*throws you off a building*

"That's almost the exact opposite of what I said"

Request: Haaii!! #28 with Tom? Duh? Lol thank you!!! Absolutely adore your blog!!

Peter was never one to lie to you, he could hardly bring himself to do so. If he ever did, his guilt would end up shoving the truth out of him before he could utter another word.
One thing that eats him alive every time he’s with you, is that he still hasn’t told you the truth about the red and blue suit that sits hidden away in his room.
Spider-man is an important part of Peter’s life, but you’re more important to him than any of that. He’ll take a lazy pj day with you over a web swinging, crime fighting day along side Tony Stark. If keeping you safe means leaving you in the dark about his second identity, then he’ll do it, without hesitation. He wants to tell you, he really does, but he just can’t.
Today he wanted nothing more than to spend as much time possible with you. He wanted to hold you, smile with you, talk to you, and to just be with you. But he wasn’t so lucky.
“Peter that chocolate is not for you!” You playfully scowled at him, as he stuffed a rather large piece of chocolate into his mouth. You both were in your kitchen preparing a bowl of popcorn for a movie, pillows and blankets that awaited you.
“Oh,” Peter mumbled past the chocolate glob in his mouth, his eyes widened, “Who’s it for?”
“Well not you!” You giggled making your way over to where he stood, taking his face into your hands.
His eyes watched your every move and glimmered down at you as you stood before him. The chocolate that was still in his mouth was pushed against his cheek widening his smile adding on to his adorableness.
You both turned your heads to the picture window that showed you a piece of the city as the wale of police sirens ripped through the streets. Rushing over to the glass, your eyes wondered down to the road below searching for the cop cars.
Peter let out a huff of frustration knowing what he’d have to do. Pulling at the roots of his hair, every cell in his body was telling him not to leave you, but he knew what he had to do, “Um, y/n, look I-I’m-I’m really sorry about this but, uh, I just remembered, I gotta help aunt May finish -uh- finish painting, her…. room.” He thought up quickly, making it up as he stuttered along.
You spun around to catch him taking small steps towards your apartment door, clutching the back of his neck, looking everywhere expect your eyes, “Peter-” You let out not holding back too much disappointment in your voice.
“I know, I know, I hate doing this to you, but I’m gonna make it up to you. I promise. I just-I gotta go.” He forced out, while taking several steps backwards out of your apartment catching one last glimpse of you before closing the door in his own face. Furrowing his eyebrows, letting out a sigh and leaning his head against the wooden board, all he felt was guilt. He knew he had to leave but he wanted so desperately to walk back in and hold you close.
You stood astonished with your arms crossed, your eyes glued to the door where Peter just was a moment ago. Every time, it seemed like every time you were with Peter, he’d end up ditching and feeding you an excuse about how he has to help his aunt. The first few times you believed him but now it’s gotten out of hand. You knew he was lying, you weren’t stupid. But what you didn’t understand was why.
Shaking your head and turning back to your window, you were just in time to catch the cities latest superhero swing by at the end of a stringed web, following the flashing lights of emergency vehicles heading towards the scene of the crime.
You emitted a slight gasp as the puzzle pieces joined together in your head. The details all added up and you could finally understand now, “Peter.” You breathlessly whispered to yourself.

Waiting impatiently you paced the roof of your apartment building knowing he’d meet you up here once he was done dealing with the crime downtown. Crossing your arms, you tried to bury yourself further into your sweater, not taking a liking in the cold.
“What’s a pretty girl such as yourself doing hanging around here so late?” A voice called behind you. A wave of comfort washed through you as soon as the voice was heard. You slowly turned around to the Spider-man standing several meters away from you. The lenses covering his eyes widened noticeably upon your eyes catching them.
“I could ask you the same thing.” You spoke softly.
“Well I asked you first soooo..” He drug on, beckoning his arms towards you, taking a step forward in your direction.
You smirked and took two steps backwards knowing what you were soon about to do.
“I have my reasons,” you spoke slyly taking a few more steps till your heels bumped against the bricks that lined the edge of the roof.
“Okay-well-uh-” He stuttered behind his mask taking cautious steps towards you and slowly reaching out his hand.
You stepped onto the bricks, wind ripping over your body taunting you of the long drop below.
“What are you doing?” The hero asked desperately,
You tilted your head, taking a daring look at the city several stories down from your feet,
“Y/n wha-”
“How do you know my name?” You interrupted him, hiding the smile that wanted to show itself.
“Look y/n this isn’t funny-” he began taking large steps to your body not wanting to risk what may happen next,
“I trust you Peter,” you said leaning backwards letting your feet leave the ground.
“Y/N” Peter yelled, taken aback by your outrageous actions.
He didn’t waste a second running off the building, throwing his arm out catching you at the end of his web, yanking your body securely against his.
Bringing you both back up to the roof of the building, he breathed a sigh of relief as he placed you gently back on the ground. He yanked himself away from you throwing his fists through the air trying to contain himself, “Are you crazy? Like seriously, are you crazy y/n?” He asked, letting his voice raise higher than the quiet tone he’d usually speak in.
“When were you going to tell me?” You asked with the same amount of urgency.
“When were you going to tell me about this Peter?”
“I was going to, but then I didn’t, I was ready to tell you but I just didn’t, I couldn’t.”
“So you were never going to tell me?”
“Alright, that is almost the exact opposite of what I said,”
You both paused, taking a few breathes, your eyes locked on each other’s, but yours on the lenses hiding his.
You let out a laugh, letting the stress, and intensity cascade out of your body.
“Stop laughing,” Peter spoke, trying to remain stern to get his point across, but you could hear the smile that he was hiding.
Your smile grew wider as you began taking steps over to him.
“I’m serious y/n, this isn’t funny,”
You stood inches from him. Bringing your hands up his biceps, they slid to bottom of his mask, taking your time tugging it off him.
The red mask revealed his toothy smile, his red blushed cheeks, then finally, his chocolate brown doe eyes, sparkling from the street lights.
You held the mask in your hands that were brought together at the back of his neck. His feathered brown hair draped over bits of his forehead, the rest sticking out in various directions.
He looked down at you admiringly, momentarily forgetting about the event that occurred just moments ago. He couldn’t help it though, it was your fault for batting your big y/e/c eyes at him.
“I’m really serious though, please, please don’t ever do something like that again,” he begged in a whisper, bringing his forehead down to yours.
“Then please don’t lie to me about this anymore,” You implied looking down at his suit.
“Not a problem baby girl,” he sighed in relief, “not a problem.”

Transfer (Request)

Request: hi, requests are open, right?? can i request a scenario where {y/n} is a new student and the teacher has mark give her a tour around the school, but she’s so clumsy (aka tripping/almost running into lockers) bc she thinks mark is really cute? thank you ^^

Mark x Reader

Word Count: 1.6k

Genre: Fluff

A/N: This was rlly cute to write honestly, idk if it’s actually any good, but I had fun writing it :’)

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Things I loved in Trials of Apollo: The Hidden Oracle (WARNING: spoilers)

These are the positive and happy moments I liked in TOA. There are spoilers but it does not include a lot of major and important plot. DONT EVEN LIE THESE WERE GREAT MOMENTS OKA Y?!

  • the pathetically posh way that Apollo speaks 
  • Meg joining the ranks of badass women in the series 
  • Meg’s kindergardener outfit 
  • “Pegasi who fly gallop on Toyotas. Normal horses who can not fly do not gallop on Toyotas." 
  • Sally Jackson finally getting the description/appreciation she fucking deserves (and from an ex-god) like Apollo describing why Sally Jackson was perfect and saying she had the ability to "connect spiritually with a God as an EQUAL”  I mean he said Apollo actually calling Sally Jackson mortal rival of Circe (in the most complimenting way possible) Apollo straight FANGIRLING over Sally Jackson honestly Sally Jackson for the win 
  • did I mention Sally Jackson was fuCKING PREGNANT!!???!? 
  • “Perhaps the teenage angst had permeated the clothes, because I felt more like a sulky high schooler than ever.” …same… 
  • Apollo explaining time Percy’s promise to Annabeth is not to pass school but to not die while she’s on a trip (demigod struggles) 
  • Percy “I blow up toilets” Jackson
  • Percy’s “old demigod mischief twinkled in his eyes”  
  • Get Meg Cows 2016 
  • Percy being Meg’s big demigod brother like that dynamic is adorable 
  • “Because Poseidon." 
  • I just love Apollo’s moments where he explains things like time and the Black Plague I thought those were hilarious
  • "Whah jus happened?” (congested Percy) 
  • Peaches 
  • OLYMPUS MOMENT: Poseidon vs Apollo in hand to hand combat 
  • Apollo referring to Athena as “Old Gray Eyes" 
  • Apollo going insane (scary but actually kind of funny) 
  • Will reminding Apollo of his mother anD WILL BEING OLDER THAN HIS OWN DAD 
  • Meg being a scary ass tornado of pain (in the cutest way possible) 
  • Apollo and the Apollo kids 
  • the idea that half the medical schools in the world are inhabited by Apollos descendants along with like the entire Rock and Roll Hall of Fame like guys these demigods are awesome
  • please 
  • a moment of silence 
  • for my dearest Solangelo 
  • becoming canon 
  • we did it guys 
  • I love you all 
  • Chiron :) 
  • Nico calling Will a dork 
  • APOLLO CONFIRMING THAT HE DONT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT GENDER AND CONFIRMING THAT THE GODS DONT EITHER GUYS THIS IS GREAT WE HAVE BISEXUAL GODS Apollo speaks of 2 of his loves and we assume it’s 2 girls when in reality it’s a boy and a girl and I am so happy 
  • Chiron and his fishnet lady legs 
  • the new Hermes pranking duo being girls 
  • Apollo calling Solangelo cute 
  • Nico “I have a doctor’s” note Di Angelo
  • the minor gods having repped kids 
  • Nico wanting to kill Leo
  • Paolo ranting in Portugese 
  • Nico getting jealous!!? 
  • "She’s a communist!" 
  • Apollo reveling in things like a toothbrush and deodorant and bacon
  • "Bacon is good" 
  • Apollo said he changes gender sometimes guys the gods are not only bi/pan they are gender fluid this is awesome 
  • Chiara ranting in Italian 
  • everyone loosing their shit and sanity when Apollo plays the guitar and Austin and Apollo connecting through music (honestly this Apollo family is going to be the death of me
  • Damien and Charia brotp 
  • Damien taking revenge on a guitar in the name of Apollo 
  • OLYMPUS MOMENT: Athena hanging out with athletic African nymphs 
  • OLYMPUS MOMENT: Hephestus and Apollo having to wrestle the god Hypnos back to bed after he sleepwalked into ArtEMIS’S PRIVATE CHAMBERS 
  • OLYMPUS MOMENT: Persephone attacking pork ribs 
  • Artemis the womb hog and Apollo missing Artemis (they have to have a moment in this series please the overall idea of FAMILY in this book just warms my heart)
  • "Do not end up in Peru." 
  • OLYMPUS MOMENT: Apollo saying that Typhon raging the earth or the rise of Gaea was just as scary as accidentally seeing Ares naked in the gym 
  • Apollo getting protective over his children (and calling them his friends) 
  • Apollo comforting Harley 
  • “Romans gonna hate.” 
  • “Wait. I’m mortal. Murder would kill me. Nevermind.”
  • “I’m not a tree priest.” 
  • OLYMPUS MOMENT: Apollo and Artemis acting like brother and sister for real (kick me signs on Apollo’s back) 
  • murdurous ukulele 
  • Apollo thinking Hephestus made it when it was actually Harley 
  • Apollo getting protective over Meg 
  • Apollo calling Paolo handsome 
  • Meg being a boss 
  • hippie Rhea. Mother Earth is a massive hippie. Rhea in Woodstock guys
  • Rhea’s laugh sounding like a piglet with asthma 
  • "They have no chill whatsoever." 
  • I’m pretty sure Rhea is basically high for all of this 
  • Solangelo supporting each other 
  • Apollo’s song of all his flaws which was probably one of the most beautiful and heartbreaking forms of character development I have ever seen in my life omg I mean it was just all of his pride just being shattered and him coming to terms with what a messed up being he is I mean that is when he truly became human
  • OLYMPUS MOMENT: Hera yelling at Apollo for leaving the seat up 
  • Apollo rapping to serenade an ant queen and the ant queen approves 
  • soccer mom queen ant 
  • Nico and Will on a canoe ride together (sadly to be interrupted by a giant naked statue) 
  • Malcolm the "I-forgot-my-pants-here’s-my-bright-red-underwear” perfect battlefield commander 
  • Apollo’s greatest insult = “YOU’RE UGLY!" 
  • "I have a doctor’s note.” (we get it Nico…) 
  • OLYMPUS MOMENT: Hades being a little shit and scaring Apollo when he used an arrow of death 
  • Will: Nico’s going to pass out. Nico: nO IM NOT *passes out* 
  • Will referring to Nico as the Lord of Darkness 
  • Ms. O'Leary taking a piss on the Colossus head (and Percy’s reaction) 
  • Bronze Butt 
  • talking arrows
  • Percy: We need you. You can do this. Also Percy: Besides, if you don’t, I will personally throw you off the Empire State Building 
  • Percy and his never ending stream of insults and curses as he fights
  • Damien and Chiara…I ship them? (I’m officially calling it Damiara) 
  • Will snores 
  • Percy knows that if he’s gonna die it’s only gonna be at the hands of Annabeth and no one else
  • the demigods lining up to punch Leo one by one (Damian punching Leo just for the fuck of it)
  • Leo and Harley omg eternal love for the Hephestus brothers (and yes Nyssa can’t forget about the big sis)
  • Nyssa ranting in Spanish 
  • Leo and Percy high fiving as they remember the good old days sarcastic bros reunite #hoothrowback
  • Chiron wants to give you a hugSUPRISE MOTHERFUCKER THATS WHAT YOU GET rip Leo (again)
  • A P O L L O   F A M I L Y 
  • Live fully and without fear. ~Calypso
An Avengers Christmas

A/N: Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Holidays! 💖

Clint has created a chatroom.

Clint has invited Y/N.


Clint: Are you almost here yet? HURRY!

Y/N: Merry Christmas, Clint. I’m almost to the tower, calm yourself.


Y/N: You just want me there so you can finally open the gifts, don’t you?

Clint: What? NO! Of course not.

Clint: You’ve been gone FOREVER! We have to spend this day as a family. And open the gifts, together… So hurry.

Y/N: I was gone for 2 days. You can open ONE gift. I won’t tell the others.

Clint: Why couldn’t we send Pietro on the mission, again? Why did you have to go?

Clint: I think I’ll open the gift he got me.

Clint: I can’t believe this.

Y/N: What is it?

Clint: It’s a purple shirt that says OLD MAN.

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ktgracee19  asked:

Are your asks still open? If so can you a Pete dunne is dating someone that just came out of an abusive relationship and has panic attacks and how he reacts to them

- it happened during your first argument with Pete
- you should have warned him you guess, about what had happened and the mental scars you were left with
- he was off ranting about how it wasn’t his fault about something or another when you felt it
- your chest began to constrict and you started having trouble breathing and it just felt like your skin was on too tight
- you knew that there was nothing to be scared of with Pete. For all his bluster And surliness, Pete would rather throw himself off of tall building that raise a hand to you but the panic and fear didn’t care
- Pete didn’t notice that you had gone silent at first, continuing pacing and making dramatic hand gestures
- he turned to you too sharply, too suddenly and you flinched away from him, curling in on yourself
- the tears were welling in your eyes and it just was too much.
- The fire seemed to rush out of Pete, and he reached forward to grab your chin
- “Talk to me. I can’t fix it unless you tell me. ”
- you waited too long to reply and Pete wrapped you up in an embrace, his chin resting on the top of your head
- it was fifteen minutes of silence later that it all came rushing out
- your ex, when things went bad, the scars on your hips and thighs…
- You could feel the tension in his body, every muscle fiber jumping and twitching in rage
- he tried to keep it cool for you, but a poker face was not one of Pete’s strong suits
- it took another hour before you were calm enough for him to coax you into taking a bath
- he’d mumbled an excuse while typing intently on his phone, that he was going out for a bit
- you didn’t see him for four hours, falling asleep without him
- you woke up briefly to him sliding into bed with you, being pressed firmly against your body
- maybe it was the sleepy fog over your brain that lead you to think that his knuckles were raw and bloody, maybe it was just your imagination playing tricks
- you feel back asleep in his arms, feeling safe and warm
- it’s when you woke up the next morning, his clothes gone and a note neatly folded on a pillow that your heart broke
- “I’m no good for you, especially after what you’ve been through. I’m sorry. -P”

anonymous asked:

Hello! I just read your HC where MC loses someone to suicide. Could you do one where MC is suicidal and the RFA + the Minor trio help? Thank you, love! Your blog is great 💙

Thanks, I’m so happy you liked it and think my blog is great!! I hope that you are doing okay, and I send out all the hugs to you if that’s not the case. I feel like I’m terrible at angst, so I’m happy you like it!!! Onto the headcanon!!!


  • The first time he finds out is horrible
  • You guys were sleeping when he woke up to you sobbing, screaming incoherently, hand over your mouth try and muffle the noise
  • Immediately concerned
  • You tell him about it, about how it’s getting harder and harder to wake up, to look at yourself in the mirror, to do anything
  • You just want to sleep, sleep forever and ever
  • You’re tired of constantly battling your mind
  • Extremely worried, calls a nearby doctor, but they’re closed for some reason
  • Wakes you up early in the morning to see someone
  • You resist at first, if there’s one thing you hates it’s medication
  • But he manages to convince you
  • He knows it’s going to be long, and sometimes painful
  • But he won’t let you throw away your life due to a preventable illness


  • He notices you stopped eating, you’re just not hungry it seems
  • But when he really gets it is when you leave your journal open on the coffee table
  • He didn’t mean to pry, but when you’re writing in bright red pen in all caps it’s hard to miss
  • Horrified he hasn’t noticed before
  • When you get back from work he sits you down, and you knows he’s found out
  • He talks to you about your choices, you aren’t anorexic, you don’t get sick, and you feel hungry
  • That’s not your problem
  • Your problem you tell him is that your stuck, you know that there should be a decision to make, but you really don’t feel like that because as far as you see it there’s only one option
  • He listens, but as soon as your done he drives you to the nearest clinic
  • You at diagnosed with severe depression, and PTSD, you were in foster care when you wee younger and have some horrible memories, that resulted in you being suicidal
  • He goes to all the sessions, makes sure you take your meds, monitors your eating, and begins to take classes about it
  • He’s determined to spread awareness of this


  • She notices you’ve been quiet for the past few months
  • At first she thought you were just going through something
  • But when you attempt to throw yourself off a building and are saved it becomes obvious
  • You tell her that you can’t think straight, you can’t think about everything else, that everything bad someone’s told you about you is constantly echoing through your head
  • That you just want some quiet, a clean slate, somewhere where no one will know you
  • Her heart breaks when she hears this
  • You’re so amazing, you’ve helped her realize her dream
  • So she’s going to help you, the whole way
  • She’s in charge of your scheduling and meds, but makes sure you don’t try to off yourself again and delete yourself, because she’d find life unbearable
  • You begin to smile again after a few weeks
  • And eventually the therapist is confident to take you off medication, and limit sessions to one every two weeks
  • It’s an amazing day, and also a day you’ll never forget
  • Because after months Jaehee asks you to stay with her for the rest of your lives
  • It’s the day you become engaged


  • He notices the scars the first day you spend the night
  • And the next day is ready for a talk
  • You tell him that you suffer GAD, and that you’ve been suicidal ever since your soon to be aunt died of pancreatic cancer
  • He listens, and hugs you when you begin breaking down and saying, you just want it all to end, you don’t want to worry about it anymore, that it’d be better if you just left, that you just keep blaming yourself
  • Hires A+ therapist
  • You suffer from depression triggered from self blame
  • Jumin listens intently and has Jaehee prepare a schedule
  • You tell Jaehee you’re sorry
  • He holds you when you’re in the middle of an attack and sobbing your heart out
  • You get better, but it’s evident you’ll be on meds for at least a couple of years
  • This upsets you, but he’s there with a glass of cold water, and a listening ear
  • High level medication, stuff that shouldn’t affect you too much
  • But most of all he understands that you can’t control your anxiety, and that you still have a hard time with self blame, he doesn’t think you’re being stupid, he doesn’t pity you in a patronizing way
  • He knows that you literally cannot help it, and whenever he hears someone speaking bad of suicide you have to make sure he controls himself
  • He cannot condone people delegitimizing this


  • He has dealt with this before
  • You feel bad that he has to deal with both you and Saeran
  • You feel like you aren’t doing enough
  • And what was minor depression, with occasional bad days spirals into constant suicidal thoughts
  • You can’t stop thinking that, you can’t stop think your life is pointless and meaningless, that people wouldn’t notice, that they’d be better off if you were just gone
  • That the pain of death is nothing compared to the immeasurable pain of staying alive
  • So you begin cutting
  • Saeyoung has been dealing with his work, so he actually doesn’t really notice until you end up in the hospital
  • Immediately guilty
  • You and Saeran are the light of his life, how could he neglect you?
  • Immediately asks forgiveness
  • You cry and keep blaming yourself, why didn’t my attempt work?!
  • You are very unstable, and he agrees to making you stay in the hospital
  • Makes sure you have constant attention
  • Visits at the same times you have to take meds, to make sure you take them and the correct amount
  • You try once more, but after no more
  • You can address you issues, and begin to live your life again
  • You see light, and the hope that was buried under dust and pain finally immerges again
  • Saeyoung is so proud of you and Saeran’s improvement


  • You two were grumbling and bickering about the surgery for a good long time
  • And somehow Rika kept coming up in the arguments
  • You get fed up, but try burying it
  • But after a few months you can’t take it
  • Everyone always acts like Rika is a goddess, they’re probably right
  • And what are you in comparison
  • So while V still can’t see you you cut
  • A lot
  • But after about three weeks he notices
  • He goes to grab your wrist when he trips and he feels it
  • The still slightly wet line across your wrists
  • Sits you down
  • The amount of scars you have horrifies him
  • But you don’t cry, don’t show emotion
  • Just says “Well, I figured I’m just taking after Rika. After all she seems like the perfect person.”
  • He feels extremely guilty
  • But right now that is not the problem
  • Takes you to the ER
  • The doctors there are worried by the amount of blood loss
  • You take a ton of meds, and you’re food intake is monitored to make sure you’re eating enough
  • And V, well he begins to monitor what he says
  • Very worried about bringing up Rika
  • And when you’re good enough to be out of hospital and have been stable for a few weeks he breaks it to you
  • He’ll get the surgery
  • He can’t spend more of his time thinking of the past and drifting away from you


  •  He’s been through a lot
  • But he also needs help
  • The attacks are long and painful, and during them the things he says are just horrible
  • Even has told you to go die a few times, on top of telling you that you aren’t worth the dirt he walks on
  • You last a long time, but two months of toil can do things to you
  • You start taking it in
  • Constantly his voice is ringing in your ears
  • It doesn’t help he never expresses emotion, and pushes human contact away often
  • So when you get a cold you see your opportunity
  • You down at least a third of the cough medicine you have
  • He finds you on the floor of the bathroom, breathing ragged and shallow
  • Screaming a crying, calls an ambulance immediately
  • You stay in a coma for five days
  • Those days are horribly slow
  • When you do wake up he apologizes, but you feel worse
  • You both go to a therapist, and he changes his prescriptions, and makes sure you get properly medicated as well
  • Terrified of loosing you


  • They’ve been unnatural busy for the past half year
  • And this results in quite some distance between you two
  • And grumpiness on their part
  • When your sister dies of osteosarcoma and they barely acknowledge it that drives you off the ledge
  • You’ve been trying so hard to fight it yourself, constantly battling your brain, trying desperately to keep clinging on to hope of a better  day
  • But you might as well have just lost two people
  • So you sneak into their apartment one more time
  • You know where they keep the gun
  • They gets home from shopping and finds you, gun under your neck, finger on the trigger
  • Get it away from you as fast as possible
  • You try to run out, but they catch you and sit you on the couch
  • And you kinda break on the outside
  • You being screaming about how you just want to leave, you just want it to stop, tears streaming down your face
  • They hug you and you slowly quiet down
  • Immediately at the ER
  • On top of your schedule, the types of meds, the dosage
  • Pays close attention to you
  • They understand their part in you almost letting go, and they want to make sure it doesn’t happen ever again

I hope you liked it from the bottom of my heart, it’s 1:37 AM, so I hope this is still of good quality. I got kinda emotional writing this I won’t lie. I’m tired, I’m also sorry that again it’s so long, but I just have a bunch of ideas. I hope this is what you wanted and that you enjoy it. I send all my love to you and thank you for reading!

anonymous asked:

*sees the avalanche of angst courtesy of winter sonata, clutches lucky us tighter*

Now you will have fluff to come back to in the midst of your pain. :D

Things I loved in Trials of Apollo: The Hidden Oracle [SPOILER ALERT]

Pretty much everything lol 

- Lester Papadopoulos

- He has acne and flab

- Meg McCaffrey 

- Why?

- Sally Jackson is pregnant

- Percy is going to be a big brother (omg omg) 

- “The blonde scary one” 

- “Because Poseidon”


- Kayla and Austin


- ”She’s a communist”


- ”Significant annoyance”

- ”I apologize to MY BOYFRIEND” (THIS IS GOLD)

- Nico “I have a doctor’s note” Di Angelo

- “I’m his doctor“


- Bisexual Apollo 

- Peaches


- The A-list 

- Solangelo 

- Apollo drama queen lol 

- “will you be my buddy?”

- Nico calling Will a dork 

- Apollo calling Solangelo cute


- Paolo’s arms

- Paolo

- Jealous Nico

- Hippie Rhea

- Solangelo supporting each other 

- Nico and Will on a canoe ride together

- ”Lord of Darkness ”

- ”Percy Jackson had arrived”

- Percy put his hand on my shoulder. “You’re Apollo. We need you. You can do this. Besides, if you don’t, I will personally throw you off the top of the Empire State Building.

- Damien and Chiara 


- CALEO  omg  ❤

- Percy and Calypso had hugged awkwardly… 

- Calypso is mortal 

- ”That’s my mamacita,”  LOOL

- “Live fully and without fear.”

- what happend in Albania? 

- Calypso gonna go on an adventure, yaaaas CALEO OMG 

This book was fucking amazing,  I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE SECOND BOOK 

Song:Goner-Twenty One Pilots

You pulled out your keys and approached your house.
You went to unlock your door but something was stopping you.

“Why is there a sulking Damon Salvatore on my porch"you pouted as you turnt to face your swing.

“I’m not sulking, I’m deep in thought"he shot back.

"Well that’s extremely dangerous"you held your hands in the air and walked over to Damon.

"But seriously what’s wrong? You haven’t been this moody since…ever"you scrunched up your nose as you tried to think back to a time when Damon was down in the dumps.

"Have you flipped the switch again, because if you have im going to murder you. Do you know how long it took me to get through to you last time? Do you know what I had to do?. I had to throw myself off a building that wasn’t very fun!"you started to rant.

"If I flipped the switch I wouldn’t be feeling like this"he sighed.

"Feeling like what? You need to talk to me that’s what friends are for?"You gave his hand a squeeze.

"See that’s the problem, I can’t be friends with you?!"he shouted, making you jump back abit.

"Wh-why not?"you clutched onto his hand tighter, despite being slightly scared.

"Because I am in love with you, the way you look after me, you only see the good in me when everyone else sees bad, your incredibly smart and you have such a kind heart. I love you and I have done for about 2 years now"Damon sighed.

Your mouth opened, you were speechless.
"Y/n will you say something, because if you stay silent like this I might just actually flip my switch"Damon laughed.

"No no! Don’t do that! I’m just im glad you told me, I thought my feelings weren’t returned but I obviously thought wrong"you nodded a smile growing on each of your faces.

Headphones || Harrison Wells x Reader

Request: Can we get a E2 Wellsxreader where when they’re trying to catch Zoom using the radio waves thing ( lol I forgot what it was called) and the reader sacrifices her headphones for Jesse, thus causing her to pass out. And when she wakes up, Jesse and Harrry are by her side?? Super dramatic then fluffy? You’re the best!!! ps you don’t have to write this if you don’t want to…. I know it’s kind of specific long… - anon

 Word Count: 1,145

 A/N: woop my first Harry imagine. I actually quite like this one tbh considering I started writing it at quarter to five in the morning. It’s currently five past six in the morning, I can’t sleep at all because I’m in so much pain (woohoo) but on the bright side, I was inspired to chip into my requests. I really enjoyed this request so thank you to the anon who requested it, I hope this lives up to your hopes and that you all enjoy my five am fan fiction thoughts 😂also this was written on my phone so sorry if there’s any typos, there shouldn’t be but just incase x Anywho, I hope you’re doing well. Remember to stay hydrated and eat well x Enjoy. Also, damn I just bloody love Wells. Also 2.0, sorry for the naff title, I had absolutely no idea what to call it.

“Okay can someone explain this to me in English please? Not all of us here are scientific geniuses.” You say with an arched brow, trying to comprehend what Cisco and Harrison were going on about with the machine they had created. 

 A soft laugh left Harrison’s lips at your statement “Basically, people from different Earths vibrate at different frequencies and if you play certain frequencies, it can cause pain or more severe effects to whoever hears it. This machine will let out a frequency that only affects people from Earth 2, meaning yourself, Jesse and I along with Zoom.” He explained a bit more simply this time.  

“Which is why I created these headphones.” Cisco began, holding up three pairs of said headphones as he spoke “To block out the sound so you won’t be affected.” You nodded sharply in response, smiling as Cisco handed you a pair of the headphones before passing a pair along to Jesse and Harry too. The familiar gust of wind from Barry blew your (H/C) hair into your face with a cool chill, leaving you to waft it out of your face in annoyance. Barry was a wonderful guy, but was not always appreciated when you had spent forty five minutes that morning attempting to style your hair remotely nicely. Not that you were trying to impress anyone in particular, that’d be crazy. 

 “Alright, let’s do this.” Harry said, placing his headphones over his ears, Jesse and yourself following suit. You couldn’t help but notice the look of worry on the young girl’s face, so you quickly grabbed her hand comfortingly, giving her a warm smile.

 “Here.We.Go.” Your heart began to beat at a much faster rate as the computer screen lit up, indicating the startup of the machine. It wasn’t as if you had anything to worry about though, the headphones would protect you. It seemed quite odd to be completely stripped of your hearing,especially when you were aware you should have been hearing a very loud noise. The increasingly tight grip of Jesse’s hand in your own broke you from your trace, quickly turning to face her only to see a look of horror on her face as she held her head in her hands. ‘It hurts, it hurts’ You could just about make out her speech by reading her lips. It didn’t take a scientific genius to realise that Jesse’s headphones weren’t working. Like an instant reflex, without a second thought, you pulled Jesse’s headphones from her head, yanking your own off before thrusting them upon Jesse’s head ; a loud shriek of pain left your lips as the noise began to infiltrate your head, feeling as if your brain was on fire. “No,no.” She shrieked with teary eyes, everyone’s attention being brought to the situation by this point. “It’s okay, it’s okay,” You reassured her, a flickering smile on your face. 

“(Y/N) no!” Harrison’s familiar voice called out.

The pain in your head began to dull as you suddenly felt an overwhelming state of drowsiness flood over your body. Finding it increasingly difficult to keep your eyes open, your body began swaying before your legs just gave way. You had completely passed out before even hitting the ground, but Harrison rushed to your aid to make sure that didn’t happen. The scenario that had seemed to play out in complete slow motion instantly sped right up as Joe rushed to turn the machine off, everyone instantly crowding around your fallen form.

 "(Y/N)!“ Jesse shrieked, tearfully.

 “It’s okay, it’s gonna be okay.” Henry attempted to calm Jesse down as Caitlin rushed over to check your heart beat.

 “She’s still breathing, we need to get her to the medical wing now.” 

 "Dad, is (Y/N) gonna be okay?” 

“Of course, she’s a fighter.”

 “You promise?” “I promise.”

 "Cisco, I swear to God if you play even a second of Poker Face, I will throw you off the top of this building.” 

 “God help me (Y/N) please wake up, you can’t leave me alone with these lunatics for any longer.” You could make out the familiar voices of Jesse and Harry and a rather aggravated sounding Caitlin, but their voices sounded as if they were underwater and it was like you had been bound down to the bed, unable to move a muscle no matter how much you wanted to or how hard you tried. If you could just open your ey- 

“(Y/N)!” You grimaced slightly, the rather loud & excited proclamation from Jesse stinging like needles to your still rather sore head. 

 “That’s my name, don’t wear it out.” You replied with a soft laugh in a rather croaky voice, a mischievous grin on your face.

 “Always the smart ass.” Harry chuckled, shaking his head. 

 “How long have I been out?” You asked, trying to push yourself up into a more comfortable seated position.

“About thirteen hours.” Wow. Surprisingly though, not your record time for sleeping.

“Thank you (Y/N), I really can’t thank you enough.” Jesse said softly, hugging your frail feeling body tightly.

“I’ll always be there for you Jesse Quick.” You smiled back warmly “It’s late, you should go get some sleep, I’ll be fine.” After one last warm hug, Jesse obliged to your request.

“You should have let me do that, you could have gotten seriously hurt.” Harry said dismally, his brows furrowing as he spoke. 

“And you could have too.” You shot back. 

“Well just promise me next time you won’t to anything crazy like that, I don’t want you to get seriously hurt. Or worse.” 

“Am I hearing this right? Does the great Harrison Wells worry about me?.” You replied, faking immense shock, causing Harrison to chuckle softly at your antics. 

“Who else would make my coffee?” He smirked in response. 

“Wow. Okay, I am deeply offended by that.” You laughed, shaking your head as you sat up properly on the edge of the hospital like bed. “I do make great coffee though.”

“Thank you though, for doing that for Jesse.” Harry said, his tone a lot softer than usual. 

 “Anything for lil Wells.” You replied with a smile, a soft pink haze spreading across the tops of your cheeks. Time seemed to slow down as you stared up into Harrison’s bright blue eyes, your gaze flickering up and down between them and his lips, his own gaze seeming to do the exact same. It was as if a magnetic force was pulling the two of you together and before you could even think about it, your lips were pressed together, moulding together perfectly as your hands rested on Harry’s shoulders, his own lying on your hips. 

 “Hey (Y/N) how are you fee- oh, I’ll come back later.” You couldn’t help but smile into the kiss as Caitlin quickly entered and exited the room even quicker when she saw what you were doing.

Concrete Jungle

So there’s the mutation that you’re trying to hide, which is hard enough by itself, but now there’s this new school and cheerleading and cello and midterms and your tutor, Peter, who you’re starting to like, and Spider-Man, who you already do, and you just wish everything would slow down and give you a break for once.

author: sugardaddytonystark (formerly buckysbackpackbuckle)

pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

word count: 1257

author’s note: This is a fluff fic, so please do not ask for smut in this series. If you want me to continue this, let me know. If not thhhhen we can pretend like this never happened.

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I know I’ve been screeching about leverage a lot recently (sorry guys) but I want to take a moment, to seriously talk about it. 

Because I seriously, really, really love this dumbass show! 

What I especially love is the way they handle their characters. Like, leverage could’ve been one of those dark Edgy shows full of angst and man pain and everything being awful all of the time! I mean the premise is pretty bleak, and the only character that doesn’t have a vaguely horrifying backstory is Sophie and that’s because we know absolutely nothing about Sophie’s life before she was a grifter. 

Like Nate. Nate the depressed recently divorced alcoholic with a dead kid. Nate could’ve been the most annoying man pain-y character in existence. Especially considering Nate spends a lot of time being angry and self destructive and hurting the people around him, and, instead of leverage going down the spn route of romantising the fuck out of being miserable all the time and hurting the people you love, they actually, like address it?? Like, Nate does a lot of fucked up shit, but the narrative never once glamorise’s that or excuses it. Nate’s never allowed to get away with his shit. When he fucks up and hurts the others, and he does fuck up and hurt the others, they call him out on his shit. And they actually, like, address Nate’s alcoholism, like, explicitly, on screen?? And it doesn’t just, go away, it’s something Nate’s seen to struggle with consistently over the entire show. And yeah, Nate’s never like “cured” his addiction is a huge part of his life and it’s obviously going to always be there in one form or another but he does get better. He find’s a family, he turns his life around, he apologizes for all the shit he’s put them through and makes an effort to do better, and like, the show ends with Nate in a position that is 1000X better than the one he started in. 

Or Eliot, god, Eliot on any other show would’ve been insufferable! I mean, here’s this large, manly character who fights for a living with a tragic backstory. He could’ve been the most ridiculously hyper-masculine character ever, but like, instead, he’s a giant puppy. (A giant puppy who’s murdered people) But like, Eliot, un-ironically adores cooking, loves horses and singing and in my experiance generally when shows go “here’s this manly character that also likes un-manly things” it’s turned into a joke. They never do that with Eliot, ever. and yeah he’s kind of a womanizer at first, but he actually gets a shockingly low number of random one night stands, and, I don’t think we see a single one of them on screen. Plus, like, Eliot always seems genuinely respectful of the people he’s slept with/ dated, I mean, all those random facts Eliot pulls out from his previous girlfriends about fashion ect, Eliot obviously put a lot of time into learning about his partners passions and, I apreciate that. The way they deal with his past is pretty cool too, like Eliot canonically has done some really, really horrific things, and they very easily could’ve either used this for man pain or excused/ justified it. But they don’t. Instead they give Eliot a beautifully written redemption arc that drives home time and time again that he’s done awful things but that he’s trying to be better. 

(They also could’ve used it to make Eliot one of those annoying anti-hero types, ya know the “I don’t like guns/ killing but I’ll throw you off a building” types. Eliot doesn’t like to kill, and he doesn’t like guns, but instead of just having Eliot harp on about that whilst also like, doing things that very much should kill people, they actually show Eliot really not liking doing either of those things. Eliot will kill, if he has to, but he tried not to, he never says that, but you see it. And the gun thing is actually treated less like a moral issue and more like a trigger than anything.) 

Hardison, I love Hardison. So much. I love that he’s this warm loving openly affectionate character. Hardison loves them all so much and he makes sure they know it. And there are many, many posts out there talking about Hardison being great PoC representation so I’m not gonna talk about that too much because, well, it’s better if you read actual PoC’s meta than mine but I also adore that too! 

And Sophie, I love Sophie’s arc so much! I mean, Sophie is probably the least fucked up/ most functional member of the group, but she has her own issues, and those are treated beautifully. I love how Sophie goes from, having spent so much of her life lying that she doesn’t know how to tell the truth anymore and so much of her life pretending to be someone else that she doesn’t know who she is anymore to finding herself, and learning to trust her family enough to really let them in. 

Parker. Parker I could write for an infinity about. My love for Parker knows no bounds. Parker at the start is a character who’s been through hell and come out angry and broken and scared. Parker’s story is a recovery arc in many ways, there’s no doubt that Parker was abused, although you never know the details. In fact, I apreciate that you never know the details, because thats not what her story’s about. Her story’s about her, finding a family and learning to let people in again. Because whatever it is that happened to Parker she responds by shutting down. By pushing everyone away, by being absolutely, utterly terrified of letting anyone in, or of letting herself be vulnerable. 

Parker never falls into the good surviver trope either, her abuse is never framed as having made her better, or stronger, or kinder, it doesn’t make her weak either. It does make her sad, and angry and scared, but never weak. And that’s something I apreciate more deeply than I know how to phrase. That and the fact that her relationship with Hardison doesn’t just magically cure all her problems. She’s shown to struggle with her feelings for Hardison, she’s shown to be afraid of them, and of letting him in, and the two of them, they talk about it. He gives her the time and space she needs to be comfortable, he never pushes and he never fixes or saves, he loves Parker exactly the way she is. And, speaking of which, Parker’s probably one of the better examples of an autistic character I’ve come across (I’m not even treating this as a head canon Parker is literally autistic). Parker is autistic, parker is obviously autistic, she doesn’t understand emotions, either in herself or others, she says and does socially inappropriate things, has no idea how to interact with other people, is always taking things literally, honestly how does anyone think this girl is NT??? 

But, Parker’s autistic traits are just, accepted, unconditionally by the others and no one tries to fix her!!!!! Yes, Sophie teaches her how to grift, but mostly because Parker asks, the only time any of them ever try to teach her how normal people do things is if she asks them and, honestly like, it means a lot to me that parker gets to have a recovery/ redemption arc without any of her autistic traits being cured, or ever treated as things that need curing/ fixing!!

And TlDr I love the way everyone gets redemption/ recovery arcs (/actual character development) without the show ever forgetting or erasing their pasts!



Part One

Part Two

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Part three requested by @thestrawberryblondehobbitbatch.

A/N: So this is the concluding part to ‘Those Scars’ and it has a much more happier ending than the other two. Enjoy! xxx

“Hello, Y/N!” John greeted you. He hugged you. “Come on in. Mary is out at the moment.”

“It’s fine. It seems likes ages since I last saw you.”

“It has been.” You entered his house and took off your coat. You sat down in the living room. He made tea and you got talking. However there was an elephant in the room. That elephant was Sherlock Holmes. The conversation was normal and wasn’t awkward at all. There was just a feeling of sadness in the room due to a certain someone throwing themselves off of a building. You did as your boyfriend had instructed and didn’t tell John. You figured out that Mycroft knew because he would have had to. Molly knew because she’d told you the plan. However, in a sense, Sherlock may as well have been dead because you were suffering the same. His funeral seemed very realistic and you poured your heart out when giving a speech to his grave. His absence took its toll on you despite you knowing he was alive. 221B felt like it was in mourning just because a resident was missing. You stayed to give Mrs Hudson company. Sherlock left and then John moved out. She hadn’t been in contact with John much after his departure and you knew that she’d be devastated if you then left. So you lived at Baker Street with pain each day. You were very upset however you were also very angry. Sherlock didn’t say goodbye to you personally. He just sent a letter.

“How’s Mrs Hudson?” John asked.

“Fine,” You replied sadly because you knew what you would say next would bring up the topic of Sherlock. “She wants to see you. It has been two years and she misses you.”

“I know… I know. I am sorry. It’s just hard to go back after…”

“I understand.” You took his hand. “But you must see her and I know it will be hard to go back.”

“Do you know? You seem to be coping just fine!” You had no idea where John’s anger came from but you didn’t like it. The cheek he had to turn this around on you. You guessed that he had been bottling up his anger for so long.

“'Just fine?’ I have not been coping 'just fine!’ Just because I live in the same place does not mean that I’m suffering any less than you are. Do you know how hard it is to wake up every morning and regret the fact that you couldn’t stop your own lover taking his life? Or that you can’t change the fact that people believe that he is fake and he has to take that to his grave? I didn’t even see him! I just got a letter! A damned piece of paper with his writing on! I feel guilty John! Guilty that I have to move on without him and start a life that he could have had.” Tears brimmed in your eyes and you knew that John instantly felt guilt.

“Y/N, I am so sorry.” He took your hand. “What I said was uncalled for and it was not my place to say how you feel. Forgive me.”

You nodded. “I just miss him.” He pulled you into a hug and you cried into his chest. Two friends reunited with sorrow.



You rejoiced as you read in the newspaper that Sherlock’s name had been cleared. However the happiness was short lived because you suddenly felt the anger towards the consulting detective again. After being sat in Baker Street all of that day, you decided to stretch your legs. You took a walk around London. Eventually, you sat on a bench in Hyde Park which was overlooking the lake. You would sit there with Sherlock if you had a case in the area. You’d always return to that bench and talk about anything with him. If you had felt down in the dumps or a bit under the weather, then he’d take you there. He wasn’t the best at showing affection however he always knew that he was doing that right. You smiled at the fond memories.

“If only you could be here, Sherlock,” You muttered to yourself.

“I am,” A voice replied causing you to jolt your head side wards. You swallowed a lump down that was forming in your throat. You saw a tall man in a long black Belstaff coat with a blue scarf wrapped around his neck. He had a pale complexion and high cheekbones. A mop of brown curls was on his head an he had striking blue eyes. It was Sherlock.

“Two years…”

“I had to-”

“Two years and all I got was a letter!”

“I had to take down Moriarty’s network.”

“I don’t care! You could at least have said goodbye. What if you had been killed?”

“I made sure that I wasn’t. And it is okay now.”

“No it isn’t! It will never be okay!” You smacked him. He winced in pain however he saw it coming and he knew that only he was to blame. Yes, the famous Sherlock Holmes was admitting defeat. “I gave a speech. At your grave.”

“I heard you.”

“Then I cried all the way home.”

“I saw you.”

“And then I couldn’t get over your loss even though I knew you was alive.”

He sighed. “I’m sorry.”

“Sorry is just a word. If you com back to 221B, then you’re staying in John’s old room.” You turned and walked away leaving Sherlock on his own.

He sat down on the bench and proclaimed, “I’ve missed you.”



It had been two months since that argument. You hardly ever saw Sherlock even though you were living in the same flat. That was your doing. You got up early in the morning and spent most of the day out. You came back late and then isolated yourself from him in what was your shared bedroom. He had tried to see more of you but you just ignored him. It broke the pair of you but you did not want to get yourself hurt like before.



Sherlock was sat in his armchair thinking. He wasn’t in his mind palace or anything so it was nothing special. He was just thinking. It was pouring down with rain outside and you had yet to return back to the flat. That was until the door opened. You stood in the doorway drenched from head to toe. Your wet hair stuck to your face and drops of rain trickled down your cheeks. However, your eyes were puffy and he could tell you had been crying. You stood staring at each other for around a minute before you broke down.

“I miss you,” You told him. He got up and hugged you. Something he wanted to do since the moment he left. He took no notice to the fact that rain from you had dampened his shirt. You cried for a second time that day as he held you tightly.

“Let’s get you dry and warmed up,” He replied pulling away. “I promise you one thing, I will never leave you alone again.”

“Just know that although you are a huge twat, I will always come back to you.”

Oh, come to daddy

 Pairing; Joker x reader 

A/N: Y/N runs and hides in the house which Mister J isn’t at all pleased with

Warning: Smut

You and Mister J had just gotten into a huge fight over a heist gone wrong. You happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and the bat caught your foot and threatened to throw you off the roof of the building if Mister J didn’t surrender. He knew you were his only weakness. You put yourself in harm’s way, and Mister J was not happy. Usually when he got angry like this, he would take it out on you sexually and honestly, you didn’t mind. Actually, loved it when he played rough with you.

Only you’d never seen him this angry before, which made you scared so you stormed out of his bedroom. The minute you slammed the door you could hear it being kicked open again and his footsteps chasing you down the hall. Which leads us to your current situation. You sitting with your knees pressed to your chest inside the kitchen counter.

You could hear him entering the kitchen and you held your breath, praying to god he didn’t hear your breathing through the cabinet. ‘’Y/N??’’ he sang as he paced around the kitchen counter. ‘’I know you’re in here doll’’ his voice was lower now.

Every time he walked past your hiding spot, your breath hitched in your throat. He kept pacing around the kitchen island, torturing you. ‘’Don’t you wanna play with your daddy?’’ he growled. All of a sudden, he stopped. The crack of light between the counter doors were now blocked by a shadow. He tapped his fingers at the fridge. ‘’If you come out right now, I won’t be too hard on you. Your choice dollface.’’

You considered it. If you came out now, he’d play a bit nicer. On the other hand, if you just stayed in here, he would eventually have to give up and go look in another room. You decided to stay put until he got tired of looking. Wrong choice.

All of a sudden, the counter doors were slammed open and a hand grabbed your arm and pulled you out of the cabinet. He let go of your arm and breathed heavily as he glared at you. You started to back away slowly, turning your head to see what your options were in terms of escaping. Slim. Before you could attempt to make a run for it, he caught you from behind and used his grip to spin you around so that you were facing him. He squeezed your hips and lifted you up on the kitchen counter as you whimpered. ‘’You’ve been a very very bad little girl.’’ You couldn’t lie. His rough and dominant side had always turned you on. ‘’Daddy’s gonna have to punish you’’ he growled, his lips only inches from your sore ones.

He used his rough hands to part your legs and got in-between them. Attaching his lips to your neck and started sucking, his hand started travelling up your knee. When it reached your mid-thigh, you slapped it away without even thinking. The feeling was so intense that your body shivered. Mister J looked into your eyes and growled at you before using his other hand to grip your throat and slam the back of your head into the wall as he squeezed.

He used his other hand to glide it up your thigh until he started rubbing your inner, warm thigh. You couldn’t help but sigh in pleasure as he caressed your body roughly. His hand slid further up and he started rubbing your throbbing pussy through your stockings. Mister J let go of your throat and attached his lips to yours. The kiss was needy and passionate. You felt your legs turn to Jell-O as his tongue worked wonders on you.

‘’M-mistah j’’ you whimpered in pleasure as he placed his lips on your earlobe and started nibbling on it. ‘’Such a good little girl’’ he purred into your ear as you threw your head back. His hands grabbed your waist and carried you out of the kitchen and into his bedroom again. He carried you to the bed and dropped you on it. You were on your knees, looking at him with puppy eyes. ‘’Nice try, princess.’’ He chuckled as he sat down on the edge of the purple satin sheets.

He patted his thighs, ‘’On your stomach.’’ He growled and you crawled on top of him and laid down. Mister J pulled down your stockings in two swift movements and ripped your black lace panties off with his strong hand. You shrieked quietly as you felt the sting of the materiel being ripped off your skin.

You were breathing heavily, the anticipation killing you. Mister J started rubbing your ass with his palm and breathed heavily. ‘’Daddy’s good little girl’’ he murmured as your bit your lip. His hand came crashing down on your butt cheek and you screamed from the pain and the surprise. He kept slapping your ass with all the force he could muster, your back arching for every slap. ‘’Mmmmm’’ you moaned when he slapped you for the fifteenth time. ‘’Oh you like that don’t you? Naughty, naughty.’’ He purred as he rubbed your pink, sore ass.

His fingers started rubbing your inner, naked thigh and you took a deep breath, devouring the pleasure he was providing you with. He used his thumb to run it over your slit, feeling your pool of wetness soaking his finger. ‘’God, you’re so fucking wet for me.’’ His voice had turned into a low growl as he pushed two fingers inside you. You arched your back and moaned loudly as he rubbed circles on your clit with his thumb.

As soon as he had begun, he stopped and pushed you onto your back, on the middle of the bed. He ripped his white shirt and pants off as he crawled over you like an animal. Your body was withering, desperate for his touch. He put his tongue on your hard nipple and swirled it around. Just the sight of it, made your pussy drip.

He slithered down your body, placing little bites and kisses on your stomach as he reached your throbbing pussy. He looked at it and kissed your slit, teasing you to the point where you nearly started screaming. ‘’Look how swollen your cute little clit is for me’’ He kissed it and you moaned at the intense feeling spreading through your body. The side effects were always sexual, and you were dying for a taste.

Mister J grabbed your thighs with his strong arms and pinned you down as he started flicking his wet tongue on your swollen clit. You moaned loudly and arched your back as you gripped the satin sheets. ‘’Oh, god!’’ you moaned. Mister J looked up at your and smirked. ‘’Yeah, you like that baby? Does that feel good?’’ he growled, his voice sending vibrations through your body.

He began sucking on your clit and you felt your eyes sink to the back of your head. ‘’Y-y-yes daddy, fuck yes, it feels so good.’’ You whimpered as he devoured you. Just as you felt your orgasm building up, he stopped and crawled back on top of you. He pulled his throbbing cock out of his boxers and ran it up and down your slit as he stared at you. You felt chills travel down your entire body. Before he could continue, you pushed him off you and got on your knees. First, he was surprised, but when he saw you crawling over to him, cheeks red and hair messy with your perky little tits, he didn’t object.

You used your tongue and flicked it on his tip. Mister J threw his head back and growled under his breath. ‘’Don’t tease me.’’ You ran your tongue up his shaft before you took all of him into your mouth and started bobbing your head. Mister J tightened his jaw and grabbed your hair, stroking it. ‘’Goooood girl.’’ He groaned as he watched his little girl make her daddy feel good. When he felt his stomach tightening, he grabbed your head and pushed you up. You quickly got the hint, and straddled him. You rubbed your wet pussy on his hard cock, teasing him, before he grabbed your hips roughly and forced himself into you.

You both moaned at the sensation. You started bucking your hips, feeling his cock fill you up and hitting all the right places. ‘’God, you’re still so fucking tight.’’ He groaned and pinched your nipples which made you gasp in pleasure. ‘’Mmm, god you feel so good.’’ You moaned with your hands pressed on his tattooed chest.

Mister J grabbed your waist and threw you on your back before crawling on top of you and thrusting into you, harder than he’d ever done before. You felt your stomach tighten as he thrusted into harder and faster for each time. He kept his eyes locked on yours and grunted as he felt your tight little walls pleasure him. You were both two moaning messes, groping, biting, sucking and slapping every body part you could find on each other.

His thrusts eventually got sloppier and he clenched his fist on the headboard of the bed. ‘’You gonna cum for your daddy hmm? Come on dollface, cum for me. I want your sweet little juices to cum for me’’ You moaned at his hoarse words as you grabbed his shoulder and moaned loudly, your walls clenching. ‘’I want you to cum in me daddy’’ you moaned into his mouth and this sent him over the edge. He growled loudly as he released his warm liquid into you. You were both panting heavily, lying next to each other. He rubbed your chin with his thumb and admired you. Next time, find a better hiding spot.

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Gargoyle dating headcanons maybe?

Due to obvious circumstances, you two can only hang out during the night. Because of this, a popular date-night activity is making fun of late-night infomercials.

They’re made of stone, which is both a blessing and a curse. You love laying on them during the summer, but come winter? You’re bundled up in ten blankets and it still isn’t enough.

Hope you enjoy flying through the city. They want to go to the Empire State Building, they’re gonna GO to the Empire State Building.

If you make any kind of rock jokes they throw you off of the nearest building and steal your wallet.

Confident (Part 6)

Summary: Your best friend growing up was Sam Wilson but with his busy life as an Avenger and your life in the Air Force, you two never really got to spend much time together. That was until you applied to become the new War Machine after Col. James Rhodes retired. Now Sam won’t let you be and a new protective streak has started but will it end your friendship or only make things stronger? Bucky X Reader

A/N: This part was a little interesting to write. Here was have a little more backstory on the reader. I don’t label my readers a certain race but I do want to hint how likely she is a POC. Just to give some diversity for my stories. Let me know what you think! I’m serious, whether you liked it or not.  

Warning: Swearing (This will never NOT be a tag)/Rape mentioned/Arguing

Part 5

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Enchanted (One-Shot) Bucky x Reader

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Request: where Bucky, reader and Avengers are fighting Loki and reader gets too close to Loki and his sceptre, resulting in her being under his control instead of Clint, and the reader is ordered to kill Bucky.

Warnings: swearing, violence, feels (AGAIN sorry if I didn’t do it justice, I’m really new to one shots!)

Word count: 2387


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