So I was trying to work out the timeline of things and how old certain characters might be since I started writing something that… may or may not turn out to be something worth posting.

And this actually took me a good hour or three to estimate.

*Kara’s current age, 24, is mentioned in S01E09, minute 14:40+.
*Adam’s current age, 24, is mentioned in S01E08, minute 28:30+.
*Kara is supposed to be 6 years old in 1997/when Titanic came out/mentioned in S01E09.
*Kara has worked as Cat’s assistant for two years as of season 1 finale.
*Clark doesn’t look like he was just a few weeks old when he was sent into space in episode 1, but I’ll be generous since they decided to cast Tyler for the role……

Does the above sound right? I’m usually pretty decent at deducing timelines and ages, but that 24 years of being frozen/asleep does kind of throw calculations off.

And I don’t have anything against Tyler. Honest. It’s just. How old is Clark supposed to be in season 2 again? And Lois???

when you write something and then realize after the fact that it has all sorts of symbolism and deeper meaning than you intended like… nice.

Here is the baby in color. He finally has been named too. His name is Arthur and he is the offspring of Apoca and Tang. He lives in an alternate timeline from the Runaway Wander universe in which Apoca had transported Tang, himself, and Taylor to another dimension where he is safe from Murphy. His parents are not together although they both go to great lengths to try to raise him. 

you ever think about magnus bane too hard and just… start crying????

Don’t let nobody play you for a fool. Twice.
Don’t fall for the bullshit. Twice.
Don’t let them say they don’t want you. Twice.
Don’t allow them to lie to you. Twice.
Don’t let them disrespect you. Twice.

If you hip to the game and you fall for the okie doke…that’s yo ass fault