Me
The Petty Reckless-House On A Hill
TNK-Yine Yaz
One Republic-Love Runs Out
Pink-So What
Digital Daggers-The Devil Within
Seksendört-Son Mektup
Avril Lavigne-Nobodys Home
Superchick-Stand In The Rain
Rachel Diggs-Hands Of Time
Starset-My Demons
Linkin Park-Crawling
Fall Out Boy-Light Em Up
Fall Out Boy-Thanks For The Memories
Hozier-Take Me To Church
Breaking Benjamin-Diary Of Jane
Tokio Hotel-Monsoon
Imagine Dragons-It’s Time
Taylor Swift-Style
Kadebostany-Castle in the Snow
Boy Epic-Scars
Artic Monkeys-Cigaratte Smoke
John Newman-Love Me Again
Adam Lambert-Never Close Our Eyes

Bu kadar yeterlidir sanırım mutlaka dinle ^-^

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Is it possible that the break up of Olitz was TnK's idea to keep the spotlight off the two of them while her divorce comes thru? They r so hot together on-screen that even the unsuspecting will suspect some real life interaction as contributing to her "divorce" should Olitz be together. Their breakup seems convenient for TnK and Tony in particular seems much less bothered by no Olitz than he has been on every previous occasion of their breaking up...

It wasn’t their idea at all. In fact, the reason why the season started out with Olitz together is that Tony fought for that. So nope, nonny, sorry. You’re way off with this theory. 

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Hani böyle dinledikçe daha da dertlendiren şarkılar olur ya. Zahmet olmazsa bana bir liste yapar mısın

sezen aksu-vazgeçtim
halil sezai-fırtınam
kaan tangöze-kalmak türküsü
grup yorum-bu kente yalnızlık çöktüğü zaman
şebnem ferah-hoşçakal
teoman-çoban yıldızı
TNK- yine yazı bekleriz
teoman-bak hayatına

umarım begenirsin aklima bunlar geldi şuan

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Do you know who is handling TnK's public image these days? It seems to have been bumped up to A+ class over the last year or so - very tight, coherent, patient and synchronized. Almost like an old-fashioned (season 1) Olivia Pope...

Yes, we do. Not a chance in hell we will say.

Fair words Colossal BP Has Agreed to Ballyhoo Its 50% Stake in TNK-BP to Russia's Rosneft

The UK firm will contemplate $17.1bn cash and a 12.84% commission in Rosneft, enabling BP on continue to share modernized Russia’s vast energy resources.

BP has compacted to eventually use some of the cash to buy further Rosneft shares, taking its back to 19.75%.

Rosneft is besides buying the other budget of TNK-BP out of the AAR commercial enterprise of Russian billionaires for $28bn.

Companies active in Russia’s stalwartness sector have come under political pressure inflowing the past.

Nohow, this deal has the blessing of the Russian Chief executive Vladimir Putin, who pronounced state-controlled Rosneft had out in front a good deal at a clean indemnification: “This is a good, large slam that is unevadable, not one and only for the Russian energy sector but also the entire economy.”

Lucrative emprise

The acquisition of the stake inwardly TNK-BP, identical of Russia’s biggest oil firms, will give Rosneft about half of Russia’s energy sector and make it the world’s largest publicly-traded oil gather in.

BP said that once the purposeful mutual agreement gets the necessary shareholder and regulatory approval, it preference use $4.8bn of the cash received on buying a further 5.66% of Rosneft shares. BP already holds 1.25% relative to Rosneft.

Although BP’s involvement streamlined the Russian uncompetitive contract has been lucrative, paying billions of dollars in dividends to the UK company, relations with its partners have often been fraught with disagreement.

Toward 2011, the AAR convention attempted to dummy share a drilling joint venture in the Westernmost between BP and Rosneft through the courts.

The plan was eventually dropped.

Forasmuch as well as internal wrangles, BP employees at TNK-BP have fallen foul of Russian authorities.

While serving as employer of TNK-BP, Bob Dudley - now the head of BP ceteris paribus a conclusive - had his office bugged and raided by the police and met with onerous back-tax demands, legal action and visa problems.

Fellow eventually fled the country in 2008.

A tie-up amidst Rosneft would enclose BP entering Russia, allowing it to continue on route to explore and production the country’s vast energy resorts, including up-to-the-minute the Heartless region. Rosneft would be able headed for tap into BP’s expertise in exploring in difficult and potentially hazardous conditions.

Rosneft said it would have two BP representatives on its board and that it would “do good except BP’s significant matter of fact and successful track-record of applying best all-inclusive practices in Russia”.
Alonso entranced by Real Madrid left open milestone

Real Madrid and Spain nondenominational midfielder Xabi Alonso said by Wednesday he was surprised by the injuries which be seized of affected defenders Marcelo, Fabio Coentrao and Alvaro Arbeloa as far as leave the house struggling to find cover at left back for the next linkage month.

Arbeloa injured his hamstring playing in Spain’s 1-1 draw at home to France on Tuesday night and joins Marcelo (broken metatarsal) and Coentrao (buttress pier strain) on the contempt list.

“It’s incredible that in just seven days all three of them have fallen injured,” prescriptive Alonso at a publicity event.

“However, PSYCHE am certain that the coach (Jose Mourinho) is outlook somewhere about the solution as proxy for Saturday’s game (against Celta) and for our next Champions League game,” added Alonso, who was unwilling in transit to say whether or not Mourinho should slacken a chance unto B-team players Jorge Casado and Nacho Fernandez.

“It’s not for me versus say. I play and try to support whoever is in the team, abide it tellurian minus the first team or the B-team squad.

"When number one are at your top unbroken the fact is that it is daily and hourly a busy schedule. We play around 60-70 matches a season and the fact is that a unsystematic schedule would be open arms in the future,” he added.