Having Ti/Ne is like being a search engine. Every time someone speaks to you it’s like they’re typing into the search bar, and a long list of results tangentially related to those words appears to choose from and you have to try and pick the most relevant one. Sometimes you get it wrong.

XSxx: “please pass the ranch dressing”
INTP: “did you know that ranch flavor is actually just garlic, onion and buttermilk flavor”
XSxx: “…okay…”

Why the Functions Didn't Write the Novel
  • Te: Started writing. Quickly realized that novels are an inefficient waste of time. Hired a ghostwriter and wrote a business manual instead
  • Ti: Writing goes well until they started to do research. After sixteen consecutive hours on Wikipedia, they forgot what they were researching in the first place and why. But, hey, now they know that Tardigrades can survive 57,000 Roentgens of ionized radiation
  • Fe: Writing is a solitary and nihilistic activity. Why write words down when you can speak them out loud and S O C I A L I Z E
  • Fi: Had an idea they felt very strongly about. They wrote it down and showed it to a friend. The friend misinterpreted it. Another friend did the same. And another. Fi is misunderstood, so misunderstood, they will never write again
  • Se: Has never seen a novel. A friend explained them that a novel is a book and that you make it by sitting still for a series of hours of intellectual labor. Se screamed and ran away. Currently partying
  • Si: Spent three weeks planning every detail of the novel. Started writing a sentence. The sentence reminded them of a novel they read in grade school, when life was easier, the sun brighter, chocolate sweeter and they were happier and carefree. That time is now lost forever. Si started crying. They can't do this
  • Ne: Had a great idea. Started writing. Approximately at page four, they had another great idea, greater than the first one. Started writing that instead. At page ten they had a third great idea, then a fourth and a fifth. They started thirty-three unfinished novels. They begin the thirty-fourth. This is the good one, they say
  • Ni: Had a great idea. So great that writing it down would ruin its perfection. They kept thinking about the idea for fourteen years. Finally they started writing. The first paragraph is good, but not good enough. They start editing. They keep editing. It's not good enough, it will never be good enough
Notes on Function Maturity

Immature Si: I only seek details that make me comfortable while ignoring or downplaying important details that might require me to change course
Mature Si: I prepare myself to perform well by methodically learning and attending to every new or significant detail that each situation brings

Immature Ni: I believe I know how the world works though I can’t see myself accurately and don’t know how to live my own life meaningfully
Mature Ni: I make positive progress because I possess a deep and meaningful vision of who I should be and what I contribute to the world

Immature Ti: I follow my own rules and principles without really understanding exactly how my actions influence the world at large
Mature Ti: I seek precise knowledge of what impact my thoughts/behaviors produce so as to act coherently without harm, bias, or hypocrisy

Immature Fi: I can only see as far as my own values and suffering so I can’t formulate a factual and objective understanding of the world at large
Mature Fi: I seek deep understanding of human experience in order to act with integrity and work to prevent/alleviate suffering for myself and others

Immature Se: I simply react as circumstances dictate without enough consideration for whether the direction is the right one to take
Mature Se: I seek out new/positive learning experiences and fully appreciate that the unexpected can teach me to be more adaptable to life’s changes

Immature Ne: My mind is unable to conceptualize the best ideas or grasp the most promising opportunities for making progress in life
Mature Ne: I am confident in making continual progress because I can work out many viable paths to approach any situation or difficult problem

Immature Te: I utilize power to shape the world into what I want it to be and fail to realize that my actions do not produce universally positive results
Mature Te: I utilize my strengths to get positive results for all and work to improve my weaknesses so as to minimize negative or harmful behaviors

Immature Fe: I only care about others in terms of how they affect me and fail to treat them as individuals with their own unique needs/experiences
Mature Fe: I can see other people objectively and separately from myself and respond to their needs appropriately and compassionately

Functions when they are right and when they are wrong
  • Ni when it's right: a prophecy
  • Ni when it's wrong: jumping to conclusions
  • Te when it's right: spot on organising
  • Te when it's wrong: paranoic tendencies
  • Ne when it's right: optimistic, prepared for everything, imaginative
  • Ne when it's wrong: grave overestimating of a situation's possible outcomes
  • Ti when it's right: perfect logical and realistic reasoning
  • Ti when it's wrong: completely biased opinion based on stereotypes
  • Se when it's right: adventurous, fun, instinctive
  • Se when it's wrong: recklessly dangerous, thoughtless, impulsive
  • Fi when it's right: empathic, deep
  • Fi when it's wrong: selfish, stubborn
  • Si when it's right: perfect memory
  • Si when it's wrong: the good ol' days
  • Fe when it's right: understanding, compassionate,
  • Fe when it's wrong: manipulative, superficial
What kind of lame person your functions make you

Auxiliary Ne/Tertiary Si: Nerdy

Auxiliary Se/Tertiary Ni: Superficial

Auxiliary Si/Tertiary Ne: Mundane

Auxiliary Ni/Tertiary Se: Overconfident

Auxiliary Ti/Tertiary Fe: Shallow

Auxiliary Fi/Tertiary Te: Overemotional

Auxiliary Fe/Tertiary Ti: Doormat

Auxiliary Te/Tertiary Fi: Workaholic

Dominant Ne/Inferior Si: Adolescent

Dominant Se/Inferior Ni: Dysfunctional “member of society”

Dominant Si/Inferior Ne: Wallflower

Dominant Ni/Inferior Se: Hermit

Dominant Ti/Inferior Fe: Dick

Dominant Fi/Inferior Te: Armchair activist

Dominant Fe/Inferior Ti: Drama queen

Dominant Te/Inferior Fi: Slave to society