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“Ashley Katchadourian. You were supposed to be watching the door…YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE WATCHING THE DOOR. you were supposed to be watching the door…ASHLEY KATCHADOURIAN. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THESE ARE? ASHLEY KATCHADOURIAN. THESE ARE A LITTLE GIRLS ARMS. A little girl with dreams. With legs. With a head. SHE’S A PENCIL. SHE’S A SWIZZLE-STICK. You can use her as a pool noddle. AND NOW I’M HOLDING UP HER ARMS. ARMS, I’M HOLDING THEM BECAUSE YOU WEREN’T WATCHING THE DOOR..a girl lost her arms.. ASHLEY KATCHADOURIAN. A GIRL LOST HER FUCKING ARMS. Do you know what has transpired while you were in Pearl Harbour? Seeing the FUCKIN’ Japanese museum? WE HAD OUR OWN PEARL HARBOUR TODAY. OH MY GOD. How could you do this to us? You literally BOMBED us like the Japanese you are! AND ME, I’M BEN AFFLECK. And I’m Ben Affleck and I’m holding two FUCKING little girl arms. AND YOU’RE CUBA GOODING JR, DISAPPOINTING EVERYBODY. LIVE WITH THAT.”

- Trisha Cappelletti

hecklord asked:

also! seeing your huge post about little mermaid 2 reminded me to ask but: what are some of your favorite disney movies? :0

Hahahaha oh my god I’m having so much fun watching everyone go on a wild goose chase for “Bridget the facebook liveblogger” because they think “lunatama” is just a facebook reposter? its like screaming into a void

When I was a kid, my favourite disney movie was The Little Mermaid. I was absolutely nuts about mermaids and carried that Ariel barbie with me everywhere (this one. The same doll that plays Rachel Tice in TMPGIS, incidentally). In recent years, I’ve had a sort of renewed love in Mulan and Beauty and the Beast… I think Ariel was a little bit too flighty and pixie dream girl for modern-me’s tastes. Not to mention “I’M SIXTEEN YEARS OLD! I’M NOT A CHILD” haha i have bad news for you

In Nostalgia Chick’s words, Belle is “a little off, a little weird, well-read when it wasn’t fashionable for a woman to be”. Mulan was just a straight-up enjoyable movie. … Uh… and this is kind of embarrassing, but I still really enjoy Pocahontas. I also actually enjoyed Big Hero 6, if we’re speaking modern-day non-disney princess movies hauaaeuaheehe

the signs as characters from 'the most popular girls in school’

aries: brittnay matthews

taurus: tanner christiansen 

gemini: trisha cappelletti

cancer: rachel tice

leo: shay van buren

virgo: saison marguerite

libra: trisha #2

scorpio: jenna darabond 

sagittarius: jonathan getslinhaumer

capricorn: mackenzie zales

aquarius: deandra

pisces: blaine