*throws you off a building*

Oh, come to daddy

 Pairing; Joker x reader 

A/N: Y/N runs and hides in the house which Mister J isn’t at all pleased with

Warning: Smut

You and Mister J had just gotten into a huge fight over a heist gone wrong. You happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and the bat caught your foot and threatened to throw you off the roof of the building if Mister J didn’t surrender. He knew you were his only weakness. You put yourself in harm’s way, and Mister J was not happy. Usually when he got angry like this, he would take it out on you sexually and honestly, you didn’t mind. Actually, loved it when he played rough with you.

Only you’d never seen him this angry before, which made you scared so you stormed out of his bedroom. The minute you slammed the door you could hear it being kicked open again and his footsteps chasing you down the hall. Which leads us to your current situation. You sitting with your knees pressed to your chest inside the kitchen counter.

You could hear him entering the kitchen and you held your breath, praying to god he didn’t hear your breathing through the cabinet. ‘’Y/N??’’ he sang as he paced around the kitchen counter. ‘’I know you’re in here doll’’ his voice was lower now.

Every time he walked past your hiding spot, your breath hitched in your throat. He kept pacing around the kitchen island, torturing you. ‘’Don’t you wanna play with your daddy?’’ he growled. All of a sudden, he stopped. The crack of light between the counter doors were now blocked by a shadow. He tapped his fingers at the fridge. ‘’If you come out right now, I won’t be too hard on you. Your choice dollface.’’

You considered it. If you came out now, he’d play a bit nicer. On the other hand, if you just stayed in here, he would eventually have to give up and go look in another room. You decided to stay put until he got tired of looking. Wrong choice.

All of a sudden, the counter doors were slammed open and a hand grabbed your arm and pulled you out of the cabinet. He let go of your arm and breathed heavily as he glared at you. You started to back away slowly, turning your head to see what your options were in terms of escaping. Slim. Before you could attempt to make a run for it, he caught you from behind and used his grip to spin you around so that you were facing him. He squeezed your hips and lifted you up on the kitchen counter as you whimpered. ‘’You’ve been a very very bad little girl.’’ You couldn’t lie. His rough and dominant side had always turned you on. ‘’Daddy’s gonna have to punish you’’ he growled, his lips only inches from your sore ones.

He used his rough hands to part your legs and got in-between them. Attaching his lips to your neck and started sucking, his hand started travelling up your knee. When it reached your mid-thigh, you slapped it away without even thinking. The feeling was so intense that your body shivered. Mister J looked into your eyes and growled at you before using his other hand to grip your throat and slam the back of your head into the wall as he squeezed.

He used his other hand to glide it up your thigh until he started rubbing your inner, warm thigh. You couldn’t help but sigh in pleasure as he caressed your body roughly. His hand slid further up and he started rubbing your throbbing pussy through your stockings. Mister J let go of your throat and attached his lips to yours. The kiss was needy and passionate. You felt your legs turn to Jell-O as his tongue worked wonders on you.

‘’M-mistah j’’ you whimpered in pleasure as he placed his lips on your earlobe and started nibbling on it. ‘’Such a good little girl’’ he purred into your ear as you threw your head back. His hands grabbed your waist and carried you out of the kitchen and into his bedroom again. He carried you to the bed and dropped you on it. You were on your knees, looking at him with puppy eyes. ‘’Nice try, princess.’’ He chuckled as he sat down on the edge of the purple satin sheets.

He patted his thighs, ‘’On your stomach.’’ He growled and you crawled on top of him and laid down. Mister J pulled down your stockings in two swift movements and ripped your black lace panties off with his strong hand. You shrieked quietly as you felt the sting of the materiel being ripped off your skin.

You were breathing heavily, the anticipation killing you. Mister J started rubbing your ass with his palm and breathed heavily. ‘’Daddy’s good little girl’’ he murmured as your bit your lip. His hand came crashing down on your butt cheek and you screamed from the pain and the surprise. He kept slapping your ass with all the force he could muster, your back arching for every slap. ‘’Mmmmm’’ you moaned when he slapped you for the fifteenth time. ‘’Oh you like that don’t you? Naughty, naughty.’’ He purred as he rubbed your pink, sore ass.

His fingers started rubbing your inner, naked thigh and you took a deep breath, devouring the pleasure he was providing you with. He used his thumb to run it over your slit, feeling your pool of wetness soaking his finger. ‘’God, you’re so fucking wet for me.’’ His voice had turned into a low growl as he pushed two fingers inside you. You arched your back and moaned loudly as he rubbed circles on your clit with his thumb.

As soon as he had begun, he stopped and pushed you onto your back, on the middle of the bed. He ripped his white shirt and pants off as he crawled over you like an animal. Your body was withering, desperate for his touch. He put his tongue on your hard nipple and swirled it around. Just the sight of it, made your pussy drip.

He slithered down your body, placing little bites and kisses on your stomach as he reached your throbbing pussy. He looked at it and kissed your slit, teasing you to the point where you nearly started screaming. ‘’Look how swollen your cute little clit is for me’’ He kissed it and you moaned at the intense feeling spreading through your body. The side effects were always sexual, and you were dying for a taste.

Mister J grabbed your thighs with his strong arms and pinned you down as he started flicking his wet tongue on your swollen clit. You moaned loudly and arched your back as you gripped the satin sheets. ‘’Oh, god!’’ you moaned. Mister J looked up at your and smirked. ‘’Yeah, you like that baby? Does that feel good?’’ he growled, his voice sending vibrations through your body.

He began sucking on your clit and you felt your eyes sink to the back of your head. ‘’Y-y-yes daddy, fuck yes, it feels so good.’’ You whimpered as he devoured you. Just as you felt your orgasm building up, he stopped and crawled back on top of you. He pulled his throbbing cock out of his boxers and ran it up and down your slit as he stared at you. You felt chills travel down your entire body. Before he could continue, you pushed him off you and got on your knees. First, he was surprised, but when he saw you crawling over to him, cheeks red and hair messy with your perky little tits, he didn’t object.

You used your tongue and flicked it on his tip. Mister J threw his head back and growled under his breath. ‘’Don’t tease me.’’ You ran your tongue up his shaft before you took all of him into your mouth and started bobbing your head. Mister J tightened his jaw and grabbed your hair, stroking it. ‘’Goooood girl.’’ He groaned as he watched his little girl make her daddy feel good. When he felt his stomach tightening, he grabbed your head and pushed you up. You quickly got the hint, and straddled him. You rubbed your wet pussy on his hard cock, teasing him, before he grabbed your hips roughly and forced himself into you.

You both moaned at the sensation. You started bucking your hips, feeling his cock fill you up and hitting all the right places. ‘’God, you’re still so fucking tight.’’ He groaned and pinched your nipples which made you gasp in pleasure. ‘’Mmm, god you feel so good.’’ You moaned with your hands pressed on his tattooed chest.

Mister J grabbed your waist and threw you on your back before crawling on top of you and thrusting into you, harder than he’d ever done before. You felt your stomach tighten as he thrusted into harder and faster for each time. He kept his eyes locked on yours and grunted as he felt your tight little walls pleasure him. You were both two moaning messes, groping, biting, sucking and slapping every body part you could find on each other.

His thrusts eventually got sloppier and he clenched his fist on the headboard of the bed. ‘’You gonna cum for your daddy hmm? Come on dollface, cum for me. I want your sweet little juices to cum for me’’ You moaned at his hoarse words as you grabbed his shoulder and moaned loudly, your walls clenching. ‘’I want you to cum in me daddy’’ you moaned into his mouth and this sent him over the edge. He growled loudly as he released his warm liquid into you. You were both panting heavily, lying next to each other. He rubbed your chin with his thumb and admired you. Next time, find a better hiding spot.



Part One

Part Two

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Part three requested by @thestrawberryblondehobbitbatch.

A/N: So this is the concluding part to ‘Those Scars’ and it has a much more happier ending than the other two. Enjoy! xxx

“Hello, Y/N!” John greeted you. He hugged you. “Come on in. Mary is out at the moment.”

“It’s fine. It seems likes ages since I last saw you.”

“It has been.” You entered his house and took off your coat. You sat down in the living room. He made tea and you got talking. However there was an elephant in the room. That elephant was Sherlock Holmes. The conversation was normal and wasn’t awkward at all. There was just a feeling of sadness in the room due to a certain someone throwing themselves off of a building. You did as your boyfriend had instructed and didn’t tell John. You figured out that Mycroft knew because he would have had to. Molly knew because she’d told you the plan. However, in a sense, Sherlock may as well have been dead because you were suffering the same. His funeral seemed very realistic and you poured your heart out when giving a speech to his grave. His absence took its toll on you despite you knowing he was alive. 221B felt like it was in mourning just because a resident was missing. You stayed to give Mrs Hudson company. Sherlock left and then John moved out. She hadn’t been in contact with John much after his departure and you knew that she’d be devastated if you then left. So you lived at Baker Street with pain each day. You were very upset however you were also very angry. Sherlock didn’t say goodbye to you personally. He just sent a letter.

“How’s Mrs Hudson?” John asked.

“Fine,” You replied sadly because you knew what you would say next would bring up the topic of Sherlock. “She wants to see you. It has been two years and she misses you.”

“I know… I know. I am sorry. It’s just hard to go back after…”

“I understand.” You took his hand. “But you must see her and I know it will be hard to go back.”

“Do you know? You seem to be coping just fine!” You had no idea where John’s anger came from but you didn’t like it. The cheek he had to turn this around on you. You guessed that he had been bottling up his anger for so long.

“'Just fine?’ I have not been coping 'just fine!’ Just because I live in the same place does not mean that I’m suffering any less than you are. Do you know how hard it is to wake up every morning and regret the fact that you couldn’t stop your own lover taking his life? Or that you can’t change the fact that people believe that he is fake and he has to take that to his grave? I didn’t even see him! I just got a letter! A damned piece of paper with his writing on! I feel guilty John! Guilty that I have to move on without him and start a life that he could have had.” Tears brimmed in your eyes and you knew that John instantly felt guilt.

“Y/N, I am so sorry.” He took your hand. “What I said was uncalled for and it was not my place to say how you feel. Forgive me.”

You nodded. “I just miss him.” He pulled you into a hug and you cried into his chest. Two friends reunited with sorrow.



You rejoiced as you read in the newspaper that Sherlock’s name had been cleared. However the happiness was short lived because you suddenly felt the anger towards the consulting detective again. After being sat in Baker Street all of that day, you decided to stretch your legs. You took a walk around London. Eventually, you sat on a bench in Hyde Park which was overlooking the lake. You would sit there with Sherlock if you had a case in the area. You’d always return to that bench and talk about anything with him. If you had felt down in the dumps or a bit under the weather, then he’d take you there. He wasn’t the best at showing affection however he always knew that he was doing that right. You smiled at the fond memories.

“If only you could be here, Sherlock,” You muttered to yourself.

“I am,” A voice replied causing you to jolt your head side wards. You swallowed a lump down that was forming in your throat. You saw a tall man in a long black Belstaff coat with a blue scarf wrapped around his neck. He had a pale complexion and high cheekbones. A mop of brown curls was on his head an he had striking blue eyes. It was Sherlock.

“Two years…”

“I had to-”

“Two years and all I got was a letter!”

“I had to take down Moriarty’s network.”

“I don’t care! You could at least have said goodbye. What if you had been killed?”

“I made sure that I wasn’t. And it is okay now.”

“No it isn’t! It will never be okay!” You smacked him. He winced in pain however he saw it coming and he knew that only he was to blame. Yes, the famous Sherlock Holmes was admitting defeat. “I gave a speech. At your grave.”

“I heard you.”

“Then I cried all the way home.”

“I saw you.”

“And then I couldn’t get over your loss even though I knew you was alive.”

He sighed. “I’m sorry.”

“Sorry is just a word. If you com back to 221B, then you’re staying in John’s old room.” You turned and walked away leaving Sherlock on his own.

He sat down on the bench and proclaimed, “I’ve missed you.”



It had been two months since that argument. You hardly ever saw Sherlock even though you were living in the same flat. That was your doing. You got up early in the morning and spent most of the day out. You came back late and then isolated yourself from him in what was your shared bedroom. He had tried to see more of you but you just ignored him. It broke the pair of you but you did not want to get yourself hurt like before.



Sherlock was sat in his armchair thinking. He wasn’t in his mind palace or anything so it was nothing special. He was just thinking. It was pouring down with rain outside and you had yet to return back to the flat. That was until the door opened. You stood in the doorway drenched from head to toe. Your wet hair stuck to your face and drops of rain trickled down your cheeks. However, your eyes were puffy and he could tell you had been crying. You stood staring at each other for around a minute before you broke down.

“I miss you,” You told him. He got up and hugged you. Something he wanted to do since the moment he left. He took no notice to the fact that rain from you had dampened his shirt. You cried for a second time that day as he held you tightly.

“Let’s get you dry and warmed up,” He replied pulling away. “I promise you one thing, I will never leave you alone again.”

“Just know that although you are a huge twat, I will always come back to you.”

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hi im here to balance out the odds of the five happy things,,, what are five things that make you want to throw yourself off of the capital state building into a sea of cacti and needles

shit anon…idk ….GSJDHDJDJDJ

Percy put his hand on my shoulder. “You’re Apollo, We need you. You can do this. Besides, if you don’t, I will personally throw you off the top of the Empire State Building.”

This was exactly the pep talk I needed – Just the sort of thing Zeus used to say to me before my soccer matches.

:) :) :)

Zeus sucks at pep talks

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You ignorant fuck. Islam is a religion. That is it! If you believe these stupid ideas then you really are ignorant and stupid, Islam is nothing like what you are saying which goes to show you know Nothing about the religion. I feel safer around my Muslim friends than I do around disgusting people like you, my Muslim friends are hell of a lot more of a decent person than you will ever be. It is people like you that is the garbage and should be exterminated.

Good. Then go tell it to your death cult friends. You’re not gonna change my opinion. So go cuck out with them and hopefully they won’t throw acid in your face, stone you to death, cut off your hand, throw your gay friends/family off a building, blow you up, burn you alive, torture your animals, molest/forcibly marry your little sister, or cut your head off. Have a good one.


“So, what fun things happened on set?” The fan asked, everyone was at the panel for Avengers: Age of Ultron. “Oh! I know!” Chris laughed, “so once (y/n) was getting ready for a scene and had both headphones.” “Oh! God!” I groaned covering my face with my hands. “And (y/n), totally, just breaks out dancing and singing best moment of my life! Actually, I filmed it.” Chris states. Everyone starts laughing remembering exactly what happened. “Chris!!! I hate you so much right now, I’m ready to throw you off a building!!!!” I groaned in embarrassment.

Idk what

Phan: *makes heart eyes* #nohomo
What did you say about us being married? *acts like married couple* We aren’t btw

Tronnor: look at my smol beautiful boyfriend sleeping on me :3

Hangrid: we’re real.


Idk what this is supposed to show but I had the inclination to make it so,

I don’t care if you’re the strongest person on this planet, if you willingly hurt defenseless animals (give your cat piercings,not feed meat to your dog) because you believe what you’re doing is “good” for them. Than you are also telling me, that I can beat you up with a metal pipe and throw you off a 30 floor building, because I also think it will be “good” for you.