“Why do you say such things about me?”

“I just…feel like you’re worth more than you think you are.”

Hello, My Name Is: Thranduil Greenleaf is the reclusive owner of Woodland Coffee and Books, reluctant to face the outside world ever since the death of his wife twelve years ago. He downs three cups of coffee in the morning, serves customers until closing, and then attempts conversation with his son before giving up and reading until the ungodly hours in the morning. It was a simple routine, albeit the lack of proper social interaction. This all grinds to a halt when the door to his shop opens one rainy afternoon, and in steps Bard Bowman.

The Hobbit Cast in Hogwarts Houses [requested]
  • Bilbo:Hufflepuff– giving, fair and just, loyal, dedicated
  • Thorin:Gryffindor– daring, practical, stubborn
  • Kili:Slytherin– charming, ambitious, innovative
  • Fili:Ravenclaw– witty, creative, introspective
  • Thranduil:Slytherin– self-reliant, cunning, determined
  • Legolas:Slytherin– focused, adaptable, assertive
  • Tauriel:Gryffindor– passionate, brave, trusting, playful
  • Bard:Hufflepuff– good-hearted, hard-working, fair, honest
  • Elrond:Ravenclaw– wise, logical, intelligent
  • Beorn:Ravenclaw– wise, logical, intelligent
  • Azog:Slytherin– prepared, ambitious, manipulative
  • Gollum:Slytherin– resourceful, adaptable, self-reliant
  • Gandalf:Professor Albus Dumbledore