alright listen:
if dan wants to buy a $3,300 yeezy sweater then dan should be able to buy the sweater without getting attitude about it. its his money. if he wants to spend it on something that he like and that will make him happy and make him look damn good then he can. don’t make him feel bad for buying something that makes him happy. 


I’m very careful about what I put into my body. 

Apéritif vs Relevés

I love the contrast of these two scenes. In the first one, Hannibal’s dressed down, he’s brought something simple, he’s trying to break through Will’s defenses. Will takes the food perfunctorily, and then is pleasantly surprised to discover he likes it. 

In the second, Hannibal’s full on himself. Here, person with fever and undiagnosed encephalitis, listen to my long story about what I made you. 

And contrary to the joke about Will insulting Hannibal’s soup, Will is actually pleased. Touched even.

Wow, I showed up unannounced on your doorstep late at night with an escaped serial killer in tow and had a seizure and let the guy escape and then drove off in your car when you told me to wait while you summoned help. After all that dragging you into my world, you made me chicken soup. 

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is soriel/papyton cannon?

I don’t know, cannons are pretty outdated. If you want to shoot something, you’re probably better off with a modern bow and arrow. Or maybe you can like load it into a tank gun. That’s probably more similar.

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How do you make your edits? They're really funny and I can't find any good editing websites/apps. Thanks!!! I love you channel thingy by the way XD

Thanks, friend. :3

I use photoscape for the majority of what I post on this blog; it’s convenient and user-friendly, and its tools cover the basics of what I need. When I need to do more manual photoediting, I like to use SAI.

Occasionally I’ll also use paint.net or ms paint, as well. It helps to have a handful of options so you can mix and match programs according to your specific project. 

Hope that helps. :3

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I… I’m literally speechless right now. It hasn’t even been two months and 100 of you little shits are following this human trash right here. You guys have no idea how surprised I am- this is the first time I’ve reached a milestone like this within such a short timespan. I suppose my first words are thank you for supporting me and tolerating my shit-posts and muse, because without you guys, I honestly wouldn’t have ever kept this blog. Thank you so much for everything, for chatting with me on my worst nights to shit-posting with me and laughing with me via Skype. I truly adore each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart. The Fate/ community has been absolutely amazing, and I can honestly say that I am very happy that I joined in on all the fun, though I might not be the most active in it.

Now before I get too sappy, let me just go ahead and begin the actual list.


These are people who I absolutely adore and have interacted with IC and OOC numerous times, whether on this blog or others. Love you guys!

@maluspuerum / @glcrioushorizon@cxnsign@multiversetrickster, @ghostlywriterneon / @geniusinvxntor, @theexassassin / @fxllenchxra, @kingsworn / @those-ofjustice, @mother-like, @nunchuckpanther


(wow I am so good with coming up with category names I’m-)

For the people I admire, for the people I want to get to know and interact with, and for those who I don’t talk to as much but still absolutely adore. THANK YOU!

@imperial-privilege, @cursedspear / @raiion, @sciathuladh@beduier / @intemera, @mercxrius, @corrxptela, @ofbastct, @ofgemstones, @ozymandaddy / @motherfuckingprotocu, @mouldedweapon, @wavcr, @lapatem, @nomorale / @eorlic, @itsapirateswaifforme, @irisvclum / @aeternam-penumbra, @taichounokame, @jxkyll, @sweetpsalmist, @caster-of-fate, @murasakinoai, @materialized-blades, @demeesne, @bellatoramoriis, @prettywxman, @machaeramdraco, @magnoliaism, @charxon, @autocratie, @alleyest, @bowofbenbulben


This says “today”, but this actually happened last Monday. I forgot to post it and saved it as a draft instead so here it is:

Today in New Testament class, my professor decided to tell us a story he said he had never told anyone about before. So this guy is really really old (late 60′s at least), and at one point, he was a minister in Hawaii. He spoke at a predominantly Japanese church and had a lot of friends there. When being asked about it once, a man replied with disgust, “oh yeah, I know about those japs.”. I swear to god, this man is holding back tears at this point. He said, “‘Those japs’? THOSE JAPS? Those people were my friends. They loved me.” His voice cracked. “This man didn’t know about the Yamaguchi family. He didn’t know Tajima Ichi. How could someone be so insensitive? Read this last passage again. What does it say? Love thy neighbor. I don’t understand how people can claim to know Jesus and say such hateful things. I just don’t.” He wiped his glasses and sniffled, calling on someone to continue reading out of the book of Mark.

I felt incredibly moved. I remember hearing stories at my church from former internment camp survivors and the hate and prejudice they encountered after WWII and it really resonated with me. I talked with him about it after class. I think it’s people like these who restore my faith in there being good Christians.


The Horned Fullbrog is an incredibly violent and dangerous frog-like rahi. Rau users have reported the beast’s language to be entirely vulgar, right down to the prepositions.

Mainly, its weapons are teeth and claws… but It also possesses a highly prehensile tongue which is capable of secreting acidic compounds, and like any frog’s tongue, can be used as a whip-like appendage. It is said that witnessing a band of Fullbrog hunt is an unparalleled spectacle, as they will take down creatures far larger than themselves with very rough, yet seemingly coordinated viciousness.