*throws life*

it’s midnight and i’m finally in bed. i’ve been cleaning, prepping, baking, communicating, hosting, eating, socializing and laughing since 3:30 this afternoon. i put on my first friendsgiving and it was an absolute success. i am so happy.

Louis and Harry

as shown with intention in Just Like You (part 2)

It’s helpful to start with part 1, here.

Note: I believe Louis and Harry are in a real-life relationship with all the joys and difficulties, trials and happiness any relationship can hold—whatever life throws at them. This video tells me a story about their relationship. It hasn’t been an easy road for them. I see strong indicators they are firmly together now. I believe it to be true. Still, these are simply my observations and opinions.

The video contains a rainbow of color, but blue, green, and pink are predominant. I subscribe to the “color code” theory of stealthy communication used by both Louis and Harry. The color blue signifies Louis, Harry is green, and that’s been that, for years. Pink appears often, but is sometimes hidden.

1:31 The privacy of the storage units comes into focus behind the silhouetted footie Louis (one of his public symbols). Louis and his H hands, in the storage units again.

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Life: *throws sexism, racism, xenophobia, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, and classism at me*

Me (a transgender Asian boi): well shit, okay?

Life: *throws sexism, racism, xenophobia, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, and classism at my friends/coworkers/peers*

Me: uuUUUUUUHHHHH MCEXCUSE ME??? You see these lovely human beings??? Let me list all the reasons they are better than me and you!!! Let me tell you about their aspirations in life!!! Let me tell you about the fact that they deserve unconditional undying love!!! SQUARE UP MATE WE’RE GOING TO SCHOOL!!!

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any fic like how the light gets in by potato4? I like draco's characterization. how emotionally damaged he is.

Title: A Change Of Plans
Author: Dustmites
Rating: M
Genre(s): Romance, Friendship
Chapters: 28
Word Count: 92,154
Summary: Sometimes things change and it can throw your entire life plan off track. That certainly happened to Hermione Granger, and now she finds herself living in the muggle world once again. But what happens when she runs into an old ‘friend?

Title: A Helping Hand
Author: NJ Coffee Queen
Rating: T
Genre(s): Hurt/Comfort/Romance
Chapters: 16
Word Count: 20,167
Summary: All Draco Malfoy really needs in life is someone to lend a helping hand.

Title: A Letter To Myself At Seventeen
Author: Holly Sparks
Rating: T
Genre(s): Adventure/Suspense
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 2,060
Summary: A letter Draco finds written by his older self to his currently seventeen year old self mysteriously finds its way to him in the dead of night after he has witnessed yet another horrible death at the hands of Voldemort. Already emotionally and physically broken, this letter gives him hope in one of the darkest times of his life. ONE SHOT Not Epilogue compliant!

Title: Consequences of War
Author: NJ Coffee Queen
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Angst
Chapters: 29
Word Count: 37,235
Summary: Draco is asked to do the unthinkable when the Golden Trio is brought to Malfoy Manor. Can he handle the consequences of his actions or will he flee like the coward everyone believes him to be?

Title: Crying
Author: l0stinl0ve
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Hurt/Comfort
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 3,886
Summary: There is a kind of crying I hope you have not experienced, and it’s not just crying about something terrible that has happened…a crying that can only be diluted by someone holding you as your shoulders shake and your tears run down your face. EWE.

Title: Emovere Morsus
Author: LaTashaMalfoy
Rating: M
Genre(s): Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Chapters: 54
Word Count: 85,389
Summary: The word ‘Mud-Blood’ on Hermione’s arm hurt when she looked down into the bassinet. “I know you didn’t have a choice, but now neither do I.” She whispers into the darkness to the stranger. “I can take your pain away.” He whispers back. *Warning: Rape*

Title: Empty and Broken
Author: bacta.junkie
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Angst
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 2,081
Summary: Draco & Hermione are roommates. Hermione moves out; Draco doesn’t take it well.

Title: Fighting for the Malfoys
Author: Lena Phoria
Genre(s): Tragedy, Romance, Action, Fluff, Angst
Chapters: 41
Word Count: 273,812
Summary: A new prophecy is heard and all of its witnesses are a little on edge. Especially when the announcement of Draco and Hermione’s engagement just might be the trigger to set it in motion. Sides are chosen, loyalties are tested, and no one is safe. A new war ensues and the wizarding worlds only hope is that the power of love truly can conquer all.

- Lisa

sean, you are loved. dont forget that. and i dont mean by your fans and subs and followers. sure we “love” you, but we’re not the only ones. you are loved. by your mother and father and siblings and girlfriend and grandparents and friends and all of those people. no matter what life throws your way, you have infinite support and infinite strength to get through it. the world is yours, @therealjacksepticeye all you have to do is decide to face it.

gather round tumblr it’s time for a story about why you shouldn’t solicit conversation with a stranger with a put down about their generation

i sat down about 30 minutes ago in the lobby of a very nice hotel, intending to do some writing. i have my laptop and my cellphone. as i settled, i checked some stuff on my phone, then turned to my laptop. because there aren’t many plugs, i’m sitting in a cluster of couches and instead of being by myself there’s an he’s an older gentleman across from me, polo shirt, salt and pepper hair. was very polite when i asked if he minded if i tucked myself in the corner of the couch

but apparently


he thinks computers are full of satan or something

because no sooner have i opened up goddamn word when he goes, “you kids and your electronics.”

ah, excellent, unsolicited conversation with a perfect stranger that comes with a critique of modern communication. fight me, bro, you got no idea who you’re tangling with. so naturally i push up my metaphorical sleeves (metaphorical because i’m in a goddamn resort and pavement is melting; i’m wearing a very nice goddamn dress and i’d look like a fucking soccer mom named helen if i had blonde hair) and very politely, i smash his face into the floor with “i’m sorry?” in an utterly flabbergasted tone because dude wtf and no one delivers slick put downs when they’re caught off guard

“i’m here reading my newspaper and after this my wife and i are going on a hike” (lol good luck with that dude the pavement is melting and you want to hike in the mountains) “and we’re going to interact with each other.” he gives my computer a v pointed look

naturally, i have the perfect response to this. it is pithy and eloquent and will surely put him in his place: “i… like to write, and it’s easier on a laptop?”

“it seems to me” (HERE WE GO) “that your generation” (OH GOOD) “is losing the ability to interact with other people.” (O OK) “my grandchildren never take their eyes off their cellphones anymore!” 

and here he pauses and looks at me. as if he expects me to agree. 

so i say “you were born in the 50s, right?” he says he was born in 59. “well, it seems to me that your generation is really fond of adultery, embezzlement, and corporate fraud, among other things, and i’m really enjoying paying for your retirement.”

i admit: i had this line canned after a little snarl i had with my mom the other night.

he stares at me. i stare back. 

“you also realize,” i say, quickly typing socrates kids these days quote into google, “that people have been saying kids these days since socrates said, and i quote, children now love luxury. they have bad manners. contempt for authority. they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise.” i look up at him. he’s staring at me still.

i’m shaking because man fuck confrontation but also how hilarious is this because i literally had a fight with my mom about this twelve hours ago. i literally have a cranky tweet about it. “so it seems to me that making sweeping generalizations about people based on pretty arbitrary age groupings is kind of ridiculous since i’m pretty sure you’re not cheating on your wife or stealing from your company.”

he goes beat red because now i’m embarrassed him, and i feel really fucking bad because i didn’t mean to embarrass him, but also hey dude fuck you

SO OF COURSE he says “did your parents teach you any manners?”

and there goes the last of my embarrassment because hey fuck you dude the only person who can insult my parents is fucking me. and i say, without even thinking because this is when you have the snappiest rejoinders, “well they did teach me not to open unsolicited conversation with a stranger by insulting them so.”

at this point the dude’s wife shows up and they leave, and the waiter asks me if i want anything to drink and i’m like “yes please give me all your vodka” but instead i say “ice water” because the pavement is melting and if i puke from nerves after that, i don’t want to snort alcohol out my nose

that’s it that’s my story


“Maybe I can’t be like father or you, but I want to become capable in my own right”.

Precious eyepatch!Ciel in chapter 132 


capmeme: eight quotes [2/8]

↳ "Is this a test?"