Jade should be getting laid carefully on her quest bed.

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Readin your h.c & what if one of Jason's kids gets into Gotham Academy on a scholarship? They filled out the paper work with him as their legal guardian cuz they have no one else. Jason has no idea of course.

He only finds out when they ask him to come to a PTA meeting or smthg and he can’t find it in him to say no.The kid is in the same class as Dami/Tim bt he doesnt know that. His big reveal happens when he calls out a PTA mom and Bruce recognized him

ANON YOU’RE SO GOOD TO ME THANK YOU I LOVE YOU (i don’t know anything about applying to school when you’re homeless but i have A Lot of Thoughts about this)

okay okay so. jason and the kids and School. 

look, there are reasons some of these kids are homeless. sometimes their parents are dead. sometimes they’re escaping bad situations. sometimes their parents were the ones to throw them out.

that happened to mike. his parents threw him out because he wasn’t the daughter they’d wanted and they never forgave him for that. lucy is similar, though she left of her own will because her parents kept pushing and pushing her and she couldn’t take it anymore. it was either get out, or– 

she didn’t want the ‘or’. she would rather take the streets of gotham.

several of jason’s kids didn’t want to drop out of school, but they didn’t have a choice. once their parents died or they were kicked out or they ran away, there wasn’t really a choice to keep going to school. 

“do you want to go back to school?” jason asks his kids over dinner one night. 

the kids all trade glances. 

“i do,” lucy says quietly. she pokes at her chicken. “i had to drop out because my parents – they would have found me if i kept going to school. if i could go again…i’d really like to.”

“me, too,” mike says, and the other kids chime in quiet agreement. they range from ages eight to lucy’s near-sixteen. 

“okay,” jason says, and frowns. “okay, i’ll see what i can do.”

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btw has this santana still fought with joseph? i dont know much about this au so if you could tell me more that'd be great

“Yes, briefly, but… I’d only just awoken; I was confused, and doubtful, and wasn’t giving it my all.”

“Next thing I knew, I was waking up in a Speedwagon Foundation facility a few days later, being offered a chance to… start over. So – actually, I think one of the Foundation scientists wrote the whole story down. It’s probably over there in the notes, somewhere, if you want to go look.

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     “I…” Sarif doesn’t quite know what he’s trying to do. “A lot’s happened, Adam. A lot’s… changed, and… I dunno. Guess I’ve just been thinking about a lot of things.” He looks off to the side, gaze unfocused. There’s a pause longer than he’d planned as thoughts shifted to the past and all those unpleasant feelings that came with it.

     “A… A lot of people got hurt…”

'Steel Samurai' Actor Will Powers Arrested for the Murder of Co-Star Jack Hammer
Earlier this morning, actor Will Powers, known for playing the title character in the popular children's show The Steel Samurai: Warrior of Neo Olde Tokyo, was arrested for on suspicion of the murder of his co-star Jack Hammer, who played the show’s villain, The Evil Magistrate. Jack Hammer

don’t mind me, hiding my self-indulgent musing on this year old game by posting at 6AM. i sincerely love thinking about Timeline Progression and how. it works. I hope i have time to do this for the other characters.

(tumblr made it hard to read so here’s full view if you wanna see my garbage notes

Sombra’s Mystery Map! Let’s crack this code together, Sombra! TAKE ME TO THERE!

I’m seriously more intrigued by this single image than Sombra’s ARG. I’d love to fill in those blanks, particularly the omnic looking figure connecting The Big Eye to Reinhardt of all people.

edit 2: changed wording to “pharah’s other parent” because we don’t know if ana was married or not or how pharah was even conceived in this MAGICAL FUTURE!!!

I also added a footnote to the unknown omnic connecting Reinhardt, because I realized 5 out of 6 of the founding members of Overwatch are included on this map, but Liao was absent - unless Liao is this important unknown figure! Or, somehow related to them. Their sensor patterns look a bit like the omnic on the cover of First Strike but not exactly, so WE’LL SEE! Thanks for all the fun feedback, you guys! I love talking about this stuff so don’t be shy!