*throw myself into the sun*

hey fellow Hamiltrash

I have a friend who went to the matinee of Lin’s second to last performance of Hamilton, she told me that Chris Jackson (Washington) was sobbing through “One Last Time”

enjoy the rest of your day while I throw myself into the surface of the sun

Not to bring up such a messy topic but I literally want to throw myself into the sun. Stop bringing your nasty ass messages about why the split model is problematic to me. I do not need your patronizing. I just want to have a place where I can call myself bi and call myself ace and not feel like someone will want me dead. I choose to use the split model cause I’m comfortable with it, I understand some people aren’t (which is still eh) but I’m gonna respect them obviously cause it’s not my job to police their identities but apparently some of you guys thinks it’s your job to police mine. Like y'all let me live.

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Ok but is it just me or does Ian literally look good all the time. Shaved head? DayUM GURL. No glasses? YAS BOII. Glasses? NYESS SHAWTY. Fuckboy hairstyle? FUCK ME UP DAD. Like literally he's like the Sex God. He makes me wanna throw myself intO THE SUN

he’s a handsome boy i love hiM SO MUCH

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Me before Pokemon Go: I'm staying inside. Me after Pokemon Go: MOM IM GOING TO GO COVER MYSELF IN ALUMINUM FOIL AND THROW MYSELF INTO THE SUN!


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please help I saw a definition for something called "oligosexual" aka "one who does not experience sexual attraction except toward a few specific people" aka what most people! experience! when they talk about! sexual attraction! I want to throw myself into the sun

all jokes aside this is exactly what we mean by sexualization. these aren’t even orientations for fucks sake they’re just modifiers 

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okay but if they shut this website down i can actually experience what normal people do...i'll be a new person (but my ass knows damn well i'll throw myself into the sun if they ever shut down this website)

I would fucking DIE it’s not gonna happen but I would

dear coders of the rpc. please stop using montserrat as a body font before i throw myself into the sun. it’s not made to be a body font and it’s hard on the eyes - the letters aren’t spaced right and it looks messy, and it’s difficult to read when it’s more than a few lines. thanks.

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one insecurity: I’m a very loud and affectionate person, but I’m always worried that my friends find me annoying;;

two fears: deep water and growing up

three turn-ons: pretty eyes, being a good listener, making me laugh

four life goals:

1. survive college
2. move someplace warm
3. meet internet friends
4. see One Direction in concert (?) I’ll throw myself into the sun if they split up before then

five things I like: warm weather, good music, nail polish, flowers, and drawing

six weaknesses: Good: hugs, cute smiles, and anything Ace Attorney related tbh
Not-so-good: I’m painfully shy until you get to know me, can’t stand being ignored, and worry about literally everything

seven things I care about: my family, friends, videogames, cute animals, Phoenix Wright, baking, and the bee population

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