*this one happened to will

outlining the fic: okay points A, B, and C. Easy!

actually writing the fic: Okay so actually point B needs to happen first, and then point G, which I just added in. And then points C-1, C-2, C-3, and C-4, followed by point A-1 and A-2. And then point F and D and then point E-2, E-3, E-1. Okay. Cool. Just according to plan.

It’s these end of award shows when the big one are given out that make me really really miss Block B and cry a bit. Every year I tell myself if I work harder for them we can give them this gift. I just hope Block B knows we want to give them one of these and that we are sorry every time we fail to deliver.

so i got way too excited about various things while watching this movie

Newt Scamander, to Jacob: …so, this is your occamy…

me, in the fourth row: My occamy? MY OCCAMY? Yes. Yes! I will love him and pet him and name him Quetzalcoatl-

Newt: …also, don’t pet them. Too many people try to steal their eggs. They will bite your fricking hand off.

me: …oh.

Okay, here we are on chapter 10 of Sgaile Leannan and you guys promised you would stop me when we got to this point.  It was supposed to be 7 chapters, remember?  So where are my watchdogs?  

*taps foot, crosses arms, glares angrily around tumblr*

BTS MAMA 2016 setlist
Boy Meets Evil pt.1(Jungkook)
Boy Meets Evil pt.2(Jimin&Jhope)
Blood, Sweat & Tears
Boy Meets Evil Bridge(Jin&V)


#16 Bowties

Daryl is a pro at tying anything but Glenn is peeved because he’s been trying for over a half hour now. Everything is fine and s7 doesn’t exist.

(  Haha thank you Nonny! Don’t worry I shall get the rest done–I figured I’d post ‘em one at a time. You are wonderful ;) )

Art meme is HERE

fear wetting - yuri katsuki!

fear/nervous wetting - viktuuri
takes place during episode 1, when yuri’s still embarrassed to talk to viktor!

Yuri was still nervous whenever Viktor spoke to him. It’d make him jump and gasp, and he would always try and not get in the other’s space. Viktor’s mere presence had kept him on edge all day, keeping him from doing anything like normal. He couldn’t walk or talk as he was used to, hell, he couldn’t even preform basic tasks like eating, drinking, or… Going to the bathroom. This had started becoming a slight problem throughout the day, and it was tearing at him. He wanted to excuse himself from Viktor’s company for two seconds to rush off to the bathroom to empty his steadily filling bladder, but he was so nervous. He was afraid that when he came back Viktor would be gone, and it would all have been a beautiful dream. Or worse, that Viktor would wander off and see his room! Oh god, how embarrassing it’d be to find Viktor standing in his room and seeing all the posters and photos of him everywhere! What if he was disgusted and left?!

Just as he had mustered up the courage to get up, Viktor looked at him. “Ah, my things!” He exclaimed. “Y-Your things…?” Yuri asked, cocking his head to the side in confusion.

“Yes! All my boxes! I’m moving in, too, so I can coach you full time!” The Russian man exclaimed happily. Yuri, however, was taken aback. He gasped as Viktor lead him toward the heaps and heaps of moving boxes that they’d have to move to the only empty room in the house.

Of course he couldn’t say no to Viktor, and grabbed a box and started carrying it. God, this was straining… Not only to his worsened physicality, but to his bladder. He pushed himself, though, and after what felt like hours of work he was finally finished with the last box. ‘Phew…’ He thought, sitting down in the middle of Viktor’s new room to rest his back for a moment. His bladder was aching by now, but he just had to rest, just for a few moments…

That’s when Viktor leaned closer to him. “Yuri.” He said, making the other jolt up and stare at him with wide eyes. Viktor was so close… He could smell his perfume. He could see every detail of his iris, he could see each strand of hair covering Viktor’s eye. Never in his life had he ever dreamed of being this close to him…

That’s when Viktor grabbed his chin. Yuri’s eyes widened and as he was about to pull away and excuse himself to use the restroom (also using it as an escape plan), Viktor grabbed his hand. Yuri stammered loudly as Viktor mumbled something.

“Tell me everything about yourself.”

Yuri stared into his eyes, and suddenly, he felt something warm and wet against his legs. He looked down slowly in unison with Viktor, only to be met by the horror of his wet pants. The dark patch on them was spreading rapidly, the pee that was gushing out of him making a loud hiss as it met the fabric of his boxers. It was so warm against his legs, and spread over the cool floor, a little steam rising from the ever growing puddle. Would the horror ever end?!

He didn’t dare look up at Viktor, even after his full bladder had finally been emptied. He just stared down at the floor in shock, and soon, a pitter patter of his tears falling into the puddle of pee in front of him could be heard. Yuri started to hic and sob, shaking his head as he tried to pull away from Viktor’s grip. He’d been so nervous that he’d pissed himself! He, a grown man… Wetting his pants in front of his idol. Viktor would never want to associate with him again…!

Viktor took his chin again, to Yuri’s surprise, and lifted it up to look at him. “Yuri, please look at me.” He said. His voice was unusually soft.

“I-I’m sorry…” Yuri whimpered, lips trembling from trying to hold back another sob. “Don’t be.” The other responded, still with that soft tone in his voice. Viktor simply shook his head and grinned a bit.

“I’ll take that as you’re excited to start training with me.”

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Wtf? Cheryl is loved in the uk. You're lying through your teeth. How do you sleep at night?

Oh, yes! Sorry sorry, she is the most loved  woman of the UK, everyone takes her seriously, a model. Princess Kate pales in comparison. 

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Wow! I just started writing a few weeks ago and as of this moment I have 223 followers! You guys are awesome. I started writing as an outlet – I never thought that people would actually enjoy it too!

So I know I say this a lot, but I do really like to hear from you guys. Anytime you want to drop me an ask please don’t feel hesitant! 

Also, I’m sorry for what I might do to your hearts this month. <3

I Can’t Save Her Masterlist

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6, 7 and 8 for the mysme ask thing!!

omg thank you for asking!!!

6. favorite voice: seven’s! something about it is just…perfect and i love it i re-listen to his phone calls all the time just to hear his voice

7. favorite chat emoji: i’m going to pick one for each person because otherwise i can’t choose! so…

-zen: the one where he’s confused (with the question mark) lol it’s cute

-yoosung: the party popper one!!

-jaehee: the one with the flowers because she’s so!!! happy!!!!!!

-jumin: the one with the -_- face lmao

-seven: is…..all of them a valid answer or????

8. favorite kiss: i can’t pick between seven’s and yoosung’s ;-;