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Can I get some music recs? I've been to listening solange, flume, kaytranada, erykah badu, lana del rey, the internet, jessie ware, tlc, usher, amy winehouse. Literally anything though lol! Hope you're well!

minnie ripperton - perfect angel

santigold - 99 cent

xscape - traces of my lipstitck 

fever ray - fever ray

glass candy - deep gems

blaque - blaque

Also thank you for the well wishes they are much needed atm

just discovered a very unique slice of hell on earth! it’s when your bus is 2 hours late and your mom can’t pick you up for another 40 min so you’re sitting in a gas station in the ass crack of nowhere Vermont and there’s a woman next you literally sobbing over something greyhound related while the steve harvey show feat. josh from TLC’s love at first kiss plays at full volume on the tv next to you

That video is actually super cool because (I think most of my black American followers will know this but that’s not all of you) she’s paying homage to a lot of famous black female musicians through history like Diana Ross, Josephine Baker, Janet Jackson, the women of TLC, etc.

I don’t get those TLC shows where they’re like “mom, dad…..I like to fuck pool toys” bc you absolutely do not need to tell them that?????