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Relationships: Loki/Thor
Characters: Loki (Marvel), Thor (Marvel), Frigga (Marvel), Laufey (Marvel), Odin (Marvel), bjorn the personal attendant
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Thor and Loki have an arranged marriage. It’s incredibly awkward, until it isn’t.

I wrote this to fill a prompt by @curds-and-wheyface:

I would really love an arranged marriage fic where things are super awkward, maybe they haven’t consummated yet because Loki is a little younger than Thor or maybe they had really great sex on their wedding night but are both embarrassed about how unexpectedly intense it got, but things are awkward as hell. Lying together in bed at night staring up at the ceiling in silence kind of awkward. Making ridiculously forced small talk over breakfast awkward.

And then one morning Thor’s attendant comes in to dress him and settles him down to brush his hair and Loki is like “…can I?”

And Thor lets him, and stares at his lovely husband in the mirror the whole time, and Loki is so focused on brushing Thor’s sleep-tangles out, and he runs his fingers through it for ages after he’s done, and it’s this really pure bonding experience that Thor didn’t expect at all.

And Loki brushes Thor’s hair every morning for the rest of their lives. Happily ever after. The end.

mai-own-worst-enemy  asked:

I'm not hating on you for your unpopular opinion of Loki response, and yes, you are free to ship whomever you please. I recognize that this is entirely fictional, which is why I'm not raising a big deal about it, but I do think of Thor x Loki as incest. This is coming from the perspective of an adoptee, so I tend to think of family as being more than blood, and siblings are siblings, regardless of genetics. Idk, your definition just rubbed me the wrong way. No offense intended! Just my opinion.

 Thats okay! You have the right to have your own opinions! 

 I defend that Thorki is not incest because by definition that is the relationship of two persons of the same blood, and we have it as tabu because is proved that incest is socially a problem. Families centuries ago married people of the same blood and their children were problematic or had formation problems. Even in relationships of the same sex that is not good because of a lot of a social problems, as I learned in Psicology in the college. 

 I cant see Thorki as incest cause after all I studied, they dont fit the incest profile. Loki always knew he was adopted, even he tried to pretend he was not. In the movies, the only real and healthy family bound he made was with Frigga. He always felt different from Thor and he express that feeling multiple times. 

Now listen here you little shit one tiny kudos does not fully express the how I feel when I read a good fanfic and I am no where near being able to express in words the shear heartbreak or pure happiness that these authors can make me feel so let me send another fucking kudos

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Me thought the years

12 year old me: Yeah they r cute i will admit

15 year old me: Well if you look at it this way-


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This fanfic was so frigging amazing and adorable and worthy of thirty-hundred-millions of kudos! One teeny tiny kudos doesn’t express how wonderful(in many occasions how heart broken) I was after reading the fanfic! So let me give the awesome author another fidgity fudge kudos

tfw a fanfic writer’s writing style gets better with each new story. like you’re just sitting there sobbing and being all proud of this complete stranger while watching their work improve as you read through their increasingly descriptive stories about anal sex