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Who are your other favorite characters (aside from Jenny, of course!) on TLW? Who are your least favorite characters? Any unpopular TLW opinions? ;) Sorry I just love talking about TLW and never have anyone to discuss it with!!

you’ve come to the queen of unpopular l word opinions. i’m exhausted by this question already. hah. this is going to be unnecessarily long. i have mixed feelings on a lot of characters.


i love dana & shane as well as jenny. dana dying was stupid & ilene chaiken is…ugh. why? i hate when shows kill of characters just because they don’t know what else to do. 

i prefer shane’s storylines that involve the main cast. unpopular opinion? i’m one of those horrible shane/jenny shippers. the show ended for me the episode that they kissed. they were perfect for each other but bad writing disintegrated any potential they had so i disregard s6. la la la.

alice–i love her in the earlier seasons. i love that she’s played by an actual lesbian. alice makes me laugh, etc. my main resentment against her is that people excuse her for a lot of the same behavior that they denounce in jenny. (alice actually gossiped about her friends on the radio & named names. but jenny writes a book & everyone is appalled? lol k. that’s a whole ‘nother topic.)

bette i have a major love/hate relationship with. she’s fucking irresistibly hot & totally my type, for sure. a lesbian in suspenders & suits? like, slay me. but she’s also awful, selfish, self-destructive & many of the things i despise in myself. (she & jenny have more things in common than at first glance ;) ) most of my hate stems from my opposition to bette/tina. they were fucked up & shouldn’t have ended up together. gross.

i ignored kit for most of the times i rewatched the l word. but in my most recent one, i really liked her. i wish every straight girl could be kit porter. plus, hello, pam grier. 

notable mentions: jody, LARA, helena, taaaasha (swoon), ~marina~


i liked tina during the first season but i pretty much hate her after that. annoying af. stop talking out of the side of yer mouth. let’s not even talk about henry, you political lesbian.

carmen is horrible. the only good thing she brought was her storyline w/her family & shane. i am very anti-shane/carmen, which is unpopular because everyone overlooks carmen’s faults because she is so goddamn hot. i do admit this. in any case, god bless shane for not marrying her. the only thing carmen wanted to do was change shane. plus the actress wasn’t even mexican. her spanish pronunciation was embarrassing. 

anon or whoever, in retrospect, how do you feel about the l word? no, it wasn’t ideal, but it’s pretty sad we haven’t had much to match it since then. i get why we’re still analyzing it in 2015.

seriously. i want a new lesbian-focused show to watch.

I love the part in gasoline where she’s like:
“Do you call yourself a fucking hurricane like me” and suddenly the music from hurricane appears in the backround. That’s how good of a musician she is.