More Fics on the Way!

Here’s your new list!! I’m still doing the best I can to keep cranking out fics!! Thank you for your understanding!!!

*A GoT one-shot called “Bandages”: Sandor Clegane x fem!Stark reader (+)

*GoT one-shot titled “King in the North”: Jon Snow x fem!reader (+)

*A Tolkien one-shot called “I Almost Lost You”: Thranduil x reader

*Part 2 of “The Wildling”: Jon Snow x fem!Wildling reader (+)

*Another GoT fic called “Family”: Tyrion Lannister x fem!reader

*Part 10 of “IOHH”: Castiel x fem!reader (+)

*GoT one-shot titled “A Warrior of the Female Variety”: Bronn x fem!reader (+)

Lots of GoT fics this time and lots of Jon Snow :D. I’m doing my best to space them out so it’s not one GoT fic after another, but it’s what you guys are requesting. I hope you enjoy the fics and thanks for patience! Lots of love!


Tauriel: Se è questo l’amore io non lo voglio, toglimelo ti prego, perché fa così male? Thranduil: Perché era reale.

-Lo Hobbit, la battaglia delle cinque armate.