Thanks from a content creator

Today was a special day. Not only we got a donation from an overseas viewer (thanks, Hazel, you rock), but she also showed us this video, which has appearently been out and about here, but for some reason  hadn’t got to us until then. And imagine my surprise when I found my face and my friends’ not only once, but several times during the video?

I can say that I nearly cried. And I feel a little odd saying that out loud, but it’s true. And the reason I was so touched is because this type of recognition is hard to get. I’m not saying it just because we’re Brazilian - I’m saying it because it’s easy to consume the product and forget the people behind it.

One thing that I’ve been asked over and over again since we’ve launched our fundraising campaign for Dona Moça’s second season is: don’t you think that’s too much money to ask for? What are you spending so much on? Couldn’t you work with a little less?

And the answer is: yes. Maybe. But why should we? Do you ask a doctor if he’s willing to work for less? Do you deny other people the real, necessary money for them to work? I don’t think so. So why should we?

Sometimes it feels like people forget that the people behind (and in front of) the camera are human beings. Not everybody cares about the fact that we have expenses with every single minute you see on screen. That those people working there are professionals, who deserve to be paid properly. Not everybody remembers that we’re not just a bunch of kids playing with a camera - there’s work, real, intense work, that goes on for months, before we can even begin shooting, editing and airing each episode. There’s so much more to the process than just an idea and a camera.

That’s why I nearly cried. Because, after dozens of people doubting it, after so many nights spent wide awake, after all the trouble and the crazy stuff we went through, and after a bunch of idiots questioned our value, there’s someone - like Hazel, like all the other people who have watched the show and have been supporting us so far, like you - who sees us, the people behind the camera, and shows us love and respect. And that… well, that changes everything.

I'm proud!

Ladies and gentlemen I made abi117 addicted to The lizzie Bennett diaries and she’s like on the first episode only. Soon to come Emma Approved and Emma BBC by the way, because you know might as well go all in.

I am very proud of what I accomplish in my life!!!

And she just said that she should’ve listened to me a while ago when I told her to watch it and that now she will remember to listen to me, oh and also that I’m always right, and I’m not inventing it that’s the best part.

Take notes my dear friends!!!

Go on Youtube, go to Pemberley Digital or just type the name of the web series and if like us you’re a Jane Austen whore by ready for one hell of a ride!! Plus it’s only 3 to 7 minutes each episodes so it goes by fast :D

there are so many things I love about nmtd + lll mainly the way they use the youtube format (which I think is done way better than tlbd and Emma approved for instance) and the queer representation (I mean how often do you see a well done storyline about someone coming to terms with being bisexual) but I just wish there were more pocs????????