Antes que nada debo aclarar varios puntos:

1.-Esta es la continuación espiritual de otro mini-comic (A petición de alguien[Aun no se como etiquetar gente]).
2.-En este Tumblr no intentamos fomentar las relaciones incesto-pedofiliales entre personajes inventados.
3.-No hay razón para llamar a la ONU.

Ok ahora si: Corre hacia las colinas Lincoln!!! Luan no puede matarte si no te encuentra!!!

Behind THL #4

Welcome! My name is Ryan and I am one of the New Media Interns at The Humane League! My work at THL involves answering Facebook messages, crafting posts, and making tweets. What draws me to THL is a chance to take my passion digitally and reach a wide audience about the amazing benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. I strongly believe that whether it is animal rights, health, world hunger, or the environment, there is a good reason for people to adopt a vegan lifestyle.

I’ve been a vegan for four years thanks to a life-changing visit to Sunrise Sanctuary in Marysville, Ohio. If you ever have a chance to visit central Ohio you must meet Chance and Wesley!

Previously, my focus in animal rights was grassroots activism, notably as an outreach coordinator in Columbus, Ohio. I love leafleting, showing undercover footage with the public, and a good protest!

A good story – one time I organized a table event showing undercover footage of animal agriculture in the local university’s student union, coincidentally at the same time as an animal agriculture conference! As you can expect, most were not too pleased with our presence, but we met experts who testified in farm animal cruelty cases and walked away as better activists for it!

In my home life I’m outnumbered by a handsome scottie, a one-eared princess mutt, and a three-legged regal cat.

You can also find me at home crafting vegan dinners, smoothies, vegan cheeses, or vegan cookie dough truffles. My favorite activity is camping in the Shenandoah mountains with my dogs and a bottle of whiskey. I am also a big advocate for minimalism and freeing up our lives with a simpler life. I hope, one day, to live with my fur babies in a tiny house.

Thanks for reading, and thank you for sticking up for animals!

I finally bought myself a professional nail drill (a rotary file w several interchangable tips that go up to 30000rpm) and I’m so excited, it speeds up doing my nails so much but i just did this mani and don’t want to wreck it for the sake of using my satisfying new toy yet

Behind THL #3

(photo is me at Aguas Calientes in the Atacama Desert in Chile yesterday)

Hi everybody, I’m Eryn and I’m a New Media Intern for The Humane League! I’m mainly working on launching and expanding their presence on LinkedIn and Pinterest, although I’m doing some work on Facebook and Twitter as well.

I found The Humane League through my college’s Veg Club and have loved them ever since. We had speakers from The Humane League come leaflet with us around campus and talk to us about plant-based eating and animal welfare. Their non-judgmental, compassionate approach to activism really resonated with me.

I became vegan almost 2 years ago, right after my junior year of college. I learned about veganism from social media, specifically Tumblr, which is why I’m so excited that THL is launching a Tumblr! I initially decided to ditch meat to be healthier, but it was only a matter of weeks before my deep-dive into the world of factory farming led me to go fully vegan and never look back.

I never cooked much before I went vegan, but now I love to cook! Some of my favorite things to make are cashew basil stuffed shells, pad thai, curry, and chocolate chip banana pancakes. I pretty much live on the Minimalist Baker’s site.  

But I’m not just a vegan! I’m also a traveler, a yogi, a feminist, a podcast host, and a freelance writer and social media manager. I love to hike and I’m obsessed with street art. I’ve visited 5 continents, got my yoga teacher certification in India last fall, and write articles about yoga for publications like MindBodyGreen!

I’m so excited to be involved with the important work The Humane League does. Hope you enjoy meeting all of the other wonderful people involved with THL!


Unlike being lost in the city, or lost in the desert, he was lost in his own head. An he can’t find his way out. Physically he’s fine, and hes at home, laying on his bed staring blankly at the ceiling. And mentally? Mentally he’s trapped. He’s never really present. And he hates it. He hates it oh so much. He feels like it’s unfair, to you, to his family, to himself. All he wants is to be found. To be free. He’s afraid of the things in his head. The things he sees, so dark, so frightening. What he hears is so deep and painful. “Someone help me” he screams, but there’s nobody around to hear his cries. He falls down to his knees, closing his eyes and covering his ears to try and block everything out. He tries to cry out more, but all that escapes his lips are weak sobs. He’s lost.
—  THL (8.18.15 2:30 am)