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don't you think that alex being so calm about what maggie did was a bit weird? it felt a bit weird to me....i thought she'd be mad or freak out, or something

No, it didn’t feel weird to me. They are adults, having a mature, emotionally stable relationship. They are at a point in which Alex is so confident in what they have, in Maggie’s feelings for her, that she doesn’t see a reason to worry about Maggie making the same mistake again and hurting her like that.

Alex knows Maggie enough to know she was probably worried. Which she was. If you re-watch the scene, Maggie was frantic, terrified of losing Alex. She probably was at a point, mentally, where she regressed to that 14 year old kid that was told to pack up her things and leave her home, her family. And what she needed was reassurance that she wasn’t being kicked out again. And that’s what Alex, as a sensible adult who knows that our past mistakes don’t define who we are, gave her – she was everything Maggie needed in that moment: loving, calm, understanding.

This might be Alex’s first real relationship, but in a sense it is too for Maggie. I believe this is the most open and honest Maggie has allowed herself to be with anyone, and things will only get more honest and open from now on. Maggie has to stop self-savotaging her happiness and learn to accept she does deserve love, and Alex is proving that to her. This relationship is giving Maggie so many healing moments… 

I might have issues with the execution and production side of things regarding Sanvers, but this is a truly beautiful, romantic story between two women who are learning to be open, and honest, and raw thanks to each other. And as someone who needs a little bit of healing from past shitty relationships, it’s something really nice to watch. 

Also, it would’ve been hypocritical of her to freak out when just last week she was defending Mon-El’s right to a fresh start.

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Can you help me to understand something? I was reading about Steve and Bucky on internet. On Marvel wiki says Bucky was born in 1925 and Steve in 1920. And the train accident occurs on 1945. So Bucky "died" when he was 20 years?! Wasn't Bucky already a soldier in 1941 when Steve became the Super Soldier? If yes then he was in the army with 16 maybe less?! P.s.: I just watched the movies and read on internet. Never read a comic (shame on me, I know)

Hey, love! I’ll do my best - it’s a little pretty complicated :)

So the main problem with Captain America timelines is that the comics and the movies are very different. I personally haven’t read much of the books, but this is what I know from what I have read and the little research I’ve done!

To begin, here is the comic timeline (i’ll show you the movie one later):

1920 - Steve is born.
1925 - Bucky is born.
1941 - Steve becomes Captain America (age 21).
1945 - Bucky is killed (age 20), Steve is frozen (age 25). *SEE BELOW.

However, the story is different in that Bucky and Steve didn’t actually know each other before the war. They meet during the war at a camp where Bucky is assigned to assist Rogers. He later discovers that he’s Captain America (see the picture below) and fights with him. 
*Also, Bucky doesn’t fall off a train. Instead, him and Steve are both trying to stop a plane full of bombs and when it explodes Bucky is “killed” and Steve is thrown into the English Channel where he is frozen.
Anyways, I’m not entirely sure when Bucky enlisted but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was around age 16-18. :(
It’s that difference in plot and ages that explain why comic book Bucky looks like this (smol).

(picture from @marveldaydreamer, I love this so much)

Now, the movies (marvel cinematic universe) are a little different:

1917 - Bucky is born.
1918 - Steve is born.
1943 - Bucky ships out (age 26), is captured. Steve becomes Captain 
           America (age 25), saves Bucky. Howling Commandos are formed.
1945 - Bucky “dies” (age 28). Steve flies the Valkyrie into the ice (age 27).

The movies (I’m sure you know) are the ones where they’re childhood friends and Bucky is older than/looks after Steve (not the other way around). I’m not going to elaborate on this one since you’ve already seen the films :)

Anyways, I’m not sure which version of their story you wanted but I hope this clears things up for you! I know it’s super confusing but this is the gist of it <3

*Also, if anyone notices that I did make a mistake or they have more information to add, feel free to let me know!

  • Boy: So do you like baseball?
  • Me: I have a complicated relationship with baseball bats
  • Boy: ..?
  • Me: Stiles Stilinski made me love them, then Negan made me hate them
  • Boy: Um-
  • Me: But then Harley Quinn made me love them again, but then Negan made me hate them again
  • Boy: ...
  • Me: It's complicated

so there’s that white horse you can get who’s a descendant of the white horse Zelda rode 100 years ago right?? the royal family’s breed of horse

then you have a quest to find a giant horse; it’s pure black with an orange mane, lives right outside Gerudo, and is, obviously, fricking huge

this horse is obviously meant to be Ganon’s horse, a descendant of Ganon’s horses from Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess, now living in the wild hundreds (maybe thousands) of years after Ganondorf was killed in TP :0

The Larry Jacket: A Timeline

22 January 2013

Harry is pictured leaving the London Loves LA offices in London wearing a jean jacket and carrying a bag of clothes.

11 February 2013

Louis is pictured outside rehearsals for the Take Me Home Tour wearing the jacket Harry picked up in London.

14 February 2013

Louis wears the jacket again. 

15 February 2013

Louis wears the jacket again.

20 February 2013

He wore it to the Brits and again leaving the after party with Eleanor looking a little small and sad.

25 February 2013

Louis wore it again on the 25th.

Take Me Home Tour

Harry is seen here possibly holding the jacket backstage on a UK date of the Take Me Home Tour in Spring 2013.

12 December 2013

Louis wears the jacket at a promo appearance on the X Factor in Milan, Italy.

21 December 2013

Louis wears the jacket during their video shoot for “Midnight Memories” in London.

Spring 2014

Harry is seen at rehearsals for the Where We Are Tour in London, possibly holding the jacket and putting it in a car.

1 January 2017

Louis posts a selfie on Instagram in the jacket.

My Thoughts

So, 3 years after we definitively saw the jacket, Louis wore it and posted a selfie of himself in it on Instagram. I think it was one of those things Louis latched onto during a particularly rough time post-Haylor and as things began to spiral quickly out of their control in early 2013. One small act of rebellion that surfaced again and again over 2013, and now again, at the beginning of 2017. Don’t get me wrong…I think he genuinely likes the jacket. It’s well-worn and loved. It’s just sweet to me that he still has it and that it resurfaces when he’s in England/London for longer periods of time (2013, early 2014 and now).

timeline of how today will go:

6 a.m. — Polls open across the country. 

6 p.m. — Polls start closing. Parts of Indiana and Kentucky have the earliest poll closing times at 6 p.m.

7:05 p.m. — News organizations begin calling races and analyzing exit polling.

8 p.m. — Pundits start going through the five stages of grief (or celebration).

11 p.m. — Final polls close. Polls in Electoral College rich states such as California, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii close at 11 p.m.

12 a.m.: Victory and concession speeches. Speaking of which, the Trump campaign is a little worried about that. 

Blog Before Baby?

sherlockisdatingjohn said:

Sorry to bother again, but I have a question about TST that I don’t really know who to ask about. In the scene right after the opening where John is typing on his laptop even though it’s not actually his blog, just a screen shot I suppose, the fake blog post called 221Back he says that “the baby runs all of our lives” and “if im not changing nappies, I’m buying nappies” but Mary is still obviously pregnant at this point in the show (like a second before it goes to his screen, it shows her grimacing and grabbing her stomach, it’s also before the birth scene). Why would everyone be so extremely busy with the baby and why would John be constantly changing and buying nappies if the baby hasn’t even been born?

OH. This is interesting.

I mean, we already figured out that the blog entry isn’t even real, so… why… show us a blog entry about having a baby and changing nappies if… it hasn’t even happened yet? Further proof about this possibly being Sherlock’s unreliable narration?!

Plus this blog entry was actually pointed out to Arwel, and he is aware that it is a graphic and not the blog (I believe his response was just a winky face). So.

This is interesting.

“Invisible Magic Friend”: How The Six Thatchers confirms what we we’ve been told since The Blind Banker

The answer to every question we’ve ever had solving Sherlock has been staring us in the face since The Blind Banker debuted in 2010. We heard them tell us but we ignored them. We saw but we did not observe. Until now.

One of Sherlock’s quirks is he talks to John even when John’s not there. This is first stated here in episode two:

We laughed at this, and continued to laugh when Sherlock did it again:

This is not played for laughs – this is happening because soon we’re going to get scenes from Sherlock’s point-of-view where the audience sees John and thinks John’s really there when he’s not. The writers have been setting this up for ages. They told us this happens. Now that we’ve taken a look at the mess that is The Six Thatchers, we know this is exactly what they’re doing. They even left us a bunch of clues in episode eleven to confirm it.

Take a look at the newspaper reading “be in two places at once?”:

This is the case of The Duplicate Man.

How about this moment, when John asks Sherlock to be the Godfather of his baby? Sherlock says God is an “invisible magic friend” that only stupid people look to for help. 

Well, we know Sherlock absolutely does this in his life and has been doing this for seven years. He conjures images of John not only because he misses him, but because John helps him be a better detective. John channels his thoughts and makes him kinder. Sherlock becomes a great man because of John. 

So you didn’t understand The Six Thatchers? I didn’t either until I realized this: We’ve been taking John Watson for granted. We see him on screen and assume he’s there. This is not true. We have slowly drifted further into Sherlock’s point-of-view ever since the The Blind Banker and we forgot that Sherlock conjures up false images of John. Frequently. 

The Six Thatchers provides yet another clue of this:

This is a reference to “The Adventure of the Lion’s Mane” – one of the very few Sherlock Holmes stories told from Sherlock’s point of view and which does not feature John Watson at all. This is directly telling us to question John’s involvement with the story. Also, note the “assassin lurking close by” is linked to John walking up the stairs, giving strength to the idea of John being out of this story except for when his sharp-shooter skills come in handy making for a big reveal coming up soon. (I’ll leave you to your deductions) 

“But we saw so much of John in The Six Thatchers! What do you mean he wasn’t in it??”John most definitely was in this episode, just not the way you think. John is the Duplicate Man. He’s in two places at once. That’s why we see some of his scenes play out twice. One version is real, one is him as an “invisible magic friend”. I explain it in great length here. 

Sherlock explicitly says in Morocco he doesn’t have much experience with happy families. At the very end when Norbury says she’s always wanted a nice family, Mary looks over to Sherlock and then down to the ground, guiltily. Sherlock is the one who’s always wanted the family, the love, the happily ever after. Now that we can see John has been a figment of Sherlock’s desperate imagination this whole episode, we realize Sherlock has been inserting himself into Watson family moments he was never in because he wasn’t able to leave Baker Street. He’s the target. Targets wait.. That’s why he’s on his phone during all of them – he wasn’t ignoring his surroundings, he was trying to attend those moments through his phone. He was at Baker Street solving crimes – “the best antidote to sorrow” – while calling, texting, face-timing, trying everything he could to be included in the family. 

So it begs the question: Was John Watson present for Mary’s death? Or were John’s reactions, complete lack of medical knowledge, and unearthly sounds all part of how Sherlock thought John would’ve acted had he been there? Is John Watson still a figment of Sherlock’s imagination when he said “You made a vow!”, meaning Sherlock saw Mary die and immediately thought “oh my god John is never going to forgive me for this”? Playing off of speculation from many others, if John wasn’t at Mary’s death scene in the way we saw, does that mean he was the assassin lurking in the shadows behind them? Just like the killer Jellyfish in the aquarium? 

There are many questions this theory brings to the table for the next two episodes, but it closes many cases still left open. It solves how Sherlock survived the Reichenbach Fall. It helps us decode the discrepancies between His Last Vow and The Abominable Bride. It validates the concept behind Extended Mind Palace Theory, but instead of everything being in Sherlock’s head, Sherlock is projecting fake images into real places. 

This theory is gigantic and hard to understand on first read through, but if this story line is something the writers have had in mind since day one – and it’s looking like it is – then the big reveal in The Final Problem will be moments of the actual timeline we’ve seen but been ignoring this whole time. This rug pull would be the greatest plot twist ever seen on television – a television show shooting extra scenes years in advance to hold on to, lie about, and then reveal at the climax just what story they’ve been meticulously planning from the beginning. A complex set of clues, red herrings, and puzzles all laid out for us. 

You think it’s not possible? That this is just too hard to do? That the writers and producers don’t care to film scenes in advance to manipulate how the viewers understand time? 

Nothing is too complicated coming from two men who also write Doctor Who. 

Sombra’s Mystery Map! Let’s crack this code together, Sombra! TAKE ME TO THERE!

I’m seriously more intrigued by this single image than Sombra’s ARG. I’d love to fill in those blanks, particularly the omnic looking figure connecting The Big Eye to Reinhardt of all people.

edit 2: changed wording to “pharah’s other parent” because we don’t know if ana was married or not or how pharah was even conceived in this MAGICAL FUTURE!!!

I also added a footnote to the unknown omnic connecting Reinhardt, because I realized 5 out of 6 of the founding members of Overwatch are included on this map, but Liao was absent - unless Liao is this important unknown figure! Or, somehow related to them. Their sensor patterns look a bit like the omnic on the cover of First Strike but not exactly, so WE’LL SEE! Thanks for all the fun feedback, you guys! I love talking about this stuff so don’t be shy!