As an inside joke, the officers decided to have the cake decorated in police-blue ribbons and sugared bees (for a “sting”).

The band, led by a city police officer, announced themselves as a weed-loving group named S.P.O.C, which stood for ‘Somebody Protect Our Crops.’ In actuality, it was just COPS spelled backwards.

They played the song ‘I Fought The Law (and the Law Won)’ as a signal to begin the bust.

“Let’s have some fun,” an officer shouted. “Everybody here that’s a cop, stand up! Okay! All the rest of you motherfuckers put your hands on the table, because you’re under arrest! This is a bust!”

I found a video of The Wedding Sting, but there’s no audio :(


{So this was supposed to be done ages ago, closer to 300, but better late than never! And what better time than when I myself am feeling a little low, to hopefully raise up some people’s spirits!

It’s been 7 months or so since I started this blog and it’s been a heckuva ride. I’ve enjoyed every minute playing Thorin and the people I’ve gotten a chance to meet. So this is a shout out to everyone. My favorites, the ones I’ve yet to interact with, and everyone in between! I appreciate and love every single one of you and you all make my dash a better place.}

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Write down the first 10 songs that come up on shuffle - no skipping, no cheating. A new twist has been added on - quote a favorite lyric from each song, and at the end, tag 10 people.

I’ve been tagged by dr4ugr and kerrv0rting-and-sn0rting (one of them was without the twist) (thank youu, music tags are great x)

1. Johnny Marr // New Town Velocity “Step out of symphonies / They play on for you and me”

2. Peace // Money (the entire song is lyrically gold but let’s settle for this) “Because his papers lips stuck to you on contact and as you cease they rip”

3. Skaters // Fear Of The Knife “In the world of the serious cases / White, white men with clipboard faces”

4. The Black Keys // She’s Long Gone “She was made to blow you away / She don’t care what any man say”

5. Arctic Monkeys // Joining The Dots “Try and think of something colourful for this season / Pull the wool over the gullible for no reason”

6. Bwani Junction // Two Bridges “Time’s the test / Safe to safe that we’ve all failed and… / there’s nothing left”

7. Bombay Bicycle Club // It’s Alright Now “Made a plan to be someone / Mess it up when the time comes / Step away, step away, stay numb”

8. Catfish and The Bottlemen // Collide “And all these vision tricks are making my mind tick / And I’m a matter of time bomb / Before you’re forcing me to explode”

9. The Vaccines // Aftershave Ocean “You’ve been struggling to see actuality / Actually it doesn’t surprise me”

10. Catfish and The Bottlemen // Broken Army “Settle down in your home, it’s only rainfall”

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