Regina and Hook and Gold all remember apparently. (This is the tweet I saw about them remembering, think A&E said something in the panel but I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet!)

That means that for 20 years Regina knows her son is in trouble but all she can do is wait.

Regina is going to spend 20 years wanting to do more.

Thinking she failed again.

Then one day the bell jingles on the door. It’s early, the bar has only just opened.

Turning around she feels her heart stop.

He’s here. He found her.


For a moment she doesn’t think he remembers her and it hurts, more than she ever thought.


The young boy has turned into a handsome gentleman but he will always be her little prince.

One word. One word she never thought she would hear again. She can’t speak, but after all this time she finally believes that everything will work out eventually. It’s all about timing.


From Shirow Miwa’s Twitter

Gap moe: When a character deviates and completely contradicts their usual/expected habits/personality/character/appearance. (Yang’s entire line with this sucked to translate lol)