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I requested something like so long ago, and you still haven't done it. I'm sorry but don't say you're gonna write things if you're not. It's annoying. I like your writing but your personality is shit? You're obnoxious all the time and frankly I'm sick of it

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Hi, can I request Akashi with a stubborn s/o? I feel like he's someone who'd want his s/o to have proper manner and etiquette and is submissive and respectful to him, but tbh I'd like to see him with an s/o who's not afraid to defy him, quiet and bashful but very opinionated when provoked and it drives Akashi crazy. But despite it all he loves her deeply. Make it angsty or funny I don't care. I love everything you write, I hope to see more of it <3

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Also I’m sorry if I couldn’t include all the aspects you included! This turned out a bit on the funny/silly side.

It is only your third date with him and he finds himself more intrigued than when he first figured out that birds are essentially dinosaurs.

Considering how interesting and fact-defying you are most of the time, he didn’t even expect you to ask him to go out on a date when he professed his feelings to you a month ago. He thought you would shrug it off and tell him you only see him as a friend, but as it turned out, you’ve had a crush on him since the first year of Rakuzan. 

In your defense, though, who doesn’t have a crush on him?

You are quiet, but not entirely anti-social: you ask questions every now and then, quip with a joke or two, and even sometimes ramble a bit when he touches a subject you feel passionately about. He loves your dynamic, seeing you, silent and slightly shy, bloom into smiles and grins while you talk about a movie you like or the idea of travelling. You might hit him if he says this, but it’s almost like a game, figuring out what to say to flip that metaphorical switch inside your head.

The two of you are innocently walking around a posh mall, one that you rarely visit due to its higher class. You and Akashi decide to just sight-see and stop if anything catches either yours or his attention. So far you’ve only been distracted once—by a really fat soft toy hamster, nonetheless—and despite your insistence on buying it for yourself, Akashi, of course, was the one who paid.

Now, though, a relatively large crowd ahead attracts your eyes.

“I wonder what’s with all the hustle and bustle.”

“I think it’s an ice cream stall,” you say, tiptoeing to catch a glimpse of a familiar logo hanging overhead, “they’re the popular one down Kyotamba.”

He hums in comprehension, still not recognizing said ice cream stall.

“Have you tried their soft serves?”

“No, I haven’t,” he answers simply. When he looks at you, behind your gaze is a mix of disbelief, pity, and slight disappointment.

“Why? Is it that good?”

“We’re queuing,” you say, tugging at his wrist as he chuckles in defeat.

It was not as long as you expected—the queue, that is—but maybe it’s just because Akashi is with you and like people say, time flies by when you’re having fun. When you know it, you’re already a few customers behind the cashier, and both you and your date are looking at the menu board with full concentration, you especially having a hard time deciding between the Cotton Candy and Butterscotch Ribbon. It’s a bit pricey, but you are willing to spend that amount of money for a heavenly taste.

“One scoop of Cotton Candy, please,” you almost immediately pipe up in excitement when your turn arrives. 

“And one Gold Medal Ribbon,” Akashi continues, already reaching for his wallet before you can even unzip your bag. You hold back the chuckle at his choice of flavor—how Akashi-esque, it’s not like he needs another gold medal ribbon considering his countless accomplishments.

“Right away,” the cashier cheerfully replies. “Cone or cup?”

There is silence for exactly three seconds before both of you pipe up at the same time.



The cashier smiles before she gives you your total. Akashi hands the money, and with that, the two of you are ushered to the side to wait for your ice creams. They look incredibly understaffed so your order might take a bit longer than usual to arrive, but you pay no mind. Instead, you look at him incredulously.


“Yes,” he answers, a bit stunned at the fire in your stare, “is that somehow a problem?”

“I think so,” you whisper, cupping your lips. The scene might seem dramatic to an outsider, but to you, no physical gesture can express the entirety of shock you are going through. “Akashi-kun, you don’t like ice cream cones?”

“I don’t particularly like them or hate them,” he answers honestly, a part of him thoroughly amused at the display that is you, “sometimes they get in between my teeth, which mildly annoys me.”

“But—ice cream cones, Akashi-kun.”

He smirks.

“What about them?”

“Well, they’re the best thing! Since sliced bread!” At this point you’re shout-whispering and he chuckles, but in the heat of the moment you see it instead as a form of mockery towards ice cream cones. “Their crunchy texture compliment the softness of the ice cream, and it’s just paradise on your tongue. You can bite on them, and it makes that satisfying crrrunch…”

“One Cotton Candy in a cone, and a Gold Medal Ribbon in a cup. Thank you, come again!”

“And by that, I mean this—” you say, proceeding to demonstrate it by digging your teeth into the cone and biting it off, compromising the ice cream inside. You munch on it with a look that says, ‘see, I told you!’. Akashi laughs at the spectacle, eating his ice cream from a spoon.

“Here, you try,” you say again after swallowing, holding out your precious ice cream. He looks at you questioningly, an entertained smile on his face.

“Are you sure?”


“You won’t regret sharing the greatness of your ice cream cone with me?”


“But what if I grow to like it so much that I steal your ice cream from you?”


“I’m just joking, ___________-san.”

“Just take a bite already.”

He does, and it’s almost exactly as you described: crunchy, a great contrast with the sugary sweetness of your ice cream, and really good.

Akashi nods approvingly, only to find you giving him a smug, satisfied look. On this day, you have successfully changed his opinion of ice cream cones, and you are proud.

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