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At Bleach Rock Musical, Ichigo proposed to Rukia on stage, unscripted!

It’s real and if that doesn’t fill up the gap in your heart I don’t know what will.

So Ichihime is canon.

After a whole series filled with Ichiruki moments.

After Tite Kubo says he ships Ichiruki.

After said manga-ka gives a fan (who asked for a drawing of Ichigo) a drawing of both him and Rukia because he says they belong together.

After he explains Rukia’s name (which summarized means light) is to represent she’s the light to counter the darkness in Ichigo’s life.

After Ichigo plunges into HELL for Rukia.

After the orange top stormed the Soul Society for her.

After we’re shown Ichigo in a deep depression after saying good-bye to Rukia when he loses his powers, and Orihime can’t do shit to get him out of it.

Yeah. I am not believing this for one bleeding second. Word of God said Ichiruki, and that’s what I’ll believe.

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