When Someone Trashtalks Your -canon- OTP
  • <p> <b>Me:</b> <p/><b>Me:</b> *inhales deeply*<p/><b>Me:</b> you come into MY FANDOM, INDULGE IN MY ANGST AND TEARS AND HAPPINESS AND AttACK mY chILdREN<p/><b>Me:</b> HOW dARE YOU<p/><b>Me:</b> THEY ARE IN LOVE DAMNIT<p/><b>Me:</b> LET THEM HAVE THIS HAPPPY ENDING<p/></p>
there are two types of fans

fan 1: [downloads every single possible picture of bias and group]

fan 1: [watches every single video/vine/reality show associated with bias and group]

fan 1: [gushes about bias and group with anyone who’s willing to hear]

fan 2: [sees a picture of bias and group] GET EM THE FUCK OUT, I DONT WANNA SEE EM, OH MY FUCK– [throws computer/laptop/self out the window]

fan 2: [sees a recommended video of bias and group] no thanks, i want to live today. [scrolls past it]

fan 2: [someone mentions bias and/or group to them] dont you dare say their name in my presence, that’s a no-no, it’s forbidden, who are they, who are you, where am i, whO SENT YOU–

We kids with strict parents all know that moment when you’re supposed to be doing something but your fat-ass is just laying on your bed and then you hear loud footsteps coming towards your room and you get up as fast as you possibly can, like so fast that usain bolt would be proud, and dash to the other side of the room to make it look like you’ve been hard at work like one of snow whites dwarfes at the diamond mines, when in reality, you are a scared, and tired squirrel that just wants to eat nuts, be fat, and sleep all winter.

rowboatblanchard  asked:

have u ever answered any asks about riley and lucas's twins bc im intrigued and i want to know your thoughts about them 😂😂. so if you would be so kind, could u tell me about them or direct me to previous asks about them. thank yougidjfjfjjf 😆

anonymous asked: you briefly mentioned it in the future rucas post after their wedding but what are your thoughts on rucas children like names and how many and how much is the age difference between them all and GODPARENTS too

anonymous asked: Do you have any plans for Twins Meet World???

do I have any plans for twins meet world?? me?? master of all things gmw au??? do I HAVE ANY THOUGHTS ON TWINS MEET WORLD??

yes. yes i do. allow me to pop off. STRAP IN KIDDOS, BECAUSE IT’S ABOUT TO GET LENGTHY. also note that all of this was co-created with @rileysmatthews

so the premise i would want twins meet world to be like is a happy medium of what bmw and gmw was – the sense being that while the twins are the focus of the show for all intents and purposes, the show itself revolves much more around the family and how those dynamics play out whilst the girls are growing up. i.e., give riley and lucas actual storylines, allow us to see them actually parenting, make the familial dynamics and conflicts and humor just as important and interesting as the teenage dynamics going on within the twins’ world. that would be the tone / story coverage i’d want to see (because i feel like cory and topanga got seriously cheated). it would start with the girls starting high school, so they’re lil freshmen.

although the twins look almost identical, they have different eye colors and slightly different hair color, so they’re technically fraternal twins and not identical twins. but they act as though they are / have similar face shape / etc. it’s a recurring joke throughout the show that it’s never quite set straight.

so, that being said, here’s my main and recurring cast of characters for twins meet world and how they would function in a first season

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