“I think I have learned a lot about myself throughout this competition. I came into it not having much confidence and I feel like now I have a lot more confidence in what I’m doing. I can’t even describe how amazing that’s been. It’s been an experience of a life time.”(x)


Katniss Week, Day 4
Katniss + Romantic Relationship(s) - Katniss and Peeta

“Slowly, as I would with a wounded animal, my hand stretches out and brushes a wave of hair from his forehead. He freezes at my touch, but doesn’t recoil. So I continue to gently smooth back his hair. It’s the first time I have voluntarily touched him since the last arena.
‘You’re still trying to protect me. Real or not real,’ he whispers.
‘Real,’ I answer. It seems to require more explanation. ‘Because that’s what you and I do. Protect each other.’”

“Dandelions” part 1 of 2

“I know what I need to survive isn’t Gale’s fire, kindled with rage and hate, but what I need is the dandelion in the spring. The promise of life instead of destruction. The promise that life can go on no matter how bad our losses. And only Peeta can give me that.”

Thanks to papofglencoe and our lil chat about cyanotype photographic prints for the inspiration. <3


papofglencoe - Remember all that snuggie talk?


Effie regrets the decision when Peeta and Katniss give them a two person size snuggie. But….. Haymitch approves.