Artemis Post-The Last Guardian

Last night I lay thinking about Artemis after the events of the Last Guardian and the possible struggles he could have faced being revived in a new body. It could not have been easy to be dead for 6 months, having your soul placed into a clone and then waking in a new world with no memory of your past. That must have some strange effects on a person - both physical and mentally. When he woke up he was still very physically frail and could barely walk and was barely able to speak above a whisper. I can imagine that there was a time period where he had to learn to properly control his new body and adjust to the world around him. Even with his memories missing I can still picture Artemis being a stubborn young man who will not admit that he needs help when he’s struggling. There were probably times where he got incredibly frustrated at both himself and others due to his dependency on them. Being surrounded by strangers who know you and constantly reference things you did or adventures you’ve been on that you have no memory off. Seeing things and knowing they mean something to you but you don’t know why. Trying to rekindle a relationship with a mother and father you don’t remember. A mother and father who buried you 6 months ago and made peace with your death - a death you don’t remember dying. Speaking of Arty’s parents I wonder how they reacted to seeing their dead son’s clone suddenly pop up one morning. How do you react to something like that? Did they openly accept him or was there a period of rejection and uncertainty? 

I also wonder if Artemis visited his own grave at times and just stood there thinking and trying to piece things together. I can imagine there must be times where completely disassociates from reality when his slowly returning memories become too much for him. Trapped with a new and strange body in a new world that is so different compared to the world you left behind. Imagine him having sudden memory spikes at random times. Some memories are kind and soft like his mother’s hug or his brothers playing and others are terrifying like Butler getting shot and Holly dying on Hybras. Sometimes the memories fill him with guilt and confusion and sometimes he longs to share his new memories with someone in order to understand them but at the same time he is not sure if he should. I wonder if there are times where he looks at his own body and suddenly feels “fake” or artificial like some fairy made freak of nature considering that his old body is buried not too far from his home. I like to think in these times he will go and find Butler or Holly just to feel their presence since they make him feel grounded and safe. 

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Your Anon guide is the best thing ever. <3 OK, so (since Jump The Shark did not happen), how did TLG react the first time Mulder bowed out of game night (which he had started attending again a little while after Scully left, in an effort to get himself out of the house more) to go "chase some lights in the sky" with his old/new FBI partner? :)

“Mulder, what the hell man? We’re only two hours into this campaign and you’re gonna bail?” Langly asks, fingering a basilisk. Dungeons and Dragons is spread across the table.

“Sorry boys, duty calls.” Rising from the table, Mulder grabs his suit jacket from the back of the chair.

“Duty as in fibbie or duty as in enigmatic redhead?” Frohike calls from the kitchen. Byers turns to Langly.

“Leave Mulder alone. Agent Scully wouldn’t call unless it was of utmost importance.”

Langly chuckles. “Yeah, right.” Mimicking a whipping motion, he lets out a whoop-psh in Mulder’s direction.

“Jealousy doesn’t become you, Langly,” Mulder says as he moves toward the door.

“As if.”

Frohike emerges from the kitchen with a pan of huevos rancheros. “If you had any brains in that hippie head of yours, you’d be jealous,” he says, flourishing a spatula in Langly’s direction.

“Eat me, Doo-hickie.”

“Not on your life, punk.”

Opening the front door, Mulder steps through and calls over his shoulder, “Later boys!”

In the battle of gunmen versus partner, partner always wins.

I really think Besthe is my favorite character now.

Kion’s intense prejudice, Ono’s “APANA!” and Fuli’s never-ending know-it-all attitude are driving me up the wall. Plus, Bunga *is* kind of getting on my nerves now.

Besthe is predictable, but he’s such a sweetheart that I love him. ^^

Father and Son by Wolf-Chalk

Lutalo always looks forward to the visits from his father and big brother. Shida and Hondo aren’t from the PrideLands. Malka is a reason why Lutalo and Tundu aren’t allowed to live with Shida, as he doesn’t trust those related to Shida or outsiders in general since the raid from the rogue brothers. Also the fact Tundu doesn’t want to leave the PrideLands, so Shida and Tundu keep a long distance relationship. Lutalo eventually gets to live with his father after Samra declares Lutalo her heir, since she and Chenzira can’t have nor want cubs of their own.