As promised I have made anatomy 101 post in which I share the best anatomy study tips I know, enjoy!

For starters

  • you don’t need to know how to draw or be artistically talented as it doesn’t influence your anatomy learning process
  • please don’t listen to people telling you how dreadful and complicated anatomy course is, just do your thing
  • try to reduce stress, there is nothing to be stressed about when you have your learning strategy sorted out


  • first of all check and print out your syllabus, as you need to make sure you’ll cover every topic featured while you study
  • there is a lot of stuff to be memorised:
    • use acronyms; for example: muscles of the rotator cuff are: SITS (supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, subscapularis)
    • make short sentences; for example: brachial plexus divisons Remember To Drink Cold Beer (Roots, Trunk, Division, Cord, Branches)
  • mind mapping comes in handy when you study intestinal blood supply (or any other); remember that you are doing it to be helpful not perfect! it should be intuitive and clear for you
  • in terms of learning muscles:
    • Use tables in your textbooks - Moore’s are perfect for this as they have all points of insertion, blood and nerve supply, action of a muscle; there are also drawings and short paragraphs provided. Read the paragraph, then refer it to the drawing, repeat what you have learned, test yourself.
    • Draw on yourself (especially helpful in case of upper limb) - use colourful markers. Sounds funny but you will appreciate it.
    • Photographic atlases are invaluable. Use McMinn/Yokochi’s one, they are super-detailed, properly described and have high quality photos of cadavers.
    • Go to the dissection room as many times as you’re allowed to. Bring your friend/study group and test yourselves, show, provide reasoning, search for similarities and differences, discover variabilities - real cadaver is much different from what you’ll see in a standard anatomy atlas like Sobotta/Netter where illustrations are very clear and show perfect condition of anatomic structures, in reality things may look a bit different.
    • Learn muscles as provided in groups (extensors, flexors etc) or layers because it just makes more sense. Seek characteristic traits in them, what makes them special, how would you differentiate one from another - practical attitude is very important.
  • The ability to tell the location of a certain structure is very important during exams but also helpful for you later. In order to know what are the neighbouring structures and on which side, it is useful to check in Netter/Sobotta Atlas. Analysing the drawings will help you a lot. Being able to visualise certain areas of the human body is crucial for anatomy course.
  • Repeating, revising and systematic learning is the key. Make sure you schedule your studying so that you won’t leave everything for the last minute (sometimes it is inevitable, but it is better to avoid such situations). For example make use of the time you spend in the bus or a train by revising anatomy using Quizlet app. It is a lot easier this way.
  • Diversify the way you study a bit so that you don’t get bored too easily. Listen to Dr. Najeeb’s lectures or any other lectures on YouTube.
  • It is crucial to have 3D imagination in this course which is why I recommend installing a 3D interactive anatomy atlas just like the one by Visual Body. You can add layers, see through them, select any area you need. I like this atlas in particular because it is very detailed.
  • Never be afraid to ask professor if you have doubts about anything. It not only shows that you are actively participating in the class but also it is a verified source of knowledge and takes up less time than researching things on the Internet.
  • Keep your notes simple, schematic. Use abbreviations, don’t get artsy, there is no time for it. 
  • Connect the facts later on. When you will be learning different topics, find connections, corresponding issues. You will learn anatomy system by system or an area by area but you gotta remember that it all sums up and makes one, integral piece, the human body.
  • Read the basic clinical aspects that refer to a certain system or structure (there are blue sections in Moore’s book for that). Not only it is interesting but also you acknowledge the most common diseases, simply: “what can go wrong in this case and what are the causes of it?”.
  • As the end of the year/semester is approaching start doing past papers. It will show you what is usually emphasised on the exam but also highlight areas that you know well and areas you need to revise.
  • Try to preread before lectures, have any idea about the topic of the lecture you are about to attend because otherwise it will have no value for you.


    I have listed all things I have personally used in my 1st year and which I finduseful and valuable. Links are added in the brackets.

    Moore’s Clinically Oriented Anatomy [link]

    Yokochi’s Photographic Atlas Of Anatomy [link]

    Netter’s / Sobotta’s Anatomy Atlas [link Netter] [link Sobotta]

    Human Anatomy Atlas - Visible Body [link]

    Thieme Anatomy Atlas [link]

    Quizlet [link]

    Dr. Najeeb Lectures [link]

    Let me know if this post is helpful to you, if you want to know something more or maybe a similar post on a different subject. Remember, there is a way out of every problem and if it is anything med-school-related I will be happy to help you:)
    Have a nice day y’all! Stay motivated.

    a-s4 replied to your post “So this new copy tool should be able to take the roof from the Agave…”

    i feel daft but i don’t understand what this illustrates but i feel like i should know. what is it?

    It’s an anomaly in Sims 4 roofing. :) Back in the early days of TS4, when we were lamenting the fact that the hipped roof has no overhang and looks a bit weird, @peacemaker-ic observed that the larger hipped roof on the Agave Abode house in Oasis Springs DOES have an overhang - about a half-tile wide (you can see the difference in the pic above). This doesn’t appear on any other houses in the game, so it’s unique to this lot. Obviously at some point the developers of the game had that roof option in the game, but got rid of it. 

    Peacemaker then brilliantly figured out a way to use that roof, by saving Agave Abode to his library and then using it as a base lot for a build (Unnamed Brick House). But since the roof itself is one of a kind, there’s no way to create a second one. And you can’t save roofs to your library like you can with rooms to create copies. So if Peacemaker had wanted to, say, make another wing of the house with the same roof, he couldn’t have done it.

    But now he can! With the new ability to copy roofs (that we got in today’s patch), you can copy that unique hipped roof and use it over and over again on the same lot (as I illustrated in my post). So to use that roof, you still have to start with the Agave Abode lot, but then you can copy the roof as many times as you need to achieve the look that you want. Hope that makes sense!

    jabthemoth  asked:

    I only just started playing Skyrim & was hoping for advice~ How far should I get through it (I've just met the Jorl of Whiterun) before goofing off? Is there something I NEED to do first? Are there items/abilities later on that'll maximize goofing?

    There’s sort of two theories on questing around without doing the main quest.

    1. Stop the main quest early: Don’t take the dragonstone to the Jarl so that you can gallivant all over Skyrim without any dragons ever spawning. 
    2. Stop after the Greybeard’s teaching you about shouts: So that you can do all the fun shouting things. (See image below)

    Personally: I don’t like dragons interrupting me while I’m trying to goof off - so yeah, I go for the first one. But really the main quest won’t mess up any other quests if you want to go ahead and do it. Questlines to avoid if you want to do ALL the quests: a. Dark brotherhood b. Civil war   save these two for later because they can conflict with other things.


    GM tips with Matt Mercer of Critical Role

    Improv and the Unexpected


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    baebleye  asked:

    if my team is all ghost and dark types, are there any good pokemon of those types that make good mischief-managers?


    • Mightyena, although a bit bitey, follows orders very well and try to keep order amongst its peers as though it were a pack.
    • Honchkrow tends to want to be a leader in teams, which may cause conflict or may bring order. It depends.
    • Absol tends to try and avoid conflict, breaking up fights.
    • Weavile is very good with groups…but depending on its nature, may try and lead the team into causing trouble.
    • Mandibuzz are fairly patient, willing to put up with a lot.
    • Bisharp are also excellent team coordinators, but can be a harsh at times.
    • Greninja tend to avoid mischief, and may be a gentle advior to your team. Either that or they’ll watch silently.


    • Litwick/Lampent/Chandelure are fairly calm, preferring to quietly follow or wait than cause chaos. They may cause mischief as well, but it tends to be a bit more controlled.
    • Honedge/Doublade/Aegislash is also more reserved. Aegislash especially is a prominent team manager.
    • Jellicent definitely make good mischief managers, liking to boss around others a bit.
    • Phantump tend to suck up to their trainer’s orders. Although sometimes mischievous, they get nervous when it comes to disobeying them.
    • Froslass tend to have little tolerance for senseless pranks.

    hewhomakesnosound  asked:

    Pt.1) I'm writing a magic academy story and I wanted to write it where there are many different scenes which show the MC's lives within the school. For a while there may not seem to be a plot as after they get to the school it'll be a collection

    Pt.2) of scene’s and chapter’s that focus mainly on the characters interacting with others in a new environment such as learning different spells, dealing with bullies, exploring the school, getting to know other students, etc. The true plot is

    Pt.3) is underneath. The true plot won’t be shown until near the end when MC’s friend who is the host of a dead goddess becomes hounded by a ancient demon. I wanted to ask if this would work? Because a good majority the book is adventure and wonder

    Pt.4) while at the end the book takes a darker tone. Thanks for the help.

    I think it could work as long as you keep in mind two things. 

    First, and it seems like you’ve already thought of this, is that the main plot line still needs to be running underneath the story even during that collection of scenes at the beginning that you mentioned. It doesn’t have to involve major plot points, just little points that will keep the scenes threaded together and make them relevant to the reader. 

    Second, I think it’s okay if it takes a darker turn as long as the audience is prepared for it. I’m going to use Harry Potter to explain. I think we can agree that the books start get a bit darker as the series continues. The first few are relatively tame and palatable for most audiences but as it goes on it gets darker and the threats more sinister. But it isn’t like it’s all easy wonder and then bam! mass murder. The audience is eased into it so they kind of expect what’s to come. The story itself is also pretty indicative that this not exactly a bedtime story for toddlers. Considering that you’re working with a dead goddess and a world with demons I think your audience should probably understand where this could lead so you should be okay. 

    anonymous asked:

    My phantump has been crying a lot recently, what should I do? Should I sing it a relaxing song or baby it more than usual?

    Your phantump will benefit from extra attention, yes!

    They like music boxes and sing along songs…although they are not the best singers…

    Phantumps also like just being included in daily activities such as cooking or laundry, they tend to quietly watch and mimic. Baking is a favorite!
    People have found that they love making flower crowns and daisy chains too, even wild Phantump make them to relax.

    Originally posted by nidoqueen

    How to binge-watch TV without harming your health

    Binge-watching is bad for you. Gobs of studies have linked TV — or “excessive” TV — to things like diabetes, blood clots, and lower sperm counts. “Every single hour of TV viewed after the age of 25 reduces the viewer’s life expectancy by 21.8 minutes,” one study glumly concludes. Another asks, “Netflix and kill?”

    Little surprise, then, that experts offer a very simple prescription: Don’t binge. Watch less TV.

    Okay, fair, fine. That advice is all well and good, but we’re living in the real world. Let’s be realistic. Saying “Don’t binge-watch” is like saying, “The only safe sex is abstinence.” Instead, to extend the metaphor, the question should be: If we can’t abstain from binge-watching, what’s the equivalent of protection?

    TVs and devices don’t have some magical power to turn you into dust; the problem is that viewing is linked with sedentary behavior, overeating, and decreased sleeping. But the key word is linked. Most studies show a link, or a correlation, between TV and bad outcomes, not a cause. Outliers exist. Healthy people can watch TV and remain healthy — especially if they practice some of these 11 tips.

    Top 5 Ways To Get Your Foot in The Door at Any Job

    Hey guys, S3NATOR here with a big “winsight” for all you job-seekers out there! If you’re like any millenial out there, you’ve probably been driven to contemplating suicide several times given the perpetual wasteland of a job market that offers nothing but direct sales and waitering positions.

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    3. Play the Race/Gender/Identity Card. At this point, like most interviews, they’ve probably rejected you for some desperate mid-30 year old who lied better than you did about their credentials and was willing to do the job for a fraction of the salary you negotiated because he has to support his family while you’re still single. Well, don’t give up hope just yet! Do you happen to be a minority? Get in contact with whichever organization fits your ethnicity, be it BLM, the NAACP, Latinos Unidos, or if you’re white, reach out to fellow trump supporters or the Alt-Right and claim racism! Do you identify as an esoteric gender? Well, you’re reading this on Tumblr so you’re already in the right place to start a gender crusade! Triple bonus points if you manage to start a flame war on twitter that shuts down the company’s social media account! If you can’t get the job, no one can!
    4. Delete All Internet Accounts & Get Off The Grid.  At this point, you’re probably so despondent with the job market that there’s no hope for you to have a real career other than being a dishwasher. On top of that, you’ve probably been tracked down by the NSA for starting a flame war and attempting to sabotage a corporation, and they’ve probably scanned every one of your Facebook posts and found your “Asexual Oppression” blog on Tumblr. If they haven’t, Google certainly has and is probably willing to sell it to HR companies under the table if not the NSA directly to make a tidy profit, which means you’re absolutely fucked job-wise. The best (and perhaps only) thing to do is to buy some survival books, learn how to make a lean-to, and move into the wilderness or some national park and live off the land until the park rangers come for you.
    5. Join a Communist Guerilla Movement: Well, you’re living in the wilderness and you’ve made your own bow and arrow, you can make fire, and you’re so jaded and cynical about capitalism that you might as well join a communist paramilitary group. Sure, you’ll probably end up dying horribly from septic wounds you sustained from living in the rainforest if whichever government that runs the country you live in doesn’t send death squads to unceremoniously execute you, but you can fool yourself into believing your life mattered because “you fought the system and died honorably” when you were probably sniped from behind unceremoniously while taking a piss in front of a tree. 

    If any of these tips help you find a job, let me know! Please spread the word to all your job-seeking friends so they can get their foot in the door and start solutioneering professionally! @lordran-man @judyvoid @queen-of-moths @ilikechildren–fried @mounmantaka @nyc-conservative @smokecovenant @sangurex @ad-hominem-sappies @libertarian–princess @rutabegaville @sociallyawkwardlawnmower @j–hopp @jetpack-jenny @diosa-celi @tramampoline @dakotathesadclown