;;I’m surprised that at no point during the main events of The Hobbit did Gandalf advise that everyone ‘get a partner’ (a la any school field trip) to which Thorin would’ve immediately linked arms with Bilbo and growled, “Got mine. This one’s mine. I’m with the Halfling. I’m the only one who can protect him. That’s why. His role is very important to the company and-” “Yes, alright, Thorin,” Gandalf sighs.


Tolkien in Greek Mythology Style video

All my artwork of Silmarillion, Hobbit and LOTR in Stephanides Greek Mythology Style in 1 video

I hope you like it

[ IMAGINE ] Cuddles with Thorin after having passionate sex.

Not my gif, credit to rightful owner.

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Adventures in Middle-earth pt. 6

Word count: 1,714
Warnings: Mild sadness!
Synopsis: You were an extreme introvert and you stumbled into the world of Middle-earth and becoming part of the company where your feelings for the dwarf king grew.

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Mirkwood was a dark and dingy place, you did not like it at all. It was nothing like the forest outside your back garden which was full of wonder and mystery, this one felt sick and dark and humid. You hated the smell it had as well, it wasn’t fresh like nature usually smelt, it was a dead smell that really made you feel queasy. You began feeling light headed walking around in this forsaken forest.
“I don’t like this forest, it feels sick.” both you and Bilbo said almost in unison,
“We have no choice but to go through it if we want to get to the mountain before Durin’s day.” Thorin sounded stern, that wasn’t out of the ordinary though. You were wondering what could be going on in his head, was he really shy? Maybe Kili was right, maybe he did have feelings for you but he didn’t want to admit it. Why else would he have ignored you? You almost wanted to just walk up to him and even in front of the company just confront him but that was just not appropriate, you can’t put your feelings before the well being of the company.

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Thanksgiving PSA

It is Monday. go take your turkey out of the freezer and put it in the refrigerator. It needs to sit there overnight to start to thaw before you can put it on the counter tomorrow night. I know at least six people last year on my Tumblr feed who were still trying to thaw out there turkey as of mid day on Thursday.

If, like us, you have not bought a turkey yet that is fine. Just make sure when you do buy it it’s refrigerated and not frozen. Or you will be fucked.