*throws flowers in your face*

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Can I get how Ace Sabo Shanks and Marco would confess? <3

You definitely can, sweetie! I hope you enjoy this~


  • He’ll wait for the right moment, seriously it can take him like one year or so, meanwhile you suffer in agony
  • He wouldn’t be that romantic, but would definitely give you a pretty flower and say something like “[Name], I- uh… I like you a lot. I mean not like everyone else… I like you more than that *hyperventilating* you know? Like… I like you A LOT”, you’re dying of laughter and he feels sad
  • “It’s alright if you don’t feel the same, but don’t be mean!”, but his head skips a beat when he sees that warm smile on your face (that you only give him, HE NOTICED), he starts to sweat
  • “I like you too, Ace. You just took a lot of time and I already knew it”
  • Ace is very flustered about it and even more because you leave a very promising kiss on his cheek


  • He’ll be a bit nervous, a cute blush covering his cheeks but nothing too extreme
  • He probably asks Koala to confess his feelings for you instead of him
  • He gets a fist in the cheek and now it looks very red and swollen and there you’re coming oh Lord
  • “Sabo-Kun!”, you’d gasp. “What happened to your face? You need ice!” You’re running to the kitche but the catches your hand and squeeze it softly
  • “It’s alright, [Name], Koala just punched me”, he keeps holding your hand and he doesn’t fail to notice the blush spreading on your cheeks “I ask her to do something and didn’t want to”
  • “Maybe I can help?”, his heart hurts at how amazing you are.
  • “yes you definitely can help. I like you, [Name]. I like you very much”,
  • He smiles when you smile at him and when he feels a squeeze on his hand. “I like you too, Sabo-kun”


  • like I’ve said, he’s very flirtatious and by now you definitely know he has a huge crush on you and he knows you know, but he still wants to make a big deal about it
  • at first he’ll wait and see if you confess first, but then he’d be like ‘no no, I have to do it first!’ Because he’s a man and all of that
  • So He’ll buy you a bucket of flowers and maybe even a candy
  • His crew would be laughing at him, but he doesn’t give a bean about them, he has his mind set on you
  • when he finds you, though, he starts to get nervous 'oh boy is happening, I’m about to fucking do it. Here I go’
  • “[Name]!”, he actually startles you and he’s face-palming mentally. “I like you very much!”, throws flowers and candy at your face. Catch them quickly!
  • “I like you very very much. But i think you already know that”. He smiles at you and kisses one of your hands, nuzzling the palm with his nose and the blush on your face is exquisite.
  • “I like you too, Shanks, but I think you already know that too”


  • He’s a little bit like Shanks. Very flirtatious and carefree about his ways to you
  • But, unlike Shanks, he doesn’t know if you feel the same way towards him. That makes him a little nervous
  • because what if you don’t?!!!
  • He actually thinks that you don’t so he’ll not prepare anything because you’re going to say 'no’ when he confesses
  • “Hey, [Name], I- I like you okay?”, he even sounds a little angry. “I like you, but I understand that you don’t! So it’s alright if-”
  • “Well… I do like you too, Marco. Why do you say I don’t?”
  • “YOU-?! BUT I DIDN’T- ugh… I should’ve bought you flowers…”, you’d giggle and kiss his cheek and even intertwine your fingers with his
  • “you’re silly, Marco”
road to forgiveness - Joji

Small request that consisted of just sex with angry Joji (so it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I warn you, this might be a little unhealthy so please don’t throw stones at me). I hope I did it right, seems kind of exaggerated to me but oh well…


“Why are you ignoring me?!”

You stop in your tracks, surprised to see Joji here. Your eyes are wide and you feel the anger rising back up into you again. You had tried to forget what has happened in the morning between the two of you, when Joji has snapped at you for whatever reason; but seems like he had the brilliant idea to haunt you. It wasn’t your fault that he has stayed up all night and hadn’t slept a minute; you didn’t put him to it! In fact, you told him to stop and get some rest, but he only shooed you away rudely. This has happened so many times that you honestly got sick of his shit—so you left him alone. Joji was to blame for his mood and he had no right to yell at you if you slightly burnt his eggs in the morning. You wanted to forgive him, but instead, you had had enough. ‘I DON’T WANT TO SEE YOU ALL DAY!’ and with that, you left for school.

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imagine Armin wanting to get flowers for mikasa but he's just so flustered bc he wants to find cute flowers that also have good meanings so the bouquet doesn't come off as passive aggressive and he's super blushy giving them to mikasa but she takes them and smooches him hard

OK SO my headcanon for how armin and mikasa first met is that he saw this really beautiful new girl around lately, always sitting under the tree he and eren liked to play nearby. of course, eren had told him about his new sister mikasa, but had said that she needed rest and preferred staying inside for the time being. so after a couple weeks of this, armin had kind of forgotten about the new sister, so when he sees this really pretty girl sitting under the tree he’s like WOAH and he has an instant crush on her. He spends the entire day that day searching for the prettiest flowers to get her, and in his mind he has the entire scenario planned out. He would be super cool and charming, flash his best smile and politely give her the flowers, saying something suave like “I looked for something as beautiful as you, but it was impossible to find; but please enjoy my efforts,” or something. like this boy even rehearses it and everything. so he goes back after finding these and sees her and then his heart starts POUNDING, panic sets in, but being the brave kid he is, he saunters up to her awkwardly anyway. she looks up from the book she’s reading and is met with the sight of a very blushy, sweaty and shaky kid squeezing the life out of some flowers. She flashes him this confused look and hes so intimidated by her calmness that he just

“u-UM!!! HEreS SOMehting. P-pRettY–YoUR FACE!” and he just THROWS THE FLOWERS AT HER and runs away crying, mikasa is THOROUGHLY confused, she goes back home and tells eren what happened to her, eren instantly recognizes her description as armin and he laughs so hard he cries. he tells her that was his best friend he had told her about, and she feels bad for scaring him.

SO THE NEXT DAY eren and armin meet up in their usual spot, but this time eren brings mikasa with him and OH MY GOD NO,,,armin still hasnt recovered from yesterday and hes so apologetic to her. She’s smiling at this point though at his earnest which makes him feel a lot better. Eren properly introduces them and the rest is history.

also, when they are older mikasa NEVER lets armin live this moment down, she still thinks its the cutest thing ever but he gets utterly embarrassed and blushy which she also finds adorable and begs her not to tell anybody 

Seventeen at Your Wedding

MingyuThe one you get married to. Cheering you on as you walk down the aisle to hide the fact he’s tearing up. Has no chill. Your friends and family absolutely adores him. Can’t take his eyes off you the entire night. Accidentally spills wine on one of your bridesmaid’s gown and is on her hate list forever.

S Coups: Acts like it’s his kid getting married. Sits with your parents and talks about how big you’ve grown since when you first met. Probably cries when he gets home.
Jeonghan: The flowerboy. Gets carried away and accidentally throws flowers in your face as you walk down the isle. Constantly telling you how beautiful you look. Befriends your grandma and aunties. Has to keep Hoshi in check.
Priest Jisoos Joshua: Blesses everyone with his heavenly presence. Does the honours as your priest. Becomes best friends with your dad. Reminds everyone to act responsibly but gets ignored. Lectures Hoshi and Seungkwan when they get home. 
Jun: Flirting with the bridesmaids. Leaving the wedding with at least 20 phone numbers. Wins the dance battle against Hoshi. Tries to make Minghao jealous by talking to other guests. Minghao doesn’t care.
Hoshi: Having a dance battle with the guests. Life of the party. That one obnoxiously loud guest that always gets shushed. Probably had too many drinks at the bar.
Wonwoo: Sitting in the corner playing Still Lonely like the little emo he is. The best man. Wishes he was the one getting married to Mingyu. Very happy for the both of you. Prepared a 5 page long speech but gets booed off the stage by Seungkwan.
Woozi: Hates weddings, but endures it because he loves you. Keeps Dino company at the kids table. Plays the piano in Say Yes. Excuses himself to go to the bathroom every 20 minutes just so he can go on his phone.
DK: The wedding singer. Makes everyone cry with his angelic voice. Sings “Say Yes” because you said hell fricken yes! Makes everyone laugh with Hoshi and Seungkwan.
The8 / Minghao: The ring-bearer. Shows off his martial arts skills to the guests. “Accidentally” hits Seungkwan in the face. Makes everyone wonder if he and Jun were in the right place as they converse in Chinese.
Seungkwan: Sings Say Yes with DK. Gets teary mid-performance but insists something was in his eye. Loses the dance battle miserably. Dislocates his leg trying to outdo Hoshi. Insists he won as he’s being lifted onto a stretcher into an ambulance. Nobody pays attention to him. 
Vernon: The groomsman. Was forced to participate in the dance battle but lost due to his awkward dancing. Pigging out at the buffet. Always on his phone. Only stops using it when it’s time to eat the cake.
Dino: Sits at the kids table. Teaches the kids dance moves. Always requesting the DJ to play a Michael Jackson song. Gets rejected. Multiple times.

Don’t hesitate to make a request! :)

- Hoe$hi 

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Send me ❤ on anon and I’ll compliment someone at random!

Heeeeeeeey - look - @yuriinne - total sweetheart right here. Has such a lovely muse that I enjoy reading. Both this one and their Gine. (oh their Gine is too precious for words). The heartache, the pain, the fluff, the - well everything, I love reading it all. An interesting tragic backstory for an OC and well written, too, whenever she does get the inspiration to play around. 

I wish I could gush more but our interactions have been limited (though that might change after I share my AU-dream lol - maybe plots are at hand?)

I just want her to know that someone out there appreciates and loves her, both on the dash and the person behind it. 

Retweet if you want Harry to throw flowers in your face but then have him accidentally punch you in the face because he was too excited throwing the flowers and then you get knocked out and eventually die 😍😍😍😍😍

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So I can see that you're a Coliver fan, but I was wondering how you think that will end up playing out? Connor was very promiscuous (and still quite if he's going out with other guys) and I just feel that if Oliver was a POV character instead of Connor more people would dislike Connor because he cheated, used Olly for his hacking ability, and didn't want to "settle down". Like if someone I was "dating" cheated on me then brought me flowers to apologize I'd throw them in his face. Your thoughts?

Well I’ve spoken about this before to someone and I always said that what Connor did was horrible. You can’t excuse the guy for cheating but imagine being Connor for a minute. He’s this sexy, flirty guy that can basically fuck anyone he wants to.

He jumps from guy to guy enjoying himself but then there’s this guy. You use him for hacking and he’s a good bed. But then Connor finds himself thinking about Oliver, smiling when he thinks about him and his stomach fluttering slightly. 

It’s completely new for Connor. He’s so used to jumping guys on a weekly basis that feelings are kinda void to him? Until Oliver. It’s what he does, he doesn’t settle down but I want Oliver to be the guy to change that? Like Oliver should be pissed but I definitely think a second chance is in order. 

Connor is obviously extremely sorry, I mean the look on his face when banging the dude in the toilet stall, it wasn’t great enjoyment but more to… forget? Fill the shit he created? Plus he drunkenly spoke to a woman he was meant to be flirting info out of just to know how to make it up to Oliver. 

Fuck, Connor really cares and it’s just completely new. I love sexy, fuck who I want Connor but I want to see Connor change and fall? To find a guy and just be like “shit, he makes me really fucking happy” and not feel the need to sleep around?