NOTE: This is an updated masterlist. I have put my best works here but there are a lot more that I didn’t include simply because I’m not as proud of them but if you wanna find them, then scroll down my blog long enough. 


** = smut 

If the name of the show is lined, it means I don’t write for it anymore.


Teen Wolf + the cast:

Stiles Stilinski

What Are You **

Hormones Don’t Know Time **

Void Stiles

Let Me Fuck You **

Dylan O’Brien

Voting **

Making It Public

Liam Dunbar

Happy Valentine’s Day **

Spring Dance Torture ** + Spring Dance Punishment (sequel)**

First BJ **

Study Date

Fighting Over Liam

Doubts **


Dylan Sprayberry 

Celebrity Crush 


Best Friends (series) pt.2 , pt.3

Dating A Celebrity

Set Visit 

Living In A Cabin 

Theo Raeken

Destroying The Pack

Whatever Happens In This Library Tonight, Stays Here **

I’m In Love With Her

Thank You For Trusting Me **

Cody Christian 

Interview Teasing 

Season Finale DM

Coming Home


Comic Con Date

Shadowhunters & TMI

Sebastian Morgenstern

My Warlock 

Deep Breaths **


Mine **

MTV Scream

Audrey Jensen

Drunk Audrey

Zoe’s Sister

Angry Audrey *

Cold Hearted Bitch


Teased & Tortured **

Baking with Audrey

Don’t You Dare **

Lake Date 

Caught **

Kieran Wilcox

Dangerous ** 

Pretty Little Liars 

Jason DiLaurentis 

note: I have A LOT of Jason imagines/one shots so I’m only listing my favourite ones. If you wanna read the rest, search Jason DiLaurentis on my blog and you’ll find all of them. :)

Look At Me 

Stay A Little Longer (Threesome with Noel Kahn) **

Fooling Around At The Theatre **

Being Married To Jason (Would Involve List)

Mike Montgomery 

Losing It To Each Other **

Sneaking Around In Between Classes **

New To School

Dating Mike (Would Involve List)

Stay Quiet Or Get Caught **

Noel Kahn

Two Timing , pt.2 

Dating Noel (Would Involve List)

Wren Kingston 

Getting It At Work **

CeCe Drake 

Dating CeCe (Would Involve List)

First Date


Pretty Little Liars & Teen Wolf 

Leaving Rosewood