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donsaladino: It ain’t always all fun and games. Some times we rarely speak and it’s all business 😉👍 Try today’s workouts. 

Guys I know we all talk about how awesome chapter 61 was when we first read it, but remember

And whenever I felt myself slipping too far, I’d hold on to the one thing I’m always sure of. Blue eyes. Bronze curls. The fact that nothing can hurt him, not even me. That Simon Snow is alive. And I’m hopelessly in love with him.

(that’s just how I remember it) and - and how Baz Pitch was hopelessly (the operative word is hopeless) in love with Simon? Damn

Modified Cupid is done...

all 17k words of it.  All I have to do is do a read through of it and then I can hand it over to Io for editing.  Yay! 

In the meantime: have a teaser!

Viktor rolled his eyes.  “Of course not.”

Chris’s gaze had slid past him again.  “Yuuri!”

“Yuri?  You didn’t tell me that you’d invited him.  He’s a killjoy.  And angry and–”

“Yuuri?  No, he’s, a lot of fun in the right circumstances.  Hang on, I’ll introduce you.”

“Chris, I know–”

But Chris had already stepped around him and was talking to someone, before leaning forward and pressing kisses to both cheeks of the person.  Who was not Yuri Plisetsky.  Whoever this “Yuri” was had a shock of black hair which was all Viktor could see of him since he was shorter than Chris.  Not that it was hard to be shorter than Chris.  He was one of the tallest skaters Viktor knew.

“Viktor!  Buona sera!”

“Buona sera, Sara.  Mila told me to say hello for her since she heard you were coming with your brother.”

The Italian smiled and leaned up to press a quick kiss to Viktor’s cheek.  “Speaking of… have you seen Mickey?  I told him I would find him when I came down, but I haven’t seen him.”

Viktor paused to think, pressing a finger to his chin.  “Hm.  I don’t recall.  I’ve spent most of the evening so far talking to Chris, but I’m sure that he’s around somewhere.  There are some people socializing on the terrace perhaps he’s there?”

“Because Mickey socializes so well?”  Viktor laughed a little and Sara smiled.  “Well, I’ll go look out there then.  Ciao!”

“Ciao.”  He raised his hand in parting.  

“Needs to check in with her brother, I assume?”

Viktor turned as Chris came back.  “I assume so.  They should have gone into pair skating.  Then at least her brother would have a reason to constantly be hovering over her.”

Chris waved his hand in dismissal.  As one of the grooms, he was making it his personal dictate that he got to determine what the conversation would be about, and apparently, the Crispiato?  – Viktor was terrible with names, really – twins were not on the list.

“I thought you were going to introduce me to this Yuri.”

“Ah.  He hadn’t even checked in yet, just wanted to say hello first and introduce me to the friend that he brought along.  Very cute.  And if he wasn’t nineteen and I wasn’t getting married this weekend, I’d definitely try to hit that.”

“Didn’t realize you were friends with the younger skaters.”

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I was thinking about the god tiers and I realized something, knights and seers seem to be inherently related. I honestly don't know if you noticed this, I haven't been following you very long, but we've got three example pairs of this, Rose and Dave, Terezi and Latula, and Karkat and Kankri. I can't exactly figure out if this signifies anything though

I have noticed it, but if it has particular significance, I’m not aware of it either. It’s something I think about every so often. 

It makes a fair degree of sense, though. the way i read knights, they tend to serve others quite often. Seers transmit information to others and tend to send others on quests/work through them. It makes sense to think they’d work well as a pair, since Seers need others willing to follow their instructions, and Knights are willing to do so quite often.

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Can you rec some blogs that are similar to yours?? Blogs that are mostly aesthetic but with some 1D?? Thanks!!

hi bab !! sorry i’m a bit late with this /: i follow so many great people, honestly. but i’m not entirely sure about all the people/blogs i follow that fit this specific description, so we’re just gonna hope i’m not wrong !! also if anyone sees this and you’re an aes-with-a-side-of-1d blog, like this so this anon sees and check your blog out, if you’d like !! :)

@mexicanasapphic 🌸💖 (tbh i’d rec my baby even if she didn’t fit the description, but she does so !!)@heartofmusicandgold 🌸 @fallingindrunkk@baa-ocean 🌸 @0nlyangels@blackgirljamz 🌸 @lovely-shewrote@mexicanan 🌸 @heyang-el@angeliety 🌸 @perlasrosa@pinkhalo 🌸 @moonsparks@divulg-e 🌸 @minirose ✨ @thiccmom 🌸

i’m hoping i got these right, and that this is v helpful !! they’re all great people, and you should def check their blogs out :)

Late At Night VII

ObiyukiBingo: Shirayuki never left AU (Free Space)

It wasn’t in his nature to feel guilty, he killed people and destroyed things so if he wanted to feel guilt he needed to forget about having food in his stomach and after a while, his hunger killed his guilt with cold blood. Yet there he was, sitting in a tree, the royal castle of Tanbarun in plain sight, neither of the guards even doubting his existence he had no more obligation to behave, his assignment for lady Azumi is over and he got paid so he could drop his knight performance.

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I’m gonna spend the next 9 weeks living and working with my bff. We’ll literally be with each other 24/7. It’s been four days and she’s already asked me multiple times what I’m doin when I’ve scrolled through Tumblr, smiling at a RandL gif or reading something smutty on Ao3 and I’ve had to be like “oh noting just… u know… browsing … web… stuff… eh.”. She knows I’m invested in some “youtube fan forum stuff” but not ‘til what degree and not the shipping aspect of it. It’s gon’ be a interesting summer ya’ll.

(I love her to death though and am so happy that I’m here with her but I will still need my precious Rhink time.) 

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My mom: oh my daughter just loves to read, she’s read more books than anyone I know

Me internally: all I read is gay fanfiction

Me out loud: oh yeah I love reading