*throws flowers everywhere*

I’ve been feeling really shitty recently because I haven’t felt like I’ve been able to rep at all so and I don’t always feel like I’m doing a good job at that so I just want all my followers, mutual, everyone to know:

hey fellow nonbinary girls, boys, and people. good job, you’re doing great. you look exactly how a non binary person is supposed to look. you’re valid if you’re not pale and skinny with a colorful undercut. your dark skin is just as valid. your thin brows are shaped right. you’re not too short or too tall. if you wear a binder that’s perfectly fine. wearing a bra or padding on your chest or hips is also accurate to a nb person.

and to my fellow trans boys, your long hair is still boys hair. if you wear lipstick and eyeliner that’s the correct way to be a boy. if you wear gym shorts and sports tee shirts and jerseys, that’s the correct way to be a boy. if you like wearing bikinis tops and bottoms, that’s a boys swimsuit because you own it. your favorite dress is a boys dress because it belongs to you and you are a boy. and if you wear shorts and polos that’s correct too. you’re handsome, you’re beautiful and cute, you’re doing it right.

and trans girls. you’re a girl even if you’re not skinny. you’re a girl even if you’re big boned and have broad shoulders. you’re a girl if you have large muscles. you’re a girl if you’re lean muscle and lanky. you have the perfect girl’s body. your voice is the perfect regardless of its pitch. you’re wearing the right clothes, I pinky promise. you don’t need to wear makeup, or have stereotypically “feminine” clothing to be a girl, you already are a girl!

hey my agender friends. nice! don’t pay attention to those people who say you’re a girl or boy that day because you’re wearing what society sees as masculine or feminine clothing. wear that crop top because that’s clothing for an agender person. so are those 4 inch gold glittered high heels. and so are boxer and bras and so are jeans and shorts.

genderfluid people. you can use whatever pronouns you want anytime. you can switch pronouns when your gender starts to change. you can keep the same ones regardless of the gender you feel at the moment. your clothes don’t have to “designate” the gender you feel that day. some genderfluid people “feel cis” if their gender changes to the one were told they were at birth. and that’s okay.

you are a girl
you are a boy
you are nonbinary
you are agender
you are genderfluid

you’re doing your gender absolutely the right way. I’d you feel multiple genders at once you’re amazing. if you have no gender that’s valid no matter what. you’re doing great. you are representing your gender exactly as you should. you’re representation is amazing and perfect for you.
if you prefer stereotyped activities,
if you go to pride events or if you don’t
if you want top surgery or don’t
if you’re Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist
if you’re Columbian, Japanese, Canadian, Indian, Native American
if you’re gay, straight, bi, pan, ace

you’re valid.

when people mess up your pronouns you’re vaild. you’re even valid if you mess up your own pronouns. you’re valid even if someone’s never heard of your pronouns.

you’re not “basically straight” if you’re a gay trans boy or girl. you’re not “actually gay” if you’re a straight trans boy or girl. nonbinary bi kids are still bi. I know there’s the whole “sga” going around, but listen. you’re in charge or your orientation and, even if it’s fluid, it’s right, you’re right. if you’ve got a squish on someone or a crush. if you’re in a romantic relationship or a queer platonic one, you’re doing it right.

you’re valid if your gender or sexual orientation comes from your depression or your BPD or your ASD or a traumatic experience. it’s all valid no matter what.

you’re. I’m just.
I’m so proud of you. you’re all so cute and good. you’re doing good. more than good. you’re just doing so great.
you’re doing your gender right. it’s correct.
you are presenting the right way.
your way of being your gender will be different from someone else and that’s good too. I’m so happy for you. because you’re good, you’re brilliant and reverent and. you give me hope and courage to be me. I hope I can do the same for you.

Austria being dramatic as hell, also not giving a fuck
China being angry all the time
Italy having two flashbacks and is even more precious then normally like how is that even possible
Germany mental breakdown every time he appears on stage (that guy needed a chill pill)
America being over the top like so incredibly over the top
England corrupting Japan with Rock music
Russia gets hurt and poor guy seriously
France pole dancing twice
France throwing flower petals everywhere
France telling Germany to hurry up and clean the stage
More angst
And another one just in case someone missed the previous angst. AND LONELY DEVIATION JUST IN CASE

I don’t know if this Musical can maybe kick of Les Mis of the top of my list

Mothers Day - 5sos preference

Requested - yes

Anonymous - “4/4 Mother’s Day fluff with your kids”

A/N: There’s a fathers day one to come soon too


what you get:

“You ready?” Calum whispers to your kids.

Your little boy James who’s only 6 nods vigorously and your 3 year old girl Rachel smiles.

“Okay off you go,” he taps them on the back of their heads and they rush into the room.

“HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!” they both manage to yell throwing fake flower petals everywhere.

“What?” you grumble slightly before smiling seeing your two kids grinning down at you.

That’s when Calum walks in with a basket of flowers and places them on the bedside table.

“Who’s idea was this?” you smile.

“Sort of mine but originally James’, he suggested a mother’s day explosion I just thought the flowers would make it a little safer”

“We’ve got our own little ticking time bombs right here,” you grab the kids by the waist and tickle them until they’re squealing.

Calum sits down on the bed and pecks your lips.

“Thank you, it’s a great way to start the day”


what you get:

“Born on mothers day,” you smile looking down at your newborn. “This is going to be a fun time of year”

“I know,” your husband Ashton sits down next to you on the hospital bed. “but Mother’s day didn’t slip my mind”

He pulls out a box of chocolates and places them on your legs.

“You really didn’t have to,” you smile.

“I didn’t, this is all down to Helga,” he takes your baby girl’s hand.

“We are not calling her that,” you giggle.

“Then what?”

“I have no idea, but these chocolates are going to be here for a little while, I need to lose a lot of baby weight,” you say.

“Really, you look fine to me,” he smiles.

“Don’t lie, I do”

“Well good for you, I’ve got a working mouth that happens to love chocolate and a fool proof exercise plan”


what you get:

Every Sunday Michael made it a promise to do one thing, take your daughter, Tia, out for pancakes, not the biggest commitment but he loved his little princess and their father daughter time was something he savored. So on ‘mothering sunday’ you expected to wake up to the sound of your alarm and an empty house. Instead you wake up late with the smell of burning evident in the air. The smell seems to fade as you walk down the stairs meaning whatever was burnt happened a while ago, long enough to diffuse through the air.

“What’s going on here?” you ask when you see Michael and Tia eating pathetic cooking home made pancakes.

“Change to having pancakes out,” Michael smiles. “Also…”

He pushes a box tied with a ribbon across the table to you. You open it to see a plate of 5 perfect cupcakes.

“Did you make these?” you ask.

“Of course,” Michael replies.

“We burnt the first ones and daddy called the bakery,” Tia says honestly.

“What part of lips zipped don’t you get?”

“Even though she’s a total daddy’s girl she always knows to be honest with mummy”


what you get:

Luke’s secret shopping and hours spend in the study had left you confused but you had no time to investigate since looking after a toddler that could easily walk into a table takes up most of your time. 

“You go get an early night,” Luke tells you when you’re trying to get your son, Samuel, to sleep, “I’ll make sure he sleeps”

“Really?” you ask as he pecks his cheek.

“Yeah, early mother’s day present… from Sam”

You fall asleep quick but the next morning you wake up when the door creaks open and in toddles a toddler with a small book in his hands.

“Hey buddy, what’s this?”

“I can’t allow him to take credit,” Luke pokes his head around the corner. “That took a lot of time, effort and glue”

“Thank you both but… what is it?” you ask.

“A scrapbook, I thought you could fill it with family memories”

“That’s adorable, thank you, but you may have overestimated my creativity”


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