Natural Hair || Why Oil Doesn’t Work As A Heat Protectant

Sabrina Perkins writes:

Most curlies know about heat protectants that will lessen the damage from heat styling within reasons. Whether you blow-dry, flat iron, or use a curling iron, you need a heat protectant. I cannot remember being told this when I was relaxed, so I am sure I was frying my hair to death back then, but now everyone knows to use them. With the current increased interest in natural products, more women are looking for natural alternatives in their entire regimens.  

What are carrier oils?

Most of us know them as carrier oils, but they are also called vegetable oils and even fixed oils because they are not volatile like essential oils. All carrier oils are not vegetable oils, like emu oil and fish oil. Most carrier oils are vegetable oils derived from the fatty portion of a plant in the seeds, kernels, or even the nuts. They can be cold-pressed (mechanical), expelled (mechanical), or go through a solvent extraction (chemical). Cold pressing is preferable as it retains the highest nutritional value in the oil.

Most carrier oils are chock-full of organic acids such as oleic acid, palmitic acid, and stearic acid, which make them excellent emollients that nourish your skin and hair. They are used in cosmetics, cooking, and to dilute the more potent and highly concentrated essential oil. They are also used as hot oil treatments or a mixture of oils for that matter, so it may not seem like a stretch to use some of them as heat protectants, right? Well, here are a few favorites of some who swear by their ability to keep your hair protected from the heat.

Grapeseed oil is said to have a high smoking point and adds shine to flat ironed tresses.
Argan oil has been circulating the natural hair blogs as great for protecting hair when applying heat.
Coconut oil  is a popular for a heat protectant known for helping to repair hair damage.
Shea Butter is considered a great heat protectant because of its thermal conductivity is almost as good as popular silicones used in most heat protectants, namely dimethicone and cyclomethicone.
Sunflower oil is another oil with a high smoke point but suggested to just add to other natural heat protectant oils.

What are smoke points?

Now, it is time to put the lab coat on and see what is really going on with these oils and whether they can actually protect your tresses from the drying and possibly damaging effects of heat. Chemist Yolanda Anderson further explains carrier oils, their smoke points, and if they are really protecting our hair. Smoke points are called burning points in chemistry and it refers to the temperature at which an oil begins to smoke, become discolored, and decompose.

Find more information here.

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With less than two weeks to go until Hannibal Season 3 begins airing in the US, I wanted to share my tricks for avoiding spoilers, and how to help others avoid spoilers. This focuses on Tumblr, other social media is more difficult.

  • Get XKIT. I don’t know how I managed Tumblr before it. It is key to helping you enjoy Tumblr on your own terms. 
  • Get the XKIT blacklist extension. 
  • Add key tags to your blacklist
    • spoilers
    • hannibal spoilers
    • hannibal season 3
    • s3 spoilers
    • episode title names
    • synopsis
    • synopses
  • Learn to love the whitelist. Once you’ve seen an episode, you can remove its title from the blacklist and add it to the whitelist. This can also work for promos or other tags for topics you don’t personally consider to be spoilers
  • Feel free to unfollow people who don’t tag. You can always refollow at the end of the season, or if they decide to tag. 
  • AVOID MOBILE - there’s just no effective way to control what posts appear on your mobile dash. 
  • If, like me, you live somewhere that doesn’t get to watch the first airing (I live on the US West Coast, so I have to wait 3 hours) avoid social media until you can watch the episode. THIS I THE HARDEST THING FOR ME. I FEEL SO LONELY THOSE THREE HOURS. But it is worth it.
    • If I feel an overwhelming need to post something to Tumblr, I go to my posts page instead of my dash
    • I just stay off Twitter altogether. DO NOT EXPECT PEOPLE TO TAG SPOILERS ON TWITTER. Hopefully they’re tagging #Hannibal and you have a client that can filter/mute hashtags. 
      • One caveat, after the East Coast airing, I tweet meganmachine and ask her for a spoiler-free booze requirement estimate. She’s never failed me. I should have bought the whole liquor store for Mizumono.
    • During livetweeting, I have a twitter list of the official accounts that I open at the start of the episode and I do not scroll back to avoid seeing what they tweeted during the first airing. 
    • Just avoid Facebook. The closest I got to spoiling myself on a just aired on the East Coast episode was absent-mindedly opening FB. As far as I’m concerned, there’s no reliable way to filter FB for spoilers. 
    • Rewatch previous episodes, go to dinner, DO THINGS to avoid going on social media until you can see it.
  • Learn to use the j/k shortcuts on your dashboard. Pressing ‘j’ will take you to the next post down. ‘k’ goes up. This is very helpful for when you realize you might be about to see a spoiler and want to skip away as quickly as possible. 
  • Learn to quickly identify a potential spoilery post so you can avoid reading it. This can be hard but is a useful skill.

Now, all this is predicated on the idea that people want to help each other avoid spoilers. So, to be a good citizen of the fandom, I suggest the following: 

  • State your spoiler policy. As an example, mine is here. If you don’t tag, just be sure to tell people up front so they can use that knowledge to make their decisions about following you or not.
  • Tag consistently. If you do tag, please be consistent. I am not perfect, but I do try. The XKIT quick tag extension can help, as it lets you create tag bundles. 
  • When in doubt, tag. If you have even a brief nagging thought “maybe I should,” - do it. Wouldn’t you rather someone NOT be irritated with you for ruining some of their fun? 

Everybody has their own personal definition of where the spoiler line is. If we all work together, we can each satisfy that, and still enjoy the fandom.

Anything I missed? Any other tricks! Please reblog with your tips and tricks!

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