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im happy you like the fic. i cried han river too :") the author also writes few jinmin fics : 'Way out' and 'Coming of age'... but its explicit :>

((ok i just finished reading Save Me and literally im in tearss and… ok holy shit i just read Coming Of Age.. and my god.. my goodness hoo OOOOO MY GOOD GOLLY GEE WAS THAT A RIDE HOLY FUCKO oh yea i havent read Way Out thoo and I saw that it was a mafia au andd well im not really a fan of mafia AUs just sayingg dont kill me))

Some sketches


“지금 넌 나의 밤의 별을 가져가
낮의 해를 가져가 “

“You took away my stars at night,
my sun at day.”

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The letter was short, the handwriting messy and shaky. The words hurt more than that bloody arrow in her shoulder ever hurt.

All the men were looking at them, and Visenya fought back tears as she gripped Dark Sister’s pommel. Her eyes are fixated on the Dornish marches in Aegon’s damn table, its ups and downs taunting her. No matter how much fire we cast and blood we take, it won’t bring her back. Visenya’s eyes went to Aegon, and like always, he was too damn deep in his mind to do or say anything to the men.

“ Leave us.” It was Orys who spoke in a broken whisper.

The men scrambled away, not fooled by the grief in his voice. In a moment, he will be furious, and his command will be much less gentle. Visenya wished she could leave as easily, mount Vaghar and burn that bloody Yellow Toad to a crisp.

There was a long heavy silence until Aegon spoke. “She couldn’t… she couldn’t possibly have fallen.”

Of course not. Rhaenys was flying when Aegon and Visenya were learning to write. She couldn’t hold back the tear that fell down her face when she remembered her little sister smiling, hair wild, as she mounted her dragon. She always looked so damn happy on top of Meraxes. Even if Meraxes had indeed fallen, Rhaenys of all people would knew how to stay mounted until it reached the ground. They must have filled her with arrows too.

Orys jumped when Visenya’s hand connected with the table. “I will make them pay for this!”

“What will you do? Mount on a dragon and get yourself killed too?” He asked.

“What do you care?” She spat back, regretting it immediately. Nevermind how Orys and Rhaenys felt for each other, he was her brother too. His concern was real. Visenya almost felt sad for him. He was already a bitter shell of himself and set on leaving to his castle and his new wife, this was the last blow after a series of harsh kicks.

“We’ll burn every castle.” Aegon said finally, his tone revealing no emotion.

“To the ground.” Visenya swore. It had always been easy for her to transform every emotion into anger.

Orys nodded, but remained silent until none of them spoke another word and he simpy turned and left, surely back to his castle and his own son. He had already battled the Dornish, lost a hand and had no dragon on his own, there was little he could do.

The silence between Aegon and herself only reminded Visenya of the loss. They had never had similar temperaments and yet in that moment, more than ever, she felt like his sister-wife. Her brother, her husband, needed support.

“Aegon,” she started, approaching him with uncharacteristic hesitancy. Visenya never doubted herself, except when Aegon’s emotions were concerned. It has been something Rhaenys and herself had bonded early on their marriage, how only Orys seemed to understand him fully. But Orys was gone, and so was Rhaenys. It was just her and Aegon. Her brother, her husband. She needed his support.

“We must fly back to King’s Landing.” He said before he left her alone, giving her one final insulting look of pity.

King’s Landing would bring her no joy or distractions. Rhaenys and Visenya had planned the city for endless hours, and to once again see its construction would be a sour reminder.

She left the room before the insulting sight of the painted table drove her to a mad rage.

The tears didn’t fell until she was back in her chamber, maid dismissed as she undid he braids. She remembered teaching her sister how to braid her long silver hair as a child, but Rhaenys always prefered to undo all of Visenya’s work. It used to irritate her, then it amused her. When they were married to Aegon, her sister had wanted something different, and it had been the only time Rhaenys had ever kept her hair in braids.

With the loose nightgown hiding her curves and her long hair flowing free, Visenya had to avoid the looking glass. We look alike, she realised perhaps for the first time. They had always been so different, but they were both the blood of the dragon and sisters of not such a long age difference.

The sob that escaped her mouth almost hurt, grief and anger settled so deep in her guts that letting it out was like Vhagar spitting fire. Only Aenys was left of Rhaenys memory, and he was sickly and fragile, and for a long time Visenya had doubted if he even was Aegon’s son. Visenya tried to find comfort in Aegon’s words.

We will burn every castle. It sounded like something Visenya would suggest and Rhaenys would protest. The war with Dorne had changed Rhaenys. Her once cheerful sister had been burdened by her failure as of late, and it while she pretended for all court, it had been in Visenya that she had trusted with her insecurities. She could not forgive what the Dornish had done to Rhaenys with their stubborn refusal to surrender.

The cool air dried Visenya’s tears as she approached the window, the view looking south. She wondered if perhaps, the singers Rhaenys had been fond of were already writing songs of her. There already were a few, of her beauty and her charm and love of the smallfolk. Visenya did not mind that all that was said of her was that she was a cruel sorceress.

Let them sing of Rhaenys grace. They would sing of Visenya’s wrath forever, of how she avenged her sister with fire and blood.


dude I just love setters  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 


Subject 17

“Hey, thoo thoo?”
“Yes, child?”
“Do you think catapills know they’re gonna be buh-flies?”
“Do you?”
“I unno. I think they wake up one day an’ are like ‘oh em gee I can fly what is this???’ you know?”
“Indeed. Would you like to fly, child?”

“Hey, thoo thoo?”
“Yes, child?”
“How long was your nap?”
“Many years.”
“Like, more than ten?”
“Many tens.”
“That’s a long nap!”
“Do you ever need to sleep again?”
“One day, perhaps. A long time from now.”
“I napped almost a whole day one time!”
“Most impressive.”
“I was soooooo hungy when I woke up. Are you hungy?”
“But you’re not gonna eat anybody, right?”

“Hey, thoo thoo?”
“Yes, child?”
“Look how high I can jump!”
“Have you ever played jum prope?”
“I cannot say that I have.”
“You should try sometime, you’d be good at it.”
“I shall keep that in mind.”

“Hey, thoo thoo?”
“Yes, child?”
“How come everyone’s 'fraid of you?”
“All tend to fear that which they do not understand.”
“What’s that mean?”
“I am old and powerful beyond humanity’s comprehension.”
“What’s that mean?”
“I am before your people’s time.”
“What’s that mean?”
“I come from a place you cannot see.”
“Why not?”
“You lack the ability and have not yet invented the technology to compensate.”
“What’s that mean?”
“Your scientists have not yet discovered other dimensions, despite their many theories.”
“What’s that mean?”
“All in due time, child.”
“Perhaps you can show me how high you can jump again.”

“Hey, thoo thoo?”
“Yes, child?”
“How come everybody looks at me all the time but not everybody else?”
“You are special.”
“Time will tell.”
“So like… why can’t anybody else move things when they look at them?”
“You have evolved beyond the others.”
“What’s evol’d?”
“Evolution is the process by which organisms… you are special.”

“Hey, thoo thoo?”
“Yes, child?”
“Are there more like you down there?”
“An’… will they like me?”
“They will worship you, child.”
“An’ they’ll do what I want?”
“Do… do you like me?”
“More than you know.”

“Hey, thoo thoo?”
“Yes, child?”
“Tell me the story 'bout the ah-tah-puss princess again.”
“Very well.”