Sherlock’s sexuality is a point of interest in this show. Not once is it explicitly stated that he is sexually interested in women, but it is pointed out that other characters believe he either never has sex or is in a romantic relationship with a man. They’ve brought it up in some way in almost every episode, and more importantly, they have constantly been bringing John into it as well.

Remember when Martin Freeman went on Colbert’s show in December and said “It is what it is” in regards to gay fan art? If someone the very next day were to have researched that phrase and found it associated with the philosopher John Locke and announced on Tumblr “Martin Freeman quoted John Locke on Colbert!! There’s a conspiracy!! John and Sherlock are in love and he knows it!” – that person would’ve been crucified by almost everyone for being a total nutcase. However, after The Lying Detective and the fact Martin Freeman used the line “it is what it is”, it doesn’t seem so strange to say maybe he was giving a clever nod to the show when on Colbert.

The same thing can be said about Loo Brealy encouraging irate fans to read Chekov.

The same thing can be said about Moffat calling a secret episode “The Lost Special”.

Both of those things are heavily alluded to in The Final Problem – “Chekov’s gun” and “The Lost Special” (train car story by Doyle).

But that’s the thing – believing in a conspiracy too far ahead of time puts you in the line of fire. It makes you look like a nutcase to everyone watching. And they will crucify you for believing in something without concrete proof. That’s the nature of conspiracies.

But remember Gatiss wrote:

“You’re only a nutter if you’re wrong”

20 Minutes!!

You guys!!!! 

20 minutes to search Baskerville, 20 minutes to find bruises on corpse, 20 minutes to catch a serial killer, 20 minutes until Molly comes

these all correlate to something else

In ASIP those 20 minutes were when he met John and they fell in love. 
In THOB those 20 minutes were watching John Watson pull rank and lead an investigation
In TLD those first 20 minutes gave way to John punishing Sherlock for leaving him
In TLD those last 20 minutes were John’s confession

Those 20 minutes are always always emotional, if this is some sort of Johnlock countdown we’re fucked. Didn’t someone theorize there was going to be Garridebs/Confession behind the clock face of Big Ben? @tjlcisthenewsexy? @waitingforgarridebs? What if there’s a fairytale-like story where they have to solve something in 20 minutes but it turns out to be their love confession?? 

Tick tock! Tick tock! Tick tock!

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