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Actual Dialogue from the One Punch Man Autumn Festival Event with Genos and King's VAs
  • Genos (Ishikawa, Geno's VA, volunteers to play a ball scoop festival game during the event and raises his hand):I want to scoop some balls!
  • King (Yasumoto, King's VA and the MC for the event):You really love scooping those balls, don’t you?
  • Genos:*suggestively* Ohhhhh yeah, I really like scooping those balls. In fact, I’ll even try to scoop TWO balls.
  • King:Which ball are you eyeballing?
  • Genos:I’m going to try to scoop the yellow ball.
  • Audience:*dying*

Head canon: Symmetra’s autism makes it hard to understand social subtleties, but she knows exactly where she stands at Overwatch because her best friends are the ones with the biggest personalities and they’re so expressive and have big gestures so she understands them more clearly than people who are more introverted and subtle. She feels more comfortable around people at Overwatch than she ever felt at Vishkar because they treated her like she was different but at Overwatch everyone’s different so it doesn’t matter and she becomes more of an ambivert because she’s excited she can participate in friendships and comes out of her shell more, but she still needs some alone time to not get overstimulated.

Bonus: This is also why she loves Junkrat. He’s big and expressive and easy to understand and he never treats her like she’s different. He just respects her stims and needs and he just accepts them as a part of her.

Lalli: Tuuri, what does this mean? Why is my name next to theirs?

Tuuri: Oh, that means they ship you.

Lalli: Ship me? Ship me where?

Tuuri: No, it’s like…they write stories about you and Emil, or you and Reynir…

Lalli: And we’re on boats in ALL OF THEM? Why would they DO that??? 

Tuuri: That’s not-

Lalli: No, I’m not doing it! I get seasick!

    ooc. things that I appreciate:

characters not randomly being hostile towards Kristoph

It’s different if they have a background of sorts, or if they’re excellent people readers, but if they have no clue of his true nature or has not a shared background where he’s shown that side of himself, then it’d make no sense that they would find him ~shady

Remember the start of AJ when no one suspected Kristoph? That. That wasn’t a temporarily thing, he’s always like that, always been. I know it’s hard to unsee him as a villain, but it is simply fact.

Once Kaze was able to drag Saizo with him to one of Camilla’s tea parties. The older twin’s words about the event were along the lines of it being among the worst thing he’s ever had done to him, and that they never bring it up or attend another one again.
swordintheswarm a réagi à votre billet “-a neon blue target is painted on his back-”


“What?! Be happy that at least its a dress and not something even worse.” The mech joked, moving a servo in front of his mouthguard in a vain attempt to muffle his own laugh.

“Where even did that bow came from? Its–” Aaaand here he goes a loud snort again. He was nothing but a pile of giggling and snorting mess.

imagine looking at a show that features two complex, multi-facted, well-developed female main characters that love and support each other and hating one of them for interfering with your ship

anonymous asked:

What's your opinion on Midday Justice (Mcree and Pharah) both as a romantic/sexual relationship and as a relationship in general (since so many people forget that ship was originally just short for "relationship.".)

tl;dr it’s very likely jesse and fareeha never interacted in the original overwatch. in recalled overwatch, i think they’d just be work partners and then maybe friends, but it’s certainly possible that it could become more.

(i’m a little late with this, sorry ;-; but what a great ship name! and as always, read this post before continuing on.)

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