*throws money at screen*


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Me: Understands that Johnny Depp is problematic and everyone on this website hates him.
Also Me: Has seen the new POTC movie twice in five days and really wants to talk about how even though the Willabeth moments were very short how they were everything and that Jack called Henry by his name and was the most uncle-y person so quickly after meeting him and my heart is so full because it’s been ten damn years. TEN! I used to role play as Elizabeth on Neopets people! So you can all boycott pirates because y'all hate Depp, but mean while I’ll be throwing my trash money at the screen repeatedly because that final scene!!!

not the most noticeable thing when you’re sharing shirt sizes  huh

You know that “throw all of your money at the screen” feeling you get when you finally spot the thing you’ve been looking for?
This Dioscorea Elephantipes showed up on my local florist’s website and I almost let out a squeal in front of my coworkers.

Did squeal a little inside when I saw the price tag, but I took him home without a second thought!

Taehyung Scenario: Seal It With a Kiss.

Request: A scenario where Taehyung likes you and asks help from the members on how to confess to you but all of their plans backfires thus Taehyung tries to come up on his own ideas to win your affection, please~

Genre: Fluff / Romance

The seven of them were watching TV at the dorm’s living room when Taehyung blurted out the question for them, he had been thinking about it for a while now, but he came down to realization that if he wanted to be perfect then he would have to ask for help. 

-Guys- he called for attention but received none, everybody’s eyes focused on the TV. -Guys- Taehyung insisted.

-What’s up Tae?- Hoseok asked without taking his eyes off the screen, Leonardo DiCaprio was throwing money of a yacht and everyone seemed to be enjoying it.

-I have something to ask you, all of you actually-

Hoseok nodded and cleared his throat to gain everybody else’s attention, but they were entranced with the movie. 

-Guys!- Taehyung repeated now standing up in front of the TV making everybody whine.

-What the hell man?- Namjoon complained. -Taehyung!-

-Yah kid, step aside- Yoongi ordered moving his hand trying to take Taehyung out of the way like he was a fly.

-Seriously, I need your help- 

At that Jimin and Jin frowned and placed their eyes on Taehyung. -What’s wrong Tae?-

-Please everyone listen to me- the redhead insisted once more earning groans from everybody else. -Really? I ask for help and all you do is complain? aren’t you my friends?-

-You are asking for help after 11pm, aren’t you our friend?- Jungkook replied back snickering, making Yoongi, Namjoon and Jimin laugh with him. 

Hoseok rolled his eyes because he knew what was coming. Taehyung threw himself to Jungkook and started smacking him all over, making Yoongi and Namjoon laugh louder, Jimin joining in, but to smack Taehyung.

-Hey! stop it!- Jin tried to separate them only earning a smack himself. -Kim Taehyung! Park Jimin! Jeon Jungkook!- they stopped for a second, faced by the serious voice of the oldest hyung, but then Jungkook started pinching Taehyung’s ear, they were going at it again.

Namjoon stood up and cleared his throat loudly. -Stop it right now!- 

The three of them really stopped now, glaring at each other before fixing their hair to then laugh together.

-Insane, that’s what you are- Yoongi muttered still watching The Wolf of Wallstreet.

-So what was this important thing you wanted to tell us?- Hoseok asked a bit annoyed, probably tired of the day.

-Yes, pay attention guys- Taehyung said recovering from the little fight with his friends. -I want to confess to Y/N- the six of them were now paying full attention, Taehyung had been crushing on you since forever and they were growing tired of him not saying anything to you. 

-It was about time!- Jimin said. -When are you going to do it?-

-Soon, well I want to do it soon, but the thing is… I don’t know how-  The rest of them whistled and sighed in disappointment. Taehyung whined as well. -I need some ideas, Y/N is really romantic and I don’t want to mess up-

At that comment Hoseok, who was before close to falling asleep, perked up and smiled. -I know exactly the thing Tae-

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Destiny - Lawrence Sonntag x Reader

Name: Destiny
Pairing: Lawrence Sonntag x Reader
Summary: The Fun Haus guys notice that you’re acting weird during a podcast.
Rating: T
Word Count: 1,696

A headache pounds in the back of your head as you fight to stay concentrated on the video you’re supposed to be editing. Without looking away from the footage, you reach out for your now lukewarm coffee and take a swig. It is the most god awful thing you’ve ever tasted, but it’s caffeine and it will be enough to get you through the day as long as Adam doesn’t have too many video appearances up his sleeve for you. E3 set all of you back quite a bit and you have spent the past few days scrambling to catch up with the workload even a little bit. You groan as Bruce slides you another flash drive to add to the growing stack on your desk.

“Demo Disk.” He explains, “Not a lot of censoring to do this time.” You scribble Demo Disk on a sticky note and add it to the top of your monitor, making it the 8th video you have to edit before Friday. You do your best not to outwardly show your annoyance. Bruce pats you on the back twice and heads back to his desk to do his own work. With a deep sigh, you pull your headphones over one ear and get back to work.

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