This is what Console exclusives are looking like for the next 4 months, I really have to congratulate Sony on being able to sell over 10 million PS4s with almost NOTHING to play on them in terms of exclusives.

Sure the PS4 has games, multiplatform games that can be bought on the PC, the Xbox One and even the previous generation. All the while launching with just TWO exclusives “Not Halo” and “Not Crash Bandicoot/Spyro”.

Meanwhile, the Wii U, which everyone has almost given up on is seeing a resurgence of amazing titles with a big exclusive every month until Christmas with Smash Bros looking to claim the top spot this holiday season.

Also, the Xbox One is slowly showing some promise, Sunset Overdrive will surely be a big title and Halo:TMCC will sell like crazy.

Yet, Sony, with its 10 Million plus units sold will be gracing us this holiday season with…..a racing game.

Hey, Nevada legislators. Young people-middle and high schoolers-are invested in the bills you pass. We’re educated, intelligent, and care a heck of a lot more than you might think we do-everyone in this photo directly opposes AB375 and is under the age of 17. Passing AB375 is unlawful, segregationist, immensely harmful to trans and non binary students, and in direct violation of title IX. Nevada, we can’t let this pass. Sign this, email the people who will be making this decision, sign petitions on the UNR, UNLV, and TMCC campuses, and show up to the hearings to let them know this is NOT OKAY. 


Halo : The Master Chief Collection - Grunt Ad


Halo : The Master Chief Collection - Launch Trailer