*throws the opened letter at you and runs away*

Happy Anniversary Doll

Request: can you please do one where it’s jerome and readers anniversary and jerome is being sweet because he’s never really had a serious relationship with anyone else (if that makes sense) and there’s smut!!!


I stir in my bed rolling over to cuddle up to Jerome. I slide my body over expecting to feel the warm body of the red head, but to my surprise the bed is empty. That’s strange; I always wake up before him. I furrow my eyebrows and slide out of the comfy king sized bed. I pull Jerome’s t-shirt over my body now adding to my panties.

I stretch and look in the mirror seeing myself. “Gosh I look like a bag of smashed assholes.” I grunt to myself and shrug my shoulders. I make my way down the hall and once I get in a 25 ft radius of the kitchen I smell pancakes. I peek around the corner and see Jerome shirtless and at the stove cooking breakfast.

I step forward and walk to Jerome wrapping my arms around him. “What are you doing?” I ask his kissing his bare skin. “Making breakfast for us doll.” I raise my brow and laugh.“Okay. Fair enough. What’s the occasion?” I ask sitting on the counter beside him. Jerome looks up at me and smiles.

I’m not stupid. I know what day it is. Today is our 1 year anniversary. I knew, but having Jerome as a boyfriend wavered the rules of a relationship just a bit. Such as the killing; which I got use to, but other changes were present as well. Such a the anniversary thing. We’ve never really acknowledged it.

Jerome picks up a ready made plate and passes it to me kissing my forehead. “Get ready after you’re done. We’re going out.” “On a killing spree?” “No doll. A day for us. Only us.” I smile and nod continuing to eat my breakfast.

Once finished I renter the bedroom to see a box already set out with a note stuck to the top of it. I remove the note and look at the neatly written letters. Put on the outfit and walk to the first place we crossed eye sight.

The GCPD! We first saw each other when he was brought in for the murder of his mother. Heck I was only there to drop off some coffee but I got a whole lot more then just a low fat latte.

I change into the dress and look at myself in the mirror. Royal blue with black pumps. He always did love me in this color. I walk down to the GCPD and see balloons. I walk closer and see his favorite cop hooked to the light post and all beat up. “Hello Jimbo!” He rolls his eyes and uses his free hand to throw an envelope at me.

I tear open the letter and read the words along the page. Gosh doll! My ships been robbed. By hearts been stolen by you. THE DOCKS! “Thanks Jimbo!” I giggle and kiss his cheek only getting a eye roll and a swift push away.

I run down to the docks and see a beautiful boat set up. “Jerome?” I yell seeing if he’s here. As my predictions rain true my wonderful red head pops out with a wide smile. “Hello doll.” He says and lowers the walking plank.

Once I’m on he pulls me in for a long kiss gripping my waist as if it’s the last time he’ll see me. “Full speed ahead captain!” Jerome yells back. I look over his shoulder to see a man tied up and forced to stand at the wheel. He mumbles but doesn’t protest as the boat begins to move into the water.

Jerome turns me around and walks me up the steps. “Welcome to the (y/n).” I look at him surprised. “You named a boat after me?” “Our boat doll. Summer’s on the lake. Ah just imagine.” I giggle and peck him.

He leaders me to a candle lit table with plates of food ready. “Happy one year (y/n).” Jerome says as he pulls my chair out for me. “I love you Jerome.” “I love you too doll. Now let’s dig in. I’m proud of this.” I giggle and start to eat the tasty meal my love has cooked up.

I put my fork down and stare at him. This perfection sitting in front of me. No mater what he’s done, no matter what he looks like. I’ll always love him. “What are you looking at? Something in my teeth?” I jokes and looks at himself in the spoon. “No J. Just thinking.”

Jerome straightens up and giggles. “Good thoughts?” “Nothing but.” “Why don’t we both stop thinking and start acting?” I get up out of my seat and set myself on Jerome’s lap.

I play with his tie and stare into his eyes. “Would you like that J?” He smirks waists no time attacking my lips. He grips my hips and grinds against me. A groan, and sounds of struggling bring us away from our moment. Jerome rolls his eyes and pushes me up. “Before that I have to get rid of a pest below decks.” “I’ll be waiting.” I wink at him as he descends down the staircase. Seconds later I hear a scream, a gun shot, and then a bang signaling a body falling limp.

Jerome practically runs up the steps into the enclosed room and pushes me against the wall placing his lips upon my neck; making sure to leave marks. I moan against his touch and rake my hands down his body ripping his shirt apart. Our mouth battle for control as we hastily undress each other. I place my hand over the tent in his pants and rub against it. Jerome in hails sharply and bites my lip hard.

Jerome pulls away and turns me around. “No more games.“He growls and hikes my dress above my hips. He coats his head in my juices before slamming into me. His thrusts rough causing me to grip the rail of the side of boat. Jerome continues to thrust into me bring his hands up to my neck and wrapping around it.

I moan at the sudden surprise. Surprised it cause a rush of pleasure to run through my body. “Jerome. I’m close.” I barley get out overwhelmed by the amount of pleasure he’s granting me. “I know doll.” He says and removes one of his hands and pulls my hair back thrusting into me harder. I cry out gripping the raining as hard as I can. Jerome’s thrusts get sloppy and he releases into me breathing into my ear. “Baby.” He rides out our high and pulls out.

I can barley stand so I just turn around and lean against the railing. I wrap my arms around Jerome kissing him. “Happy one year Jerome.” “And you (Y/n).” Jerome smirks and kisses me again.