The Significance of Rings

Rings add weight to the area of life that the finger represents, or could reveal imbalances. A ring placed with intent can enhance areas of your life. This can be strengthened by rings with corresponding crystals. When a ring is worn unconsciously, it more likely refers to the negative trait or imbalance that corresponds with that finger.

Left hand:
Corresponds to your personal and private life. Connected to family and personal identity or internal issues. Your left hand reflects the energy you take in.

Right hand:
Relates to your public life. Connected to work and your relation to society. Your right hand reflects the energy you give out.

Middle Finger
Considered the finger of cultural identity. It reflects how you related to justice, law, order, and responsibility. Can also signify inner security or materialism.
Consciously placed ring: Reduce anxiety, improve stability, desire for self-development.
Unconsciously placed ring: domestic unhappiness, insecurities, judgmental, lack of security.
Crystals: garnet, onyx, agate, topaz, tiger’s eye, jade.

Index Finger
Considered the finger of personal identity, how you relate to and see yourself. Associated with leadership, ambition, and self-confidence.
Consciously placed ring: Boost self-esteem, increase authority, improve confidence.
Unconsciously placed ring: Damaged self-esteem, feeling not good enough, feeling better than others, controlling personality.
Crystals: tourmaline, lapis lazuli, peridot, opal, emerald.

Ring Finger
Represents your extra-personal identity and self-expression. It represents creativity and love of beauty. If it’s a wedding ring or engagement ring, it represents success in finding a mate. But if bought by the wearer it can represent self-love.
Consciously placed ring: Strengthen creativity, express friendliness, improve aesthetic awareness.
Unconsciously placed ring: Creative frustration, concern with image, desire to be liked.
Crystals: garnet, ruby, pink tourmaline, diamond.

Little Finger
Considered the finger of impersonal identity. It reflects communication and sexuality. Also represents confidence in relationships and strength.
Consciously placed ring: Improve communication, express sexuality/sexual identity, gain confidence in regards to relationships.
Unconsciously placed ring: Poor communication, lies, difficulty with sexuality/sexual identity
Crystals: blue topaz, sapphire, aquamarine.

Your thumb symbolizes your spiritual identity. It relates to your will power, determination, and application of personal energy. It also reflects your ability to reason and apply logic. As the thumb is separate from the rest of the fingers, and a very useful finger, it also represents strength, independent thought, and freedom.
Consciously placed ring: Boost energy level, increase will power/motivation, provide comfort, increase reasoning, increase personal strength and independence.
Unconsciously placed ring: lack of energy, feeling powerless, lack of control, poor reasoning, feeling trapped, stubborn/stuck in own way, need for control, aggressive/forceful
Crystals: moonstone, diamond, amethyst.

Rings on all/many fingers
This can indicate a negative circumstance that you are being faced with. It shows a likely lack of feeling safe or secure in your world, and that your putting on a front. It can also signify avoidance to deal with issues affecting your life.

The way a book smells when you thumb through it. The way quiet winter air makes you feel like no one else exists. The smell of the woods after a thunderstorm. That split second before your chair tips back. The feeling right before you cry. The euphoria before the heartbreak. That moment when you wonder if they think of you the way you think of them. These things, I live for.
—  Katie Humphreys