I.W.P. Buchanan House - Lebanon, TN by Brent Moore
Via Flickr:
This home is stop #10 on the Historic Lebanon Driving tour. Here is the text from that brochure: 428 W. Main St. The Queen- Anne style Victorian house built by I.W.P. Buchanan is a George Barber design. 


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Shannon House - Lebanon, TN by Brent Moore
Via Flickr:
The Shannon House is located at 321 W. Main St. (old US70) on Lebanon, TN. 


Here is a glimpse of my passport Traveler’s Notebook (TN) in Brown. 
I am the type of person who loves scratches and bumps on my planner, to give character, however I am also the type that wants the TN to look brand new. So I’m just babying the leather and try my best not to freak out about scratches and scuffs. 

I love how portable this planner is, and it is about the size of an iPhone. When I go out and about, I place my cards and money into the planner and it becomes my wallet + planner. AND if I’m going overseas, + passport holder. 
All those in just 1 item. 

I’ve added a small tassel on the top of the TN, that is just for fun. That’s something for me to fiddle with when I carry it around.