Its really upsetting how I messed up with my expenses. I have two checks that I have to pay one for uni and one for my prior therapy. I can’t do more jobs because I’ll jeopardize graduating this year but then I need to save money to do a master next year. Meanwhile I’m trying to do stuff for my organization other volunteer stuff. It’s really consuming and idk why I keep doing this to myself. It’s just one task after another. During all this I’ve been neglecting myself, friends, family. Idk I feel like a bad person. I try to give and do stuff but it seems I’ll always fall short with other things with other people.

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HEEEEEEY FLUFF IS LIFEEEEEE do u read fanfic? Can u recomend me some good fluffy fanfic/manga?? Tnk uuu Live long and prosper with the fluff

YEAAAAAHHHHHH FLUFF IS SO IMPORTANT <33333 **high fluffive** !! ;))

I read fanfics yes :) (especially fluffy fic lol)  but I don’t know your fandoms so I wonder what you are looking for exactly? :o
I don’t read a lot of mangas >////<  but for fluffy one tho, I would say 

Doukyuusei, Hoppe ni Himawari or Konbini-kun for shonen-ai

Kokoro button and Gakuen Babysitters for shoujo

I don’t have others in mind right now//////// (at least for the veeeery fluffy)

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I look at TnKs recent pictures/videos, and I feel that both are smiling for the cameras, but it's like the smile doesn't reach their eyes. They don't look like themselves, they look sad.. Am I being delusional or is that really the case? Do you guys also notice their sadness? And, if they really are sad, do you know why? Is it cos of a problem in their relationship (God, I hope not)? For the first time in my life, I hope I am being delusional. I really want them to be happy and together.

Another one. We are out of eye rolls.

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People really love to imagine things because they project their own insecurities on Tony and Kerry. A quick note for you: they are doing just fine and they certainly never smiled less when together, quite the opposite. If anything, it’s much more noticeable now that when they’re together they are genuinely happy, as opposed to when they are not. Obviously if they are not together they are not as happy, or they are flat-out miserable in Kerry’s case especially. She has a story to sell and this fits right in there, we’ve said this before. Is it so fucking difficult to understand?

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Hani böyle dinledikçe daha da dertlendiren şarkılar olur ya. Zahmet olmazsa bana bir liste yapar mısın

sezen aksu-vazgeçtim
halil sezai-fırtınam
kaan tangöze-kalmak türküsü
grup yorum-bu kente yalnızlık çöktüğü zaman
şebnem ferah-hoşçakal
teoman-çoban yıldızı
TNK- yine yazı bekleriz
teoman-bak hayatına

umarım begenirsin aklima bunlar geldi şuan


Scandal Cast: Facebook Live

ICYMI someone uploaded the Facebook takeover to YouTube. 

My love/hate relationship with this show runs deep. Even though I don’t watch it live anymore it’s hard to file those divorce papers. Much easier to divorce Grey’sA. Not so with TnK. 

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Is it possible that the break up of Olitz was TnK's idea to keep the spotlight off the two of them while her divorce comes thru? They r so hot together on-screen that even the unsuspecting will suspect some real life interaction as contributing to her "divorce" should Olitz be together. Their breakup seems convenient for TnK and Tony in particular seems much less bothered by no Olitz than he has been on every previous occasion of their breaking up...

It wasn’t their idea at all. In fact, the reason why the season started out with Olitz together is that Tony fought for that. So nope, nonny, sorry. You’re way off with this theory.