Imagine going on your honeymoon with Tom. You’re waiting for him to check into the hotel when you take a moment to reflect on how incredibly happy you are. This wonderful man, so thoughtful and loving, is your husband. You get to spend a lifetime with him, making memories, raising a family - and it all starts here.

“Yes Professor”

Professor!Hiddleston x Student!Reader

warning: Smut

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“Anyone?” Professor Hiddleston looked around at the others, his eyes meeting yours, “Miss (Y/L/N)?” shrugging out of the dreamy face I was in, I looked at him Professor Hiddleston was one of the most dashing imports from England I had ever laid eyes on. His slender, yet toned body could make any girl weak at the knees. “Well, Miss (Y/L/N)? Got an answer?” he asked, his voice was soft, yet strict. Shaking my head I could feel a rush of relief when the bell rang “1945”, Professor Hiddleston answered his own question before dismissing the class and shouting the assignment out for next class.

“Miss (Y/L/N) can I have a word with you?” he asked as I was about to walk out the door. Closing my eyes, I backed up a few steps before turning to him. “About what sir?” I asked, nervously biting my lip. “I worry for you Miss. (Y/L/N). Your grades aren’t looking good. I know you can do better. You had straight A’s before, in both history and English”, his British accent flowing so elegantly off his tongue as he spoke. “I’m sorry sir”, I looked down, to ashamed to even look at him. “How about I give you some tuition in the two classes?” he asked, leaning his body on his desk. “I—that could work sir”, I nodded. “I have time now if you could stay here”, he smiled, offering me to sit back down at one of the front desks. Nodding my head I took out my phone sending a quick text to my mum saying I wouldn’t be home for another few hours.

“You see?” he asked, looking from the book, then to me. The bridge on his nose crinkling up when he concentrated to look at me. “Uhuh”, I nodded carefully, biting my lip, again out of nerves. “Are you alright? You look pale”, he asked, putting his big hand on my forehead to feel for a temperature.

Gazing into his eyes I could feel myself being drawn towards this man, and trust me my inner critic was screaming at me to get out of the trance, but he made no resistance and I couldn’t help but leaning forward. Pressing my lips to his I could feel him stiffen up as if he was processing what was going on before he leaned in to it, his tongue gracing over my lips to ask for access, which I accepted. Our tongues tangling together. He suddenly rose from the chair he was sat at, not once breaking the kiss as he lead me to the supply closet connected with the classroom, pushing me to the door as we had got inside and locking the door behind me. “Wouldn’t want a disturbance would we?” his voice low and husky as he tried to keep quiet. This was wrong, so wrong, like 50 shades of wrong, and I should really just push him away and get the hell out of the room, but I was drawn to this man, and he was to me. Pulling him back to me by the back of his neck, I pressed my lips back on his, the kiss growing fiercer and more passionate as it went on, his hands exploring every part of my body. Breaking the kiss I leaned myself forward, kissing him from the jaw line and down to his neck and collarbone, stopping, just where the shirt started. Looking up at him I bit my lip, pulling my dress over my head, discarding it on the floor before cupping his face in my hands, pulling his face towards me. For the first time I could feel him resist as he grabbed both my wrists, stopping me from what I did. Looking at him worried that I screwed up, he shook his head smiling, starting the process of unbuttoning his vest and shirt, “wouldn’t want to rip the buttons off right?” he murmured before letting the shirt and vest glide elegantly off his broad shoulders. Cupping his rather big bulge in my hand I smiled, kissing him down his chest, I proceeded to kneel down as I kissed further and further down his chest, getting to his stomach. Looking up at him I gave him a devilish grin before opening the buckle, the button and the zipper of his dress pants, sliding both his briefs and his dress pants off in one swift movement. The sight that greeted me was better than I could have ever imagined. His penis was HUGE, and that’s not an understatement.

Professor Hiddleston looked down at me, meeting my gaze as I put the tip in my mouth, the sound that came from his mouth made me wild and I sucked deeper, making quiet moans as I did, looking up at Professor Hiddleston I could see he was enjoying himself as he had to lean on the door for leverage, placing one hand on the back of my head. “Oh god—yes!” he hissed, pulling me away, he put his hand out for me to take, guiding me up before kissing me fiercely.

Lifting me up by the hip, Professor Hiddleston pushed me against the door, “Now we have to be extra quiet, okay?” I nodded as he slid my underwear away, carefully pushing into me. The pain and pleasure mixed up making me cover my mouth to muffle the moan that was trying to escape my mouth. His movements was at first careful and sweet, before moving over to speed.

Each time he hit the spot I would bite back the pleasured moan, but as I was getting closer and closer to the climax it was getting harder and harder to hold it in. “I’m so clo—so close!” I hissed, trying my best to keep it down. “Do it baby, come for me”, he murmured, lips peppering my neck with kisses which I was sure would leave marks.

I could feel myself getting closer and closer and just as it hit me Professor Hiddleston crashed his lips on mine as we rode out our climaxes.

“You were terrific Miss (Y/L/N)”, he smiled, kissing the back of my shoulder as we got dressed. Deciding to play it off we unlocked the door, after getting our breaths back and decided to talk as if we had been in there organizing, in case there were people outside there. And to our surprise it as just as we had left it.

“So I’ll see you tomorrow then?” he smirked, slapping my bum lightly as I left the classroom with my stuff trying my very best to hide the smile forming on my face.


Happenstance (A Tom Hiddleston Story)- Part One

Part Two

A/N: Okay so I normally don’t write fanfics about real people but Tom is my exception. Let me just begin by saying that this is a story idea that’s been weaving in and about of my head for months so I finally decided to put it down on paper. I don’t know how often or frequent updates will be, but I’ll be writing whenever I have time. Keep in mind- this is not a story based on tons of factual evidence. I’ve never met Tom (sadly) so I don’t know what he’s actually like. Nor am I going to do tons of research on his schedules, where he lives, how often he films blah bah blah. Because this is a fanfiction and I’m just going to make things up as I see fit. Just a little reader discretion there. Anyways, I hope you love it as much as I love Tom.

Thirty more minutes until I could make my escape. I repeated this delightful mantra over and over in my head as I scrubbed vigorously at the huge, brown coffee stain on the middle of my once clean shirt. I knew I was only making it worse, but I was too far into the process to just give-up. Where was a bottle of Shout when you needed one anyways? Mia was always saying I need to look on the bright side more. Okay, so what was the bright side here?, I asked myself. I had ruined yet another perfectly good shirt, but I also had once again escaped the possibility of a third degree burn. What an incredibly depressing, dull bright side. I glanced up from the sink towards the clock on the wall. Twenty-nine more minutes.

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Imagine Tom being the owner of your favorite book store. He sees you coming in quite frequently, but never sees you buy anything - just walking around with an extensive list of novels you’d like to read. You don’t have enough money to buy all the books you want, so you just come in to browse, adding an impossible number of titles to your list. One day you come in to find a beautifully wrapped package sitting on your chair in the café - a gift from Tom, of every single book you had on your list.

Imagine going to your divorce lawyer, Tom, for the fourth time. He loves to tease you about the men you marry, joking that someday he’ll have enough money to pique your interest. Until then, he’s content in drafting your divorce settlements, all the while describing all the ways he can satisfy you like none of your husbands ever could.

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Imagine going on a winter vacation with Tom. You’re from a warm, tropical climate, so you’ve never experienced temperatures these frigid before. You walk around like a shivering mess until finally Tom mentions he has a way to keep you warm - and you don’t even have to take off your coat.