My Pick (Week of September 9th): FILMS

My Pick is designed to guide people on to what to watch and avoid in the theaters and at home. 



The World’s End // Rated R (Lanuage, lots of language) // My rating: B+

// The World’s End is, in my opinion, the best wide release film in theaters right now. From the brilliant minds of Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright (aka the guys who came up with Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz) create a oddly hilarious sci-fi mocking end-of-the-world and nostalgia themed film. There is a lot filled in this film, but at it heart and center is a film about dying friendships and being stuck in the past. Like Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, there is a lot of subtle and in-your face humor that does not relay on pure obsessive profanity to carry a joke, but rather have the jokes be extremely witty and well-thought out. The characters are fun and by the end of the film you will love each and every one of them, and the comedy is golden (much like the beer they drink… there is a lot of alcohol consumption in this film). So if you want a good laugh, and have a ton of fun in a movie, then The World’s End is the perfect treat for you.

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n__1Y-N5tQk


The Spectacular Now //  Rated R (Language, and Sexual Content) //  My Rating: B

The Spectacular Now is a film that depicts High School, in the saddest and most realistic of ways. As I was watching this film, I kept thinking to myself, “I know someone like that, I knew someone like, there was someone exactly like that in High School.” The actors are top-notch, and you will be captivated by the string of characters present throughout the film. You will laugh, maybe cry, and be in complete awe on how true this movie is to a typical High School life. Although I was not the biggest fan of the way they ended the film, the movie as a whole is a near-perfect depiction of High School and the struggles that will come your way. 

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDTBLSkUmYk


Mud // PG-13 // Rating: A-

Place Beyond the Pines // R // Rating: A (aka my favorite film of the year, a full review to come very soon)



The World’s End Remix by Chetreo

About James' Mom
  • James: My mom died
  • Aleks: What?
  • James: My mom died
  • Aleks: When?
  • James: 2 days ago
  • Aleks: Really?
  • James: Yeah, this is a dying wish to complete the icey end
  • Aleks: Well I'm sorry to hear that, ok
  • James: Thank you
  • Many slushies later
  • Aleks: Sorry about your mom the other day
  • James: My mom didn't die
  • Aleks makes weird face
  • James: I only said that so you can drink with me, sorry
  • Leaves