why people can’t just accept that groups and bands change is honestly beyond me. you cannot expect people to stay the same forever, whether it’s people in your everyday life or some kpop group you like. maybe this is a lesson for anyone who doesn’t understand how life works. people change and with that change comes change to everything they do. don’t be rude about bangtan’s new concept. you should be proud of them for getting out of their comfort zone and doing something they haven’t done before. they’re growing and it’s beautiful and you need to stop being unappreciative and disrespectful.


here u go have some fine quality carver hawke tearing my heart out and playing catch w/ it

oh wait but bonus:

okay but why are so many ppl saying that ~shady~ delphine is so out of character when she’s been like that this whole time??? like she came into this whole thing befriending cosima so she could monitor her (full well knowing about the clone situation and being neck deep in all this)… and also like in s1 she sold out the clones to dyad/leekie and in s2 she gives over cosima’s blood sample…. like this is absolutely nothing new and i feel like it does a disservice to the character to conveniently forget all of that and just see delphine as a puppy